May 082013

So, I’m between projects right now, (hint hint, I could use some contracts), so I figured, what better time to do than spend a little time brushing up on my coding and then decided, since I finally own an android phone, I could see what I could put together using the Unity3D Demo.

So, for those who wouldn’t mind, here’s a copy of my first project. Harperball!

It’s basically a “Breakout” type game, but modified to use the tilt control to control the paddle.

You bounce Steven Harpers head around, trying to get all the blocks. I’ll keep working on it, and the next update I’ll actually make a dedicated page for it, but this is just to make sure it’s working properly with more devices.

Here ya go Canada, it’s totally free – get back to me with some comments if you’d like!

If I gave you a chuckle, or made your day better, feel free to donate so I can spend all my time making games!

Bitcoin: 1Juw1Ns2A4j9hxTYNWVQsYdywxDmeuF7Xv

And finally, here’s the link to the android APK: harperball-android