I… need them. This is not to be taken as proof of vampirism. People need blood packs. Clowns need blood packs. I farm them myself – so I’ve tried to come up with reasonable costs based on time spent!


(See the BOS  Bunker Shop at the ClownTown at V9 – Owned by Sinicalass!!)

200 Blood packs let’s you choose something off the wall, to start – however, this will be a long term quest, especially with Displays coming to shelters, I’m just going to fill one with weapons to drool over! Many of these items are actually three star items, and I’ll add the third star to the list sooner or later, sorry about that – I put ‘the most important’ things’ in! Of course I’ll tell you what the full item is before you spend any blood – and when I get time, I’ll add all the extra stars in – all further prizes will  have all stars!
  • AA / +40% PA Dam / 90% Reduced Weight Super Sledge
  • AA / Fire Rate / +250 DR Reloading 10mm SMG
  • AA FR 50 Cal Machine Gun
  • AAE Assault Rifle (Level 30)
  • AAE Black Powder Rifle
  • AAE DB Shotgun
  • AAE Hunting Rifle
  • AAE Submachine Gun
  • AA +10% Damage While Aiming, +15% Vats Crits Fixer
  • AAPA Sheepsquatch Club
  • AASS Grognak’s  Axe
  • Bloodied / +10% Damage Aiming / Faster Move Railway Rifle
  • BSS Baseball Bat
  • BSS Meathook
  • BSS Tire Iron
  • BSS STR +1 Shepherd’s Crook
  • BE 50 Cal
  • BE Gatling Gun
  • BE Western Revolver
  • Instigating / 40% Swing Speed / +1 STR Super Sledge
  • Instigating / 40% Swing Speed /  Walking Cane
  • Instigating / +40% Power Attack Dam / Shishkebab
  • JE Lever Action Rifle
  • JE 10mm Submachine Gun
  • JSS Bear Arm
  • Junkie, Swing Speed, 40% Less Damage while Power attack – Combat knife
  • JSS Rolling Pin
  • JSS +1 STR Mole Mine Gauntlet
  • JSS Shepherd’s Crook
  • Junkies / Explosive Light Machine Gun
  • JE Double Barrel Shotgun
  • JE Hunting Rifle
  • JE Handmade
  • JFR Plasma Pistol
  • JPA Grognak’s Axe
  • JPA Tenderizer
  • TSE 10mm Pistol
  • TSE Black Powder Rifle
  • TSE Combat Shotgun
  • TSE Light Machine Gun
  • TSE Hunting Rifle
  • TSE Western Revolver
  • VE Handmade
  • Vampire / +10% Damage Aiming / +1 AGI Gatling Laser
  • Vampire / +40% Power Attack  Bear Arm

How to Farm Tick Blood for Blood Packs

Oh, first off, if you use butcher’s bounty on a corpse of a tick, you get the chance to find up to 2 extra tick blood on each corpse.  (Please fix this Bethesda, won’t somebody please think of the vampire clowns? We’re starving, here….) Make sure you have super duper and your chemist perk, and transform that tick blood into blood packs.

A few places to find Ticks

Moonshiner’s Shack, Gilman Lumber Mill, Also here, in the little bunker and around it: Sometimes you can find them in Camden Park: Sometimes in between the Spawn  point  and the workshop here:
  • The Communist Bot set to revolutionary settings will also produce Blood Packs!
  • The new Doctor camp-ally sells a random selection of things, occasionally he sells bloodpacks.
  • Various robots in the Best Mall Ever, the Whitespring Mall, also sell a couple of bloodpacks each, depending on their stock.


Because of the problems our community has had with persistent griefers, the following rules apply to this quest.
  • You must drop the blood for me first, no exceptions. It’s probably best to make sure I’m actually active, and sometimes I can’t use voice chat because of work, so our Discord Chat room can be used, or you can  use email. You must contact me first, either through our public Fallout 76 discord, so we can verify you’re not banned, or via email with your in-game name!
  • Not open  to any Raider Syndicate member, or any user with RS-, TBF, or CMT PVP clans in their usernames.
  • Not open to any moderator, admin, or owner of “Reddit Fallout Network Discord”, “The Fallout Network Discord”, “Market76” Discord, “DemonAsylum” Discord, ,”FO76 Casuals” Discord, “FilthyCasuals” Discord, or “That Discord owned by savannah_lion”
  • Not open to any user who has posted any cheats, exploits, bought, sold, traded hacked items, or anything else  that breaks the Terms of Service – on DemonAsylum’s Public Exploit server, or any other public Discord Chatroom – no exceptions.
  • If you are on my griefer list, or blacklisted and have harassed my community, I will take your blood, and you get  nothing. The people that know me know what kind of person I am, and know I will not cheat them. This quest is for them; I don’t need caps, and I like to share my good items with good people. The rest – I don’t care about; I shouldn’t need these rules at all, but some of you are terrible people who want to harass communities for months and months, and in some cases YEARS now and we are all very tired of those people. Don’t worry, the list isn’t THAT long – you’d know if you were on it! If you’re  worried,  check if you’re on the timeline – probably you’re not!
  • One prize per week, per person, maximum – I know there’s  no way to enforce this with a million alts, but you do have to contact me with email or discord as well – this will give more people a chance at the godroll goodies!
  • Quest is for PC Only – In-game items only, no monetary value, just fancy toys for Fallout 76 players
  • This is my quest, not yours! Play it, or don’t – don’t complain to me or bother my friends!