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SinSeer is Dat Guy What Makes it Work… but….

Late in 2011, I realized that even if I cloned myself 23 times, I still wouldn’t have enough of me to go around. So, shortly after that, I decided to form my own company, and recruit more people like me. People willing to work hard to get the job done.

We’re currently located in Toronto, Ontario, and my minions provide services to companies and individuals in that area, although a fair amount of the computer work is done remotely, so we can service people around the world.

My minions are varied; sometimes what you need to make it work is fancy computer work, sometimes what you need to make it work is four strong guys willing to lift, clean, or move things. Sometimes what you need to make it work is just someone to come mow your lawn because you lost your cat, and you’re sure it’s out there somewhere.

I’m a real business. You pay me. I pay them. I pay their taxes. I collect their information. I make sure they can do what they say. I bring them to you. You only agree you won’t hire them away from me without a finders fee. It’s all legit.

I’ve currently got Minions available with the following skills

  • Heavy Labour (Cleaning, Lifting, Moving, Digging, and other assorted manual labour jobs)
  • Specialized Graphics Designers (Photoshop and Illustrator capable artists for print or web)
  • Article Writers (Unique content for websites and blogs)
  • Sound effects technicians for background music for video games and web sites
  • Linux specialists
  • Microsoft Certified Engineers and Technicians

Feel free to contact me for quotes or more information!

Want to become one of my minions?