Who is SinSeer?


What’s a SinSeer?

I’m the type of person that looks at something, and sees the faults. I see where things are wrong. I want to fix that. I hate that. It really, really bothers me. I’m pretty intelligent, and I’ve been around the internet a few times, so I usually have a pretty good idea on how to fix things, and make them better. It’s up to you to let me do it.

You’re probably not going to like me. No one does. I point out things that were done wrong. I tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear. It’s okay, you don’t have to like me, but at least you’ll always know I’ll say what others are afraid to tell you.

Late in 2011, I finally formed my own company, and I’ve been hiring and tracking my minions skills. There’s almost nothing we can’t do for you now.

What do I do?

SinSeer personally? Mostly a mix of consulting gigs. In a nut shell, I either make it work, or I make it better. I help people with their internet presence. I advise people on what to do with themselves online. I’ve been online since the 80′s. I kinda get it.

Sometimes you only need me to explain how to do something. You want me to take your project, break it down for you, and explain what’s needed to get it done. I do that too.

If I can’t personally do what you need, my specialist minions are available. I won’t fake it; if I don’t know it, I’ll recommend a better solution.

Sometimes you just need a one page website, and to make sure you’re listed in the online directories. We do that too. Our fees for work done are very reasonable. We specialize in helping a small business get started.

Sometimes you just need writers. I’ve got minions with writing skills, paid to produce unique content for you.

Will we do it for you?

Probably, if you pay me enough! And I have to warn you, I’m pretty busy with contracts, so my rates are fairly high. Don’t expect consultation rates less than $50/hour. I am attached to almost all of the social networks, and am also set up with Teamspeak, Skype, and other voice chat applications. I do accept cash, cheques, and all credit cards with paypal. I also accept Interac Money Transfers in Canada.

My minions work for much more reasonable rates; sometimes as low as $15/hour. We’re all intelligent people, and you’re not paying for garbage.

Contact us and let us know what you need, asking for info is always free!