thegeminaii and gang in Fallout76 – Stalking/Harassment Report to Bethesda – Sept 18, 2017

This group is stalking and harassing me non-stop, making me unable to play the game. They are also stalking and harassing my friends, and many other people in the Fallout 76 Community.

To those asking me ‘Why not just block?’ I did. We did. We all did. They’re abusing the broken ‘block’ system in Fallout 76 to stalk and harass many people, not just me.

Reporting all of these players for continued stalking and harassment – the video above is ONE NIGHT of harassment – Sept 17, 2019:

thegeminaii – Stalking, Harassment
rs-overboss_vurkrin – Stalking, Harassment
Elundis7 (frogow alt) – Stalking, Harassment, Spamming Voice Chat with Loud music (Audio Denial Of Service Attack)
purplepootis – Stalking, Harassment, Spamming Voice Chat with Loud Music (Audio Denial Of Service Attack)
SinisterHand – Stalking, Harassment
Andy2Angry12 – Stalking, Harassment
DevyBear – Stalking, Harassment
Juaco_n – Stalking, Harassment
ben_shapiro567 – Stalking, Harassment
dishonesti – Stalking, Harassment

Generally these unpleasant toxic evil trolls stick together – as good people want nothing to do with them. There they spread their evil, and try to pretend it’s normal among themselves. Once one of these stalkers sees you, they call in the rest of their stalker squad of toxic trolls to destroy your ability to play the game. This is what they do. All the time.

To those who want more information on this group and other groups of Griefers in Fallout, information is kept here and updated:

Fallout 76 Griefer Blacklist

I will be uploading more video soon!

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