Blood for Legends – Blood Packs Quest – #fallout76

I… need them.

This is not to be taken as proof of vampirism.

People need blood packs.

Clowns need blood packs.

I farm them myself – so I’ve tried to come up with reasonable costs based on time spent!

How to Farm Tick Blood for Blood Packs

Oh, first off, if you use butcher’s bounty on a corpse of a tick, you get the chance to find up to 2 extra tick blood on each corpse. Make sure you have super duper and your chemist perk, and transform that tick blood into blood packs.

A few places to find Ticks

Moonshiner’s Shack, Gilman Lumber Mill,

Also here, in the little bunker and around it:


Tier 1 Legends – 666 Blood Packs

Instigating Explosive .44 Pistol

Vampiric Explosive Hunting Rifle

Tier 2  Legends – 999 Blood Packs

Instigating / +50 Limb Damage Handmade

Tier 3 Legends – 2323 Packs

Quad Explosive Assault Rifle


Because of the problems I’ve had with persistent griefers, the following rules apply to this quest.

  • You must drop the blood for me first, no exceptions. It’s probably best to make sure I’m actually active, and sometimes I can’t use voice chat because of work, so our Discord Chat room can be used,
  • If you are on my griefer list, or blacklisted and have harassed my community, I will take your blood, and you get  nothing. The people that know me know what kind of person I am, and know I will not cheat them. This quest is for them; I don’t need caps, and I like to share my good items with good people. The rest – I don’t care about; I shouldn’t need these rules at all, but some of you are terrible people who want to harass communities for months and months, and we are all very tired of those people.
  • This is my quest, not yours! Play it, or don’t – don’t complain to me or bother my friends!

Anyone else gets to choose from this list, which I’ll be keeping updated!


Also! If you actually have the Weightless Wood Armor with AP-refresh I’m looking for, and you want something on THIS list, that’s fine too – See here for details on the quest to give the Clown Wood. Yeah. I said it.