Hi, I’m Hope!

I’ve been online for over 35 years, usually working with software and system admin projects, although I did spend some time working on various social media projects for a bunch of small companies online, too! I’ve also worked in advertising and affiliate marketing, although nothing too extensive, and that was many, many years ago. Somewhere along the line, I went back to school to get a college diploma for software engineering, but most of that flew by in a blur, since I already had years of experience with most of the subjects and flew through the courses.

I’ve also played ‘a few’ hours of a ‘few’ games; some of them I’ve made videos for, and some I just played to death, but you could know me from one of the guilds I’ve ran or games we’ve played together in, too! I did become a Youtube partner under the name ‘TheSinSeer’ a couple years back, so if you know me by my one of my old names, that’s fine too! I have a new one now, isn’t it so much more positive-sounding!?

I have had a LOT of different names, online hobbies and projects over the years, and if you want to keep up with the stuff I do online, bookmark this page (I’ll keep it updated with my current socials), and you can check out my most active social media sites below!

Find me on my Social Media accounts

Spoutible – Twitter replacement, hate speech and harassment isn’t allowed, a new social media site, but so far very promising and fun!

Counter.Social – Another Twitter replacement – based on a private instance of Mastodon, very security conscious and privacy oriented social media. Great Community, and it’s been around a few years now.

Twitter – Meh, you can maybe message me here, but twitter sucks now, I’ll be using Spoutible and Counter.Social more…

Youtube – For videos and live streams (rarely)

Facebook – Not used much, but I sometimes post pics here, and will use it again in the future…

Donations / Wishlists

If you enjoyed anything I’ve done online over the years, donations are always welcome! There’s a few ways to do it below.

Throne  – Allows you to send me little gifts like chocolate and other goodies I always love, or really anything from amazon, you can make suggestions

GoFundMe – If you’d like to donate to my transition fund, you can donate through gofundme!

Contact Me!

The best way to contact me is probably email at sinseer@gmail.com, but you can also message me on any of the listed social media accounts above if that’s easier!

Thanks for visiting!

Love, Always,

Hope, The SinSeer