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May 11, 2021 Atomic Shop Update – #fallout76

Here’s today’s Atomic Shop Update, in case you can’t get in game right  now! Love, Always, SinSeer

ATOMIC SHOP WEEKLY UPDATE: MAY 11 – MAY 18 (Re-Print From Bethesda)

Read on to catch a preview of the latest and greatest items and offers that are currently available in the Atomic Shop, including this week’s free items.


Visiting a really cool C.A.M.P.? Want to show the owner your appreciation for their decorating and building skills? Unlock the “Nice C.A.M.P.” Emote in the Atomic Shop for free. Fallout 1st members can also claim the Warhead Power Armor Paint for free until June 1.
Item Available Until
Nice C.A.M.P. Emote N/A
Warhead Power Armor Paint (Fallout 1st) June 1
On top of the weekly free item, this week claim a reward every day you play. Each item is available until 12:00 p.m. ET the following day.
Item Available On
Caps x 250 May 11
Trail Fireworks May 12
Lunchbox May 13
Scrap Kit May 14
Vault-Tec Supply Package (level 2) May 15
Lunchbox May 16
Repair Kit May 17


76 RespondersItems full Survivors in the Wasteland are always in need of friendly, helpful faces that are ready to provide aid to those in need. Roleplay as a Responder this week with the Responders Bundle! Complete with the Responders Power Armor, workbench set, signage, backpack and more. This bundle has everything you need to set up a one stop shop for supplies!
Item Atom Price
Responders Bundle 1800
Responders Power Armor 1500
Vault-Tec Water Fountain 500
Responders Backpack 500
Responders C.A.M.P. Signage Set 250
Klaxon Wall Light 250
Crossed Axes Wall Décor 250
Responders Pip-Boy Skin 400
Responders Red Player Icon 150
The Responders Bundle includes:
  • Responders Power Armor
  • Responders Workbench Set
  • Responders C.A.M.P. Signage Set
  • Klaxon Wall Light
  • Crossed Axes Wall Décor
  • Responders Backpack
  • Responders Pip-Boy Skin
  • Responders Red Player Icon
Several limited time items that made their way into the Shop during previous weeks are still available for a little while longer. regulator 1920 870
Item Atom Price Available Until
Hellfire Regulator Power Armor Paint 1200 May 18
Mr Fuzzy Power Armor Helmet 500 May 25
Cash Register Vending Machine 500 May 25


Some of our favorites have returned to the shop for a limited time. 76 ATX RespondersChief 1920
Item Atom Price Available Until
Liberty Prime Power Armor Set 1800 1440(20% Off!) June 1
Invasion from the Stars Bundle 1500 N/A
Down Home Dweller Bundle 1000 N/A
Down Home Comfort Bundle 1500 May 18
Scrap Kit x 40 1000 700(30% Off!) May 18
Responders Fire Chief Outfit 900 630(30% Off!) May 18
Responders Stash Box 500 350(30% Off!) May 18
Ambulance Gurney Set 250 175(30% Off!) May 18
First Responders Photomode Frame 150 75(30% Off!) May 18


Be sure to pick up anything that catches your eye, because these items will only be available until 12:00 p.m. ET on May 18.
Item Atom Price
Square Rug Bundle 500
Decorative Room Divider 250
Avocado Square Rug 200
Beige Square Rug 200
Charcoal Square Rug 200
Maroon Square Rug 200
Teal Square Rug 200
Sparkler Pose 500 350(30% Off!)
West Virginia Backpack 500 350(30% Off!)


Item Atom Price Available From Available Until
Black Shovel Backpack 500 350(30% Off!) May 11 May 12
Well – Traveled Pip-Boy Skin 400 280(30% Off!) May 12 May 13
Coffin Backpack 500 350(30% Off!) May 13 May 14
Dough-Boy (Slocum’s Joe) Pip-Boy Skin 400 280(30% Off!) May 14 May 15
Amatuer Inventor’s Laser Gun Skin 500 350(30% Off!) May 15 May 16
Firemans Flamer Skin 400 280(30% Off!) May 16 May 17
Fireman Excavator Paint 800 560(30% Off!) May 17 May 18
Lunchbox x40 (Fallout 1st) 1000 May 11 May 18