Diane Alexander – techn0lady from Fallout76, TechLady on Kiwifarms

As you can see – public Twitter profile, public name, and a video that shows she plays Fallout 76. She doesn’t like being harassed for being trans, and yet she harasses other transgender people on a hate-site dedicated to doxing, stalking and swatting trans people. They keep a kill count. Now of COURSE this barely used twitter name could be fake, and all a setup… but it feels pretty real, I mean the account was created in 2010, she’d have no need to hide her name then, and she seems to have forgotten about it…

Searching Twitter for ‘techn0lady’:

Works for Uber:

From KiwiFarms:

In this post she claims to be techn0lady from Fallout 76. I didn’t want to enter her underground base, and she obviously knew me from reputation – she was calling me crazy. I don’t like underground bases – they often do contain traps, but basically I feel it’s cheating. These pathetic losers are hiding from the random encounters that most people have to face, by cheating to live underground with a ‘glitch’. So I just didn’t enter them… like ever.

She is also misgendering me, and dead naming me, simply because she thinks she is the gatekeeper of all that is trans, and is able to judge who is trans – because she doesn’t think I’m trans, she’s okay with doing to me what she doesn’t want other people to do to her.

I guess that was worth 2 years of harassment, and changing your name to get back at me – instead of talking with me a day later, like a regular human being, and discussing things. I’ve taken plenty of videos down – but nooooooo. Years of harassment, and you want to misgender because you don’t think I’m trans enough, now. Like I mean, come on. You’re transgender. How can you be like this?

Yes, Yes, I get it – you guys spreading my real name and information along with all these lies has really affected my life, and I’ll never be able to get a job, right – all thanks to your little group of toxic people in Fallout 76.

I really don’t get how you can be trans though and hate another trans person this much – willing to do so much – for that hatred. I haven’t misgendered you, nor stalked you for 2 years, nor do I use a right-wing hate site to continue harassment.

Here she is again claiming that I’m a ‘fake’ transgender – so that gives her and her friends the right to harass me, dox me, and eventually swat me – because we all know that’s what kiwifarm freaks end up doing to transgender people. Thanks so much.

Here she is admitting she knows what she is – a traitor, and a danger to all transgender people, really – I mean, you’re just going to deadname and misgender trans girls you don’t like, on a hate-site dedicated to harassing transgender girls, for ever now? You’re taking pleasure in what you would NEVER want others to do for you – such a hypocrite, I am not sure how you hold that in your head without  having a mental breakdown – or have you already, and that’s why you stalk and harass people?

Uh huh, we get it – you’re focused on looks, want to misgender me and deadname, and want to be insulting – hey, I’m not even a full year on hormones yet, I get it – but is this really because  you’re jealous of my transition – did your boobs not grow as much as mine did? I’m sorry about that, I don’t control the boobs, but maybe if you’re weren’t such a toxic, hate-filled person, karma would have given  you boobs too.

Guess who just deleted the media from their twitter account, and changed their name – they hadn’t tweeted since May. Gee, I wonder why… and I was JUST trying to re-tweet it, that’s a shame.

Thanks for the confirmation that that’s your account though… you guys are SUPER helpful sometimes, Diane Alexander, I really do hope the transgender hating freaks at kiwifarms don’t screw you in the future, but you’re kind of an idiot, I think they probably will. You’re so… evil, and yet stupid, easily manipulated, and a trans person – which they absolutely hate.

A quick post, the owner of kiwifarms posted a manifesto about this whole thing – but even the owner of kiwifarms knows his users are swatting and doing other criminal acts. He tells his users to ‘stop’ doing it – he knows they’ve been swatting people. This is the place you put my information on – some real, but a LOT of lies.

The toxic community of Fallout 76 basically ruined my real life – over a video game. There’s some really, really nasty, messed up people in that game. I would never recommend anyone play it. If you do, make sure to keep your voice chat off – but you’ll still see racist and transphobic stuff in various camps around the game. Sorry about that. It’s a thing. A gross thing, but a thing. I tried to report some of them! But fuck that game, and fuck the transphobic racists infesting it!

Here’s Diane Alexander inciting the other kiwifarms users to report me for ‘fraud’ because they think I make income from my websites. Trust me, I report all income – it’s not very much, so yeah, I’m on disability – because I can’t work. I’m disabled. Stop targeting me, you fucking psychopaths – If I am falsely reported for fraud, I will absolutely be giving them  your name, Diane Alexander.

What a sick little psycho, right? My gods. Seriously. Diane Alexander is on a hate site dedicated to harassing transgender people, and asking them to falsely report me, based on a suspicion she has – she also has a suspicion I’m not trans, so thinks that makes it okay to misgender me, stalk me, and harass me – and post about me on kiwifarms.

Diane Alexander is one of the most messed up, toxic, evil transgender people I’ve ever met – No one should feel safe with this liar around, she will throw you to the wolves if she thinks she’ll get the approval of transphobes. Sickening.

Kiwifarms is a dangerous website – and people that use it are all very toxic. I’ve already been in contact with the police, and since Diane Alexander is trying to harass me in real life by causing false reports with disability, I will be giving Diane Alexander’s name, and all Fallout 76 information (username, video), the twitter account, and everything else directly to the police as a specific threat to my safety and well-being. She’s trying to take away what little money I have – I live under the poverty line, disability is NOTHING – but she wants to try to take even that away from me – all because of one day in a stupid video game.

How completely and utterly evil.