Fallout 76 History – A Timeline – Eye of the Crimson Clown

Fallout 76 Timeline – a History of Heroes, Griefers, Exploiters, and Real Money Traders

The Happy House of Joy is one of the Dark Towers – it helps to hold up the universe itself. This one has a Crimson Clown watching over it, and all the Wasteland.

Just some of my videos and notes over the last year – just screenshots, right, and screenshots don’t prove anything – they do tell a bit of a story though – believe it or not, what do I care, I need to organize some stuff, so here we go!

Each Month has it own page, if you want to see the videos!

Some things to keep in mind, before anyone causes a ‘scene’

  • I am the legal owner of a registered business in Canada, and not trying to hide who I am – anymore. There’s no point, many Fallout 76 players and communities have been spreading my real name, home address, and my brothers phone number. You made me into a public figure.
  • This is all a very public collections of things other people have said, pictures taken from my public streams, and other public information sources. Nothing I have saved or shown has any personal information.
  • Youtubers have asked people to harass me and my community using public discord servers, advertised in public.
  • A group of real money traders and ‘dupers’ from these public discord chat servers have also  been harassing me for a very long time.
  • As a result of this, I have had my name, home address, and my brothers phone number released and spread on various social platforms to shut me up and harass me – where people blame crimes on me, and spread that information with it. I have changed the phone number, but these people were spreading my brothers home phone number, and continue to this day to spread my home address, which is not public information – and spreading that personal information breaks the Terms of Service across all Zenimax products and All Bethesda Products.
  • I do not break the law, and if you think I do, please contact your local authorities, or a lawyer, before trying to yet again take the law into your own hands like Fallout 76 players have in the past – because I can guarantee you that is how my very legal company will react, with the legal authorities and lawyers only. I have already contacted my local authorities regarding the past doxxing and threats made on me and my company.
  • All of this information is being made available to Zenimax staff to remove doxxers, cheaters, exploiters, and real money traders from Fallout 76, and make the game safer and better for everyone.
  • This  is a work in progress – I still have thousands of videos to work through and put into the timeline.

Love, Always,


Fallout 76 History – January 2019

  • Our first News Years Eve Bash. “We were asked never to enter the Whitespring Bar again”
  • Handing out Free Super Powers
  • Meeting Insurgi, Giving More Free Serums, and Surprise Explosions
  • Adding Zeekx – Worst mistake I ever made.
  • Giving Mercy to Joelvn, Ghoul House Fun, Picture Time
  • Dat guy is playing dat thing and ain’t got no pants. luisx you will catch your death of cold. I better get a picture.

Fallout 76 History – February 2019

  • thehighwayhero aka shininghero visits and helps himself
  • bored_shirtless and ob1korobi visit the Happy House of Joy
  • Grushnak visits the Happy House of Joy (also seen – sav_lion)
  • Filosoof and keggersNA visit, Accidents Happened, Mercy is Given
  • OGSKinnyP with exploited Monster Mash Mask, sav_lion + mystiqtime visit, filosoof kills Cow – also seen Jinogiacrus
  • Meeting Spork06, and a Discussion about First Duping Ban Wave while Giving Powers
  • medulla9324 from Reddit Fallout Network Discord Visits, and panvsha’s place
  • Zeekx Wants Duped Items to Sell for Profit (Reddit Fallout Network Moderator)
  • Visiting Damanta’s Crossing
  • Meeting Andy2Angry123 – the #fallout76 trader who wants “the ‘special’ stuff, that people have hidden away”
  • Captain007 and zander1925 come to PVP while not wearing no pants! Egads! (I don’t PVP, and usually leave servers when people fight at the Happy House of Joy, it makes a mess I have to repair and pay for.)
  • A Discussion of Dev Room Items, Bans, Tips and Tricks, and Griefers
  • Our First Take and Leave Sign – Made by Damanta

Fallout 76 History – March 2019

  • The Day We Met LavenderPetrichor
  • SinSeer The Wanted Criminal Takes Mercy and SnarlieBrown Visits
  • fetor41 comes to try to Force PVP and destroy the Happy House of Joy
  • rubink06 calls in Vermacide, Vextroa, spidengo (organized discord group) to attempt to force PVP
  • alexsloan and jinogiacrus come to attack the Happy House of Joy
  • How to Finally Beat Turret Farmers – Take their Spot – Then don’t use turrets. Moving the Happy House of Joy!
  • Meeting fasenn17, fallout567, peepeecheeks (Bad Quality)

Fallout 76 History – April 2019

  • Rockmorty, TheDoyNextDoor, purplepootis906, DoctorWhiskers come to force PVP
  • TacocatRacecar comes to attack our Happy House of Joy, and harass people out of Fallout 76
  • SinisterHand aka SH Games claims he “has a direct line to Bethesda Staff” and can get away with anything.
  • SinisterHand aka SH Games with Dawns_Elegy Griefing the Happy House of Joy – Video From Live Stream #fallout76
  • Homophobic antigay slurs from Sinister Hand aka SH Games
  • SinsterHand AKA SH Games claiming he had “a direct contact with Bethesda Staff”
  • Murkicide working with TacoCatRacecar and doctorwhiskers, dward2, ivannitami6, xmerle, oberherrschaft, TheDoyNextHouse, IvannittaMI6 – RMT Griefers – Real and “Troll” Voices
  • Jinoglacrus attacks Happy House of Joy with alexsloan – both speak
  • shininghero aka highwayhero of Most Toxic 76 (Dawns_elegy griefer discord) visits the Happy House of Joy
  • Dawns_Elegy harassing our community again – also seen on recent list, runandgun
  • Dawns_Elegy with ZanoldtheSavage and Juaco_n Disrupting Community Queen – #fallout76

Fallout 76 History – May 2019

  • 2019-05-01 u/couriersixxx calling a bounty on me, and claiming to be SinisterHand – I never PVP – reddit based harassment
  • Reddit Responses that show that others know SinisterHand aka SH Games has been sending ‘ squads’ to harass fallout 76 Players and Communities for ‘months’ at this point
  • u/Sinister_Hands claiming no, that’s not him – but also confirming he will also pay to have other people harass me
  • Other people who mentioned that no, I will never ever PVP – so Sinister Hand starts spreading more lies about me via reddit
  • 2019-05-01 FIIOSOOF “aka filosoof” visits the Happy House of Joy
  • 2019-05-01 FIIOSOOF “aka filosoof” and Vextroa visit the Happy House of Joy
  • 2019-05-03 dawns_elegy of Most Toxic 76 Discord again harasses our #fallout76​ community (Video)
  • 2019-05-04 My First Campfire Tales – Most of it, anyway
  • 2019-05-07 Dawns_Elegy griefing, fallout567’s Discord – also heard: fasenn17, Seen: purplepootis609
  • 2019-05-09 Working on Order of the Tadpole Quests – Operation Tidy – From a live #fallout76 stream
  • 2019-05-12 Free Range Solo Event
  • 2019-05-12 Ooonce and Vivanpresida don’t like “fucking fags” – But also Reported again
  • 2019-05-14 One Of Us – revisiting the bunker
  • 2019-05-17 ASuperMutant aka dawns_elegy (Owner of Most Toxic Discord) with Brootpwnz who threatens we’re enemies for life
  • Brootpwnz admits server hopping 15 times to stalk and force PVP and harass in #fallout76
  • 2019-05-22 aSuperMutant aka dawns_elegy annoys other people in our community
  • 2019-05-24 cambo09 using unobtainable bottlecap mine
  • 2019-05-25 aSuperMutant aka dawns_elegy with ZanoldTheSavage stalking our community yet again
  • 2019-05-28 (Video) AnusPounder666 and UnsanitaryForeskin come to use several slurs in Public #fallout76​ Voice Chat – their discord info is below this video.
  • “pilsnit” – from the video above and one of Sinister Hands Fans – I wasn’t real fond of their in-game slurs
  • “ctang” – from the video above and another of Sinister Hand’s Followers
  • 2019-05-30 Fetor. admits He’s not playing Fallout 76 for PVP, but simply to harass
  • 2019-05-31 Brootpwnz’s Anti-Feminist and Pro-Trump Rant + CAMP with Bloodyeye1, Juaco_n
  • 2019-05-31 TheIrishAtheist calls me a jack-ass, condescending, and an elitist prick
  • Joelvn and Savannah_Lion (sav_lion) and their discord – Server ID: 451421050400669724 – now run by Savannah_Lion
  • That old Discord – that asked me to never mention that I play with a community – so why I should bother talking there

Fallout 76 History – June 2019


  • 2019-06-14 MasterRDF visits and wants to have ‘rough butt sex’ and doesn’t like black people
  • 2019-06-24 Meeting blinkkd – who ended up drawing a swastika on my CAMP.
  • 2019-06-24 Carrek and DubEkoms visit – Why does a pink kid’s bed make you think sex bed?
  • 2019-06-24 Shopping at KingAtmo aka Rincewind75’s Store before a Server Crash

Fallout 76 History – July 2019

  • Fasenn (multiple accounts) yelled out my name, home address, and phone number in the past – here’s him with other Raider Syndicate Members fasenn17, fallout567, Legendary-Raider – Recent List
  • 2019-07-07 Vurkrin aka RS-Overboss_vurkrin – A leader of RS Doxxing Group – with  andy2angry123 visits to tell me I’ll never escape their group.
  • 2019-07-12 Reddit Fallout Network Discord Griefers – saya93, thecalamity, dr.tryhard
  • 2019-07-15 groundbabiesinc admits being part of ‘discord stalker group’ and threatens  multiple accounts to harass with
  • Zeekx of Reddit Fallout Network – Once a griefer, now a moderator of Reddit Fallout Network Discord
  • 2019-07-24 LiteralOG tries to force PVP and calls me a faggot
  • 2019-07-24 Three hours being harassed by griefers so my friends could play the game
  • 2109-07-27 Scopexvevo with the doxxer fasenn17 and fallout567 – Dupers R Us, Raider Syndicate
  • Some Members of the Raider Syndicate Doxxing Group that “Followed” my Twitch Page
  • Contacting Market 76 regarding “Vurkrin”
  • Someone Reports Dawns Elegy aka A-SuperMutant are running a Discord Server named “Head HuntRs” with Zander, Sinisterhand aka SH Games, BadDepressedBadger, DoctorWhiskers, ctang, and pilsnit
  • Users of the HeadHuntRs Discord – and a recent list – ToeCutter_, -Super_Mutant, Juaco_n seen.
  • One of the Impersonator accounts online from HeadHuntRs Discord and recent list – SinSeer_YT – Also, BadgerSR visible:
  • Another Recent List showing Impersonator account SinSeer_YT and BadgerSR
  • Recent list showing Nekrosias, Rockmorty, Filosoof, Vurkin together

Fallout 76 History – August 2019

  • Friends list showing Raider Syndicate and other Toxic Fallout Players –  PurplePootis609 of Dupers R Us, RS_Purple_Legend, Rockmorty, RSO_NekroLegend
  • Friends list showing Raider Syndicate and other Toxic Fallout Players – stealthboi_Legend, thegeminaii (admitted doxxer for dupers r us)
  • Friends list showing Raider Syndicate and other Toxic Fallout Players: Earth_Infant, FrogowThe2nd, Fuzzy_0w0
  • Friends list showing Raider Syndicate and other Toxic Fallout Players: blinkkd, raider_1egend, SerratedGoat, Vurkrin
  • Discord ID for blinkkd and thegeminaii
  • frogow, blinkkd, fallout567 together on recent list
  • AngryAndy Discord ID –  (also banned on market 76 for real money trade)
  • watchingstuffhere threatening to get my twitch  ‘shut down’
  • Seen Together on Recent List  – hotwheely, BadgerJR, fallout567, SinisterHand, Thegeminaii, ThisServerWillCrash


Fallout 76 History – September 2019

  • 2019-09-01 SH Games admits leadership of ‘cult’ to harass me via #discord – w/ Dupers R Us and RS
  • 2019-09-01 Fake Reddit Account u/sinseerdiscordia created
  • 2019-09-02 TheGeminaii, DarkKnight5215, Fallout567 together on a recent List
  • 2019-09-03 Message claiming to be from  TheGeminaii sent to my webpage.
  • 2019-09-03 Message claiming to be from  TheGeminaii sent to my webpage.
  • 2019-09-04 StankDank from Dawns Elegy’s Griefer Discord Server visits our Discord
  • 2019-09-04 Stankdank mentioning that SinisterHand aka SH Games has said “weird stuff” to their girlfriend
  • 2019-09-06 Elundis aka Frogow stirring up trouble on Market 76, with SageShadow telling people I went “Bat Shit Crazy” on a reddit mod. Feel free to look up why.
  • 2019-09-07 Copy of Posts made by fake impersonator account /u/sinseerdiscord on  Reddit
  • 2019-09-07 Stuntpilot threatens to ban me for stirring drama on Market 76 – for using their private bot to communicate only with Market 76 staff
  • 2019-09-07 More Market 76 Chatter about me, people claiming I am breaking TOS
  • 2019-09-08 Purplepootis publicly claims on my twitch channel he did something to me because i was a ‘nazi and a racist’ and i should be killed
  • 2019-09-19 – Discord Userlist of Vurkrins Discord
  • 2019-09-19 Discord ID of  OPS-Overboss_Pebbles, SIr Bong of Water, ZugZug
  • 2019-09-21 Zeekx – Moderator of Reddit Fallout Network –  Admitting in-game stealing
  • 2019-09-23 The Racist things I found when searching the Discord with Sir Bong of Water – Most Toxic Discord

Fallout 76 History – October 2019

  • Banning some nasty people from my Discord – I call them that because they drew swastikas on peoples houses using dev-room paintball guns, remember?
  • FusionJKA tries to convince others I’m ‘toxic’ – I never made a reddit account, one of them did.
  • Rincewind75 aka KingAtmos chimes in via reddit
  • Others chime in to say of course I don’t have a reddit account – and then more others claim I lie
  • FusionJKA enjoyed destroying other peoples bases, non-stop, server hopping with his friends for non-stop constant harassment, and chased many players out of Fallout 76 Entirely
  • A conversation about me on Market 76 – even then people were aware I had impersonators
  • SageShadow and Zeekx report my Twitter account and tell people “I do it for attention”
  • Andy2Angry123 claims all of his Bethesda accounts were ‘hacked’
  • Word starts to spread about the duper cartel who got ‘hacked’ because their cheat had a keylogger –  via official Bethesda forums
  • Andy2Angry123 banned on Market 76 via their Public Blacklist
  • “Steve Hand” starts to join the same Fallout 76 groups I’m in, to post lies about me – most deleted by moderators. Thank you!
  • “Shlonged” (IGN rager_legend, mdgautodoc, flagme.exe) showing me the messages he had that proved thegeminaii was spreading my personal information
  • “Shlonged” (IGN rager_legend, mdgautodoc, flagme.exe) claims his account was banned
  • Thegeminaii continues his Twitter based campaign of harassment
  • thegeminaii claims with his public Twitter account that because he lives in california, he is allowed to doxx Fallout 76 players, and spread their personal information


  • Doxxing and Harrasment Campaign begins – my full name, home address, and brothers phone number spread via Killabeezattacks’s Discord, RFN, FilthyCasuals and others
  • “TheChosenOne” posting pictures stolen from my facebook page
  • KillaBeezAttacks suggests I have fucked with the wrong community, and they are ‘not far from Toronto’
  • KillaBeezAttacks suggests publicly that my legal company and discord are ‘doxxing’ them
  • Tubify aka “Beef_Curtons” publicly posts my real name, home address, and the phone number of my brother via Twitter
  • Someone rats out Schlonged aka mdgautodoc aka rager_legend as being planted in our community to harass us
  • Tubify’s Twitter Suspended – they doxxed a Fallout 76 player. Too late for me, though – Tubify wanted me to know it was them though, that’s why they used the name Tubify
  • I was contacted over discord by another Fallout 76 player who had also been doxxed by the same group
  • 2019-10-25 (VIDEO) Stalkers like TrailerprkSuperVisor not wanted at the Happy Happy House of Joy
  • Contacted by the same doxxing group in-game – actually being stalked by many discord users at this point – from live stream (Timestamped to Vurkrin_Legend) Also Seen: styles354, Fasenn18, fkRS-G0bI1n_legend
  • Oct 26, 2019 Vurkin_Legend Leader of Raider Syndicate Doxxers is “Dark” and talks about foreskins
  • Scribe_Purple, FennekinGamingMC, and Vurkrin_Legend and a Mischief Night – Floating Characters? SORCERY!
  • Oct 30, 2019 –  ML32297 shows up with the griefer runandgun, pretends to be new, but says “I broke my Silence”He knows who I am

Fallout 76 History – November 2019

  • Yet another Discord joining together to destroy me
  • 2019-11-04 (Video) Raider Syndicate and more – Rager_Legend, QualitySubscription, Brahminmilk
  • 2019-11-04 (Video) CaptPT and CaptainCountryRoads make it into a GREAT Mischief Night – We got ghouls!
  • 2019-11-04 (Video) CaptPT Makes me Smile both at a Queen and 18 months later
  • 2019-11-08 KickinKep – It’s always sad when a Previous friend brings SNOW and runandgun to continue harassment
  • 2019-11-09 Phickian Trap CAMP to Kill Shoppers
  • (Video) SNOW. and FusionJKA show up to try to force PVP
  • Gerkenator things I’m “paranoid”
  • TheGeminaii claims these are his two alts while announcing a Dupers R Us Duping Event – “feuermoke and MalnElement” ? Hard to see.
  • Bethesda confirms players are not banned for reporting exploits
  • TheGeminaii – Leader of Dupers R Us confirms IGN “Masassing” is one of theirs
  • TheGeminaii confirms In-Game name of “TBF-BodyFarmer” is one of theirs
  • SageShadow helping to share the github set up to spy on Dupers R Us – where the owner kept the real names of Fallout 76 Players in that github for more than a year
  • PurplePootis of Dupers R Us shares the link to their “Armory”
  • Bungo of Pyscho Voltage, juda03, Ya Boi, BluSHade, Ulfyn, Webcake, Rambo, participating in the Dupers R Us chatroom
  • 2019-11-28 (Video) Trying to Block the Stalker / Doxxer slimkr3w
  • cntryder is working on getting me reported on all platforms for defamation of character
  • Real Money Traders were giving out free stuff to a lot of Facebook Groups
  • SinisterHand aka SH Games with Vurkrin_Legend, Dishonesti, GiveMeFreeStuff, HentaiDaddy4444
  • Dupers R Us Discord deleted for doxxing and threats – announced and restored by “Bodega177013”
  • SageShadow explains that creama left Market 76 to join the Dupers R Us Discord
  • Dummyvic shows that people do know it’s frogow aka Elundis as one of the people making impersonator accounts in my name – from Market 76
  • Rincewind75 aka KingAtmos with TBF-Elundis7, .smellycat, RunandGun, FusionJKA

Fallout 76 History – December 2019

  • 2019-12-01 Blocking Bungo the Youtuber for playing anti-islamic clips over Voice Chat
  • InspiredByBlank imgur account used by thegeminaii
  • Steve Hand aka SinisterHand aka SH Games posts publicly in one of the very few Facebook groups I haven’t been kicked out of because of his friends, and starts to lie about me.
  • SinisterHand aka SH Games threatens a tweet storm over Twitter
  • IGN: Main_Element Changes name to TheChosenOne – who had stolen my facebook pictures to spread and share
  • Atmos and Schlonged (aka rager_legend) making emoji’s with my pics
  • News of the Inventory Theft hack releases
  • Contacted over Discord by Fairy Bird Son aka IGN chubbycheeks
  • Screenshot of Most Toxic Discord showing thegeminaii (rockonhomie), atmos, Elundis together in it
  • Bethesda update on the Inventory Theft Hack
  • Information on the phone number of a person to call my brothers home phone
  • One of them contacts me as ‘anon14’
  • Rincewind75 continues his juvenile nonsense on the Official Bethesda forums
  • Someone contacts me to confirm Elundis, Lorespade, and MMOJunkie have started a lynch mob of followers to harass me.
  • This comment posted my name, home address, and phone number on a comment on the youtube video that demonstrated the Inventory Theft Hack, and blamed it on me
  • SinisterHand is let back into Market 76

Anything Below this is unsorted – I apologized for  the mess,  checkback soon!

Love, Always,