Work for SinSeer


Yeah, that’s right. I can’t do all the contracts myself. I’ve got too many. I’m looking for intelligent, hard-working people to help me out with extra projects, or projects I just plain don’t like, but you might. I can pay via paypal, or direct bank transfers.

Currently I need people with the following skills on a per-contract basis:


  • Photoshop
  • Flash Designers
  • Dreamweaver
  • Article and Story Writers
  • PHP and mysql
  • WordPress (template designs mostly)
  • Java/Android Development
  • Unskilled manual labour, only in the Toronto Area (snow shovelling, landscaping, moving, that kind of thing) You must have a pair of CSA certified safety shoes or boots.


Basically, I’m opening the database to find people with any computer skills. You can use the contact button at the top of this page to send me a message. Include your skills and a way to contact you. If your skills match the job required, I will contact you directly.

  • I am NOT interested in getting recycled SEO crap, either. I know enough to know better.


How to Apply

Please write us an email at info @ with the following information. You will be contacted if you match any of our contracts, or if we need more information.

Required Information for all Applicants:
ID: SIN number in Canada, SSN in the states.
Name to make cheques out to:
Mailing Address
Preferred contact method

I have certain projects requiring you to be 18 or older, so including your birth date is optional.


Writers Section
Please list any subjects you consider yourself expert enough to write about, and rate yourself from 1 to 5, with 1 being adequate for day to day ‘laymans terms’ articles, and 5 being ‘zomg I know everything about this’.

Software Specialties
Please list any software you are proficient with, and rate yourself from 1 to 5, with 1 being adequate for day to day use, and 5 being ‘exceptionally awesome, call me for anything at all’.

Other Skills
Do you have any other skills you think we should know about?