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Zeekx Mod of Reddit Fallout Network Discord, and DailyDepression, itzmedominoyt, PolarPair visit – #fallout76 LIVE

IGN: Daily_Depression – DIscord ID: 460922506094575617

IGN: itmedominoyt – Discord ID: 362926491287289857

Both member of Reddit Fallout Discord Network, using it to harass.

I was trying to mind my own business, work on some stuff in the background, but Reddit Fallout Network Discord found me, ratted out my location, and they came a’calling.

Live stream. I was trying to post just nice things this week. Sigh.

Supporting Pics:

I’m first reported on the Reddit Fallout Network as being visible on this persons world, here:

Zeekx thinks he means the chatroom, he is not in-world.

I have asked Zeekx multiple times to leave me alone, please. I have recordings of that, as well. I will find them.

I guess me considering him a griefer back in 2019 was worth all this?

Conversation with another Reddit Fallout Network Moderator:

Zeeks suggests contacting modmail for reddit fallout network if their user runs into any issues harassing me:

Reddit Fallout Network Discord being used to continue harassment – I think an hour later? they just went on FOREVER:

Banned from my discord – we don’t accept this.