Jakob Doolittle-Sightler aka Nekrosias Fallout 76 and Kiwifarms Pedophile Bigot

I always recorded, remember? It was non-stop harassment, and you people were screaming my home address in public voice chat. I recorded 24/7 as an act of self defense. I also recorded Jakob Doolittle-Sightler in public voice chat offering to send out my dox and personal information to lots of Fallout 76 players, but Jakob Doolittle-Sightler is just a little pedophile and liar, and a transphobic bigot who’s been harassing me for years now.

The real freak of nature is the people who accept  your pedophilia and nazi leanings, Jakob Doolittle-Sightler – THAT’s creepy as fuck, but there you on a website owned by a pedophile, harassing people with your racist and homophobic friends from Fallout 76 and getting off on it.

Someone should contact your employers, and your wife’s employers, or the people in your community, or something, to try to keep the children in your town safe. I mean, you try to crowdsource bullying and spread the  personal information of people that anger you in video games, you want to be an internet nazi so bad you made your own pervert chatroom filled with kids to teach, and you were sharing porn with them on your discord, because you don’t care about anything. You’re obviously unbalanced, evil, and a danger to children and society.

Jakob Doolittle-Sightler originally had his personal information made public by another group of Fallout 76 ‘dupers’ and toxic idiots – he mentions it in the video below. But it’s well established that Jakob Doolittle-Sightler is Nekrosias from Fallout 76, he admitted it himself publicly, so anything I post about Jakob Doolittle-Sightler is just collecting from public sources, and not private information.


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Textbook sample of pedophile ‘projecting’ his crime onto others:

Kiwifarms is owned and run by a pedophile, everyone knows that – he was quite open about it.

We get it Jakob Doolittle-Sightler, you’re a nasty little transphobic pedophile who hangs out with other racists, pedophiles, and transphobic stalkers that tries to dox and harass people off the internet – or get them murdered by cop by swatting them.

No wonder they tolerate you there, Jakob Doolittle-Sightler. You’re the pedophile, and you’ve been trying to tell other people I’m a pedophile (which I’ve been  recording for years) – because you want me dead. All because of a video game, where you real name was never mentioned. But you actually want me dead, and that’s why you keep trying to convince people I’m a pedophile, for more than 2 years now.

You’re a sick little racist, full of hate.

There’s a bit more explanation about Nekrosias aka Jakob Doolittle-Sightler’s campaign of hate and harassment on the video below, and I do have a lot more. This has been going on for years now.

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Annorexorcist in Fallout 76 – Liar for Devybear’s Honor – anno.114975 on kiwifarms

Just tracking this liar and doxer. He went by Anno on Discord, Annorexorcist in Fallout 76, and anno.114975 on kiwifarms, and will hang out in discords to gather information for that right-wing doxing site. He’s also a doxer himself, seems to get off on ‘researching people’ then giving out their personal information, he tried to give me personal info about others, to try to get me to release it and get in trouble, so be super careful,  he’s a crafty little liar!

Apparently he did all of this because he thinks I treated his friend Devybear badly, even though they were the ones coming to my camp to scream at me every time they tracked me down, and Annorexorcist was the one who held on to evidence regarding devybear for months without letting us see it. Even my other mods wondered why you’d do that, but I guess we know now. You’re just a toxic, manipulating liar.

Fallout 76 Name: Annorexorcist

Discord: 262795991751589888 or Anno#0001

Kiwifarms Username: anno.114975

Will be adding more soon, I am sick of this particular stalker and liar from Fallout 76. Here’s his latest post. He hung out in our game discord, he KNOWS there are people from that time who absolutely know he’s a liar now, from our Fallout 76 group – but that no longer matters, what with crowd-sourced doxing and hatred from kiwifarms – thanks so much, you sick stalker freak!

I never harassed anyone – that is untrue, and another lie from Annorexorcist. I have hundreds of hours of videos showing these people tracking me down in-game, COMING TO MY CAMP – I never went to them. They’d spend hours screaming at me, impersonating me and being racist to get others to hate me, dox me on  youtube and the right-wing hate site kiwifarms, and more.

You’re a fucking liar, scumbag. Where’s your proof? I think I’ll go back and make  your friends posts and videos public again, hope the search engines pick it up, because fuck any friend of yours, at this point. Maybe make some brand new posts about him and you!

And for the record, fuck the rest of the Fallout 76 players who lied about me and spread my personal information. I’ll do whatever I can to screw your life, post about you, point things out, provide evidence for others, whatever is needed –  for the rest of my life – just for the hell of it.

I mean, I’m transitioning, so I’ll only occasionally want to indulge in my hatred of you guys, I REALLY like my new life, it’s very relaxing, offline, and hate-free. You’ve all made it so necessary though – what with the doxing, and  I guess I still need a hobby for those nights I can’t sleep… anyone can feel free to email me or use any contact method, and I’ll act as your living search engine to dig up any info on these Fallout 76 players you need, from my thousands of videos and from my saved documents – as long as it’s public info, but don’t worry, I have a lot of that!

I hate you – I didn’t deserve to be harassed for the rest of my life over a video game where I only used in-game names, and you know it. You and your friends spread my real name, my home address, and my brothers phone  number, even. You then all lied about me in various places, in Fallout 76, and now you lie about me on kiwifarms.

You really seem to want me dead, don’t you? Adding me to a right-wing hate site dedicated to doxxing, stalking, and now swatting transgender people? Thanks for putting my family in danger, you completely sick stalker. I wonder how long you’ve wanted me dead. And what did I ever do to you? Nothing. You’re just THAT toxic, I guess, your friend ‘Devybear’ gets ‘hurt’ so you guys dox me and try to fuck my life forever. I did NOTHING to you. We were friends, you sick fuck. We all played the game with you. ALL of us, not just me. I never did ANYTHING to you, and you’re lying about me on a site that has already doxed me, and is filled with other lies about me.

You really do want me dead. For that long, really? Wow. You hold a grudge, don’t you.

I’ll add as much information to this site about you as I can to this website, you’re a toxic liar, a stalker, a spy, and a kiwifarms user. You’re dangerous to me AND my family, and you’ve been at this an AWFUL long time – one of the first, I guess. Who really are you, Anno? I’m going to start taking a look at my logs and all public information I can find about you, I’m tired of being stalked and harassed by liars like you.

Fuck off, you toxic, lying stalker freak.

Here’s the devybear videos:

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Its always the same group of Fallout 76 doxers, isn’t it – such toxic people.

I also saved the ip of the person from Spectrum that just visited the old disabled ‘devybear’ webpage, for law enforcement if need be. That page doesn’t exist anymore, who else would come for it, except kiwifarms people, today, coincidently, right anno? Damn, not even a VPN, directly from your home account. You think so poorly of me. Welcome to my website.

Oh don’t worry, I know all this proves is coincidentally SOMEONE hit that particular webpage that hasn’t existed in a couple years now, I guess it could be Anno, it could be Devybear, it could be just someone trying to look up devybear, I guess, although that’d be super weird, what with Anno coincidentally lying about me for Devybear today! Seems like it would be someone who went to check if I had already made it public again…. how very strange.

No way to prove anything, so I’ll just save it for law enforcement. Again – you posted my personal information on a right-wing transphobic doxing site, that has swatted people in the past, and will probably do so again. They keep a kill count, and want us dead. Do you really hate trans people that much? Or were you ignorant? I notice you didn’t use my pronouns either, even with my new boobs… why’s that Anno, are you transphobic too, am I just a ‘they’ or an ‘it’ or a ‘he’ to you, like I am to some of the other transphobic fallout 76 players posting there? Is it just about that?

I’m storing and saving all information about all Fallout 76 players involved with the kiwifarms. Any public info I can find, I will post. Tit for tat, right? I mean, just in case, I wouldn’t put it past you guys, with the YEARS of harassment to be responsible for my death, all for a stupid fucking video game. How fucking childish and toxic.



xm-05-thanatos.122804 and likeastone.109551 from kiwifarms

Oh, hey, thanks for posting, that actually confirms for me that you, xm-05-thanatos.122804, are the verizon customer who didn’t use a VPN, which I guess confirms that likeastone.109551 would be the cell customer, as I thought! Interestingly enough, the IP location is available, too. Something interesting about that, isn’t there :)

But what a surprise, more creepy right-wing transphobic americans who think they can bully the world. Do you think I could get you in trouble for the stalking and harassment by complaining to your ISP?

I saved those web-logs with the ip address for law enforcement, if ever needed – this blog is really not that popular, but thanks for falling for it, it’s really helpful to be able to identify kiwifarms users using standard web logs built into every website!

If anyone has been harassed by either of these kiwifarms users, from the right-wing hate site that doxes and harasses people, and tries to swat them to murder them by cop – just contact me, it’s IP information, it’s public information, it’ll be no good to you without a lawyer or police help to uncover the payment information on the accounts – but I’m very tired of being targeted by creepy stalkers from kiwifarms.

Heck, it took me about 2 minutes to write that other blog post you posted – totally worth it, to confirm information about the people stalking me.

For any other creepy stalker kiwifarms users who come along after, you should probably be aware I’m totally willing and eager to share information about any of you, to anyone who asks. I’ve been in contact with law enforcement for years now, I will give them information you give me, as well.

I totally get that internet harassment cases never go anywhere, but after all the threats I’m a little worried you’re going to try to kill me by cop, and swat me, like your forum has done to others in the past, so I’ve been keeping in contact with the cops ever since swatting was first threatened, years ago – by some of the same people posting on that kiwifarms thread – for the safety of my family, I HAD to contact the police.