Beebz – aka Intergalactic of Bandit Bar Discord (SH Games Supporter)


Intergalactic AKA Beebz has been bothering me a long time, with her nasty little friends, including SH Games aka Sinister Hand. I recently found out that I had been spelling her nickname improperly, so I went through all my videos of the past, and fixed those all up, and thought to myself, well, those should all be in one place, I mean, just a couple weeks back she was working with “Shining Eternity” the Youtuber to bully and harass me, and they said a video about me, yet again, was on the way, so here we go!

I’ll also add more documentation to this page later, like screenshots of youtube videos, and stuff like that, so bookmark this page and come back again later!

Intergalactic1 / Beebz Continued Harassment and Screaming over Public Voice Chat

Hating SinSeer – Ep3 – Intergalactic1 / Beebz – You can not dictate the Wasteland

Hating SinSeer – Ep4 – Intergalactic1 / Beebz “RS-Vurkrin and Atmos are Crashing Servers”

Intergalactic1 / Beebz stalking, doxxing, and sexual harassment


Intergalactic1 / Beebz doxxes Fallout 76 player over Public Voice Chat Censored

Hating SinSeer – Ep11 – Intergalactic1 / Beebz and Nekrosias Name Names, Doxx Player, Lead Kids

Hating SinSeer – Ep12 – Hotwheely has treats for a child Elundis, Sins. and Intergalactic1 / Beebz


ShiningHero aka Shining Eternity the Youtuber and Intergalactic1 aka Beebz proves she has warning when RS crashes Servers

Intergalactic1 / Beebz + Elundis use impersonator account to harass again in Fallout 76

Intergalactic1 / Beebz (Leader of Bandit Bar) admits working with SH Games – #fallout76

Intergalactic1 / Beebz (Leader of Bandit Bar) knows harassment had gone on for a year. #fallout76

Scribe_Purple + Intergalactic1 aka Beebz bring flagme.exe aka rager_legend aka mdgautodoc

2020-02-21 Batman tells Beebz to Clip That and Send to Schlonged aka mdgautodoc – #fallout76

Beebz Calls Raider Syndicate Shit – Bandit Bar Leader + Hypocrite Doxxer – #exploits #fallout76

Nekrosias again says Raider Syndicate are Doxxers, Beebz Agrees #exploits used #fallout76

2020-02-22 Sins Calls Me A Pedo – Trades unobtainable atomcat paint w/ Hotwheely, Beebz – #fallout76

2020-02-23 Hotwheely and Creepinnn Both Hate SH Games – with Beebz + Toecutter – #fallout76

2020-02-23 SH Games, Arnarah, Beebz, Finch, Elundis, GrassJacket (RS / DRU) #fallout76 #exploits

Geminaii admits Calling my Brother in Real Life w/ DeadlyDucks, Intergalactic / Beebz #fallout76

Intergalactic / Beebz (Leader of Raider Bar) brings SH Games Her Husband / Cohort #fallout76

Visited In Fallout 76 by Beebz + Doxxing Group known as Bandit Bar Discord Admits Doxxing

I’ve been trying to get away from these sick freaks ever since SH Games (Aka Sinister Hand) asked his toxic stalker friends to harass me – which ended up in them making impersonator accounts in my name all over the place, doxxing me, and threatening my family.

I wish toxic nasty people like this would find another game to ruin.

Love, Always,