Annorexorcist – Anno – Fallout 76 and Discord Betrayal

I banned long-time member Annorexorcist aka Anno from our Discord today. Look, I get that people don’t like me – when you join in with a thread on a board that exists to doxx me and harass me, I’d rather you just left, instead of being like this.

Funny how he doesn’t mentioned that the group of kids who doxxed me, impersonated me, and harassed me in real life are all under 18, I was not harassing anyone, simply reacting to a very prolonged harassment campaign.

Anno also sat on a video for months before showing it to the members of our moderation team which could have had a bit  more information on that whole situation AND defuse it, but for some reason, Anno felt the need to keep that secret.


Here’s some past clips from discord conversations I’ve had with Annorexorcist aka Anno on Discord:

In this message – he actually sent me personal info directly through discord!!! I was uncomfortable with that, and asked him to delete it!

Again – I get that people hate me, if you hate me, and are just going to spy on me to post on a thread that EXISTS TO DOX AND HARASS ME, please leave, I don’t want you here. Simple as that. let me get on with my fucking life, like are you kidding me?

Love, Always,