SinSeers Current Fallout 76 Mod List

Perk Loadout Manager

This is an absolutely essential, game-changing Fallout 76 Mod. It allows you to make perk ‘loadouts’ – like decks. You can then save those loadouts, and switch back and forth between then with the press of a few buttons. It is NOT instant, and you CAN die switching, there’s some time involved in the process – but it changes EVERYTHING. With this mod you can be a killer for a while, you can switch to your thief for a while, pick some locks, you can grab all the loot, get all over-encumbered – and then switch to a fully stocked ‘Beam Me Up’ load-out – packed with weight reduction cards only, remove those weapon perks for a few minutes, and go home easily, then switch back at home! Truly Game Changing.

Better Inventory

This is an inventory sorting mod – it’s biggest most helpful feature is it will tell you how much ‘stacks’ of things actually weight. Vanilla game wants us to do math, math is a pain in video games.

For instance – 41 Addictol at 0.03 each…. ugh what? Oh. It’s 1.23 in total.

kenlyrics Strings

Strings replace text in your game with other text – they have to be updated every update – kenlyric is a longtime player and friend – and makes them fast for us, so far!

They allow things like this information to be included for ‘at a glance’ information.

He’s also added the ability to see the food buffs without hovering over them!

I’ll change this picture after a queen, when I”m loaded up, but you can see the +3 Endurance being listed for pemmican!

Great job kenlyric, thanks again!!!!!!!!

Save Everything

This mod will make it so you can’t drop the items in your favorites list. Which is super helpful. But this mod also has a super awesome extra function, useful for ALL players with a vending machine. It will allow you to input prices manually, and skip using the slider.


Makes the map much prettier and crisper looking, with WAY more stuff on it:


I’m a clown, give me a break, also, I have bad eyesight – this mod has helped me find my bag many times in high grass. I could use others, but I just like the balloons.

Silent Atomic Shop

You can turn off the Main Menu music with the ini, but the atom shop music is WAY too loud too, and intrusive. I had to turn it off with this mod.

Event Notifications

I know, there’s a new system telling us about Public Events – this will show a brief popup for ALL events. Back on the Beat. It’s a Trap. Irrational Fear. It’s how I know when to go!

Hunter’s Quieter Nuke Zones

The noise is just annoying, needed this to make it bearable, thanks thehunter_649!!!


Camera settings for Clowns Eye View

These go inside your Fallout76Custom.ini





You will have to play with them to get something you find comfortable, probably! Mine are currently set up to take my chameleon mutation into effect – makes me invisible and doesn’t block my view!