Life of SinSeer – S01E79 – Becoming a Mistress – Of Mystery, to be clear

Back home at the Happy House of Joy, some jerks broke my farm, so I had to fix it, have some soup, that kind of thing.

Back to the Manor!

Going through all the terminal entries, did catch that though!

Listened to Shannon River’s Holotape

“I’m not gonna say you got what you deserved, but you did get what you deserved!”

Life of SinSeer – S01E78 – Slashings at The lovely Pleasant Valley Cabins

“I have given up on my foolish pie dreams, knowing I will never get the pie”

Activated some flame throwers

Discovered Pleasant Valley Cabins

Listened to Geraldine Fitzsimmon’s Holotape

Listened to Holden McMerrick’s Holotape

Listened to Harland’s Up To No Good Holotape

Did a little shopping with Vendor Bot Resin

Quest Completed: Seeker of Mysteries!

Quest Starter: The Mistress Of Mysteries!

Life of SinSeer – S01E77 – Listening to Crazy Robot Love Stories

Bit of lag, so I cut a bit, but I just dropped what I needed to complete Novice of Mysteries, and I wanted to keep the MODUS speech for when I watch it later.

Quest Started! Seeker of Mysteries!

“Can I bring Mr Pokey?”
“What’s that, your girlfriend?”
“Yeah, just hook up the one crazy robot to the other crazy robot on the orbital platform. What could go wrong? Yeah I’ll do that though!”
“I had NOTHING to do with that explosion.”

Life of SinSeer – S01E76 – Letting Robots Fight my Battles in Sugar Grove

Let’s start our day with a little piano for the AP refresh buff, then off to Sugar Grove to do more of One of Us

Did part of Prototypical Problems while I was here, too.

Let robots fight my battle for me, but then one got in my way.

Something happened to it. Not my fault.

“That’s right, taste my sword”
“Thank you friendly door, it would be a pleasure to enter you”
“What have I done, that’s not a good sound”
“This robot seems to have fallen down, I had nothing to do with it”

Life of SinSeer – S01E74 – Mr Pointy and Mr Stabby in: Completing Bunker Buster

Loaded into a scorched beast after that crash. See. They’re freaking everywhere.

Let’s continue with Bunker Buster, shall we?

Discovered Abandoned Waste Dump

Found a Bypass Holotape.

Found a Deathclaw in a cave.

Listened to Holotape “We’re coming for you”

Listened to the Holotape Welcome to the Whitespring

Quest Completed: Bunker Buster

Quest Started: One of Us

“Stand very. Very. Still.”
“Look at that thing, I’m gonna eat that”

Life of SinSeer – S01E73 – Finding the Saboteur for Mayor for a Day

You know I just wanted to continue the quest, find the saboteurs hideout, and search for clues for Mayor for a Day.

But the damned scorched beasts, they’re everywhere!

There is some cowardly running.

“I dunno what’s going on over there, but I want nothing to do with it”
“Oh man, little night of the living dead going on over there… and there’s a scorched beast… this is a bit of a problem for me…”
“This is why I don’t come to this neighborhood”

Discovered Abandoned Bog Town

Found the Saboteur.

Listened to Operation Free Watoga Log 322

Woops, I broke it.

Life of SinSeer – S01E72 – I LOVE The General’s Steakhouse

Found some angry robots, just passing through… don’t mind me….

Discovered KMAX Transmission

Discovered The General’s Steakhouse – LOVE this place, I still go there all the time. Chance of legendary, good fight, love the building. Out back is a fissure site, which can now spawn legendary scorched beasts!

There was some stabbings.

“Oh I will definitely search a steakhouse.”
“No sir, get on the end of my knife”
“Well that was a pretty nice steakhouse, I’d give it 4 out of 5”

Life of SinSeer – S01E71 – Strange Things Afoot at the Happy House of Joy

Took my level. Game lies. I am way higher than level 5. It’s old footage, it got confused.

Stopped at the Happy House of Joy to make some lunch, have a nap, and play some tunes… then…

Yeah, some weird shit happened. That’s a random spawn point, I had no idea a the time.

“I’m going home, I don’t like this, I’m afraid”

Life of SinSeer – S01E70 – Completing Tracking Unknowns in a Depressing Wasteland

Found Nari’s Holotape and the Prototype Hazmat Suit I wear to this day!

Listened to Randy’s Holotape

Discovered Dyer Chemical

There was some stabbing of robots.

Quest Completed: Tracking Unknowns!

“It is a depressing wasteland.”
“My name is Mister Pointy.”
“Robots are giant jerk-faces.”