Blood packs. And certainly not for drinking. Also, Bethesda, can you fix it so the butchers bounty works on ticks again, I mean, come on, won’t somebody PLEASE think of the vampires? I will trade some of my legendary items, for enough Blood packs! I also take donations – just drop them in front of me, I’ll take care of them!


Sorry, I’m really only interested in Wood Armor right now! Also, super sorry – I don’t trade in-game, there’s no protection for either party if they want to trade items. I will pay caps in a vendor for these, though, and probably more than you’ll make from anyone else! Wood Weightless L-Leg + Ap-Refresh + WeaponReducer Wood Weightless L-Arm + Ap-Refresh + WeaponReducer Wood Weightless R-Leg + Ap-Refresh + WeaponReducer (One of these need to be Fall protection) Wood Mutant Slayer L-Arm + Ap-Refresh + Something Wood Mutant Slayer R-Arm + Ap-Refresh + Something (Two of these need to be Fall protection) Wood Troubleshooters L-Arm + Ap-Refresh + Something Wood Troubleshooters L-Leg + Ap-Refresh + Something Wood Troubleshooters R-Arm + Ap-Refresh + Something Wood Troubleshooters R-Leg + Ap-Refresh + Something