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Jacob Doolittle-Sightler and Kelley Cardell – Facebook Accounts of Kiwifarms Users

Jacob Doolittle-Sightler and Kelley Cardell have both been working together to harass me for a very long time. It all started in a video game, Fallout 76 – where Nekrosias – aka Jacob Doolittle-Sightler, started compiling doxing information on me, like my home address, and real name, and names of my family, and things like that, and started sharing it with people in Fallout 76 – while trying to convince people I was a racist and a pedophile who should be targeted for online harassment. He then started handing out this personal information to anyone he could. I have videos of all that, see the previous posts if you’d like to see them.

They were very proud of that fact – that they got so many people to hate me, so they came to mock me (and expose their facebook account to me), on my business webpage for Facebook – which is a public webpage – they posted their own real names on it. See previous posts about these two freaks, if you’d like.

Some Samples of Jacob Doolittle-Sightlers Voice from his videos:

Video 1

Video 2 Has both Jacob Doolittle-Sightler’s Voice and also Kelley Cardell’s Voice – as well as other dupers and stalkers from Fallout 76 – many of whom helped to spread my home address in the game. I just made a full copy of that video to clip up, in case he ever takes it down.

Screenshot here shows them glorifying two of the youtubers who harassed me – they idolize these people – Lorespade and SH Games both asked their followers to harass me, using their youtube channels. SH Games was later outed as a child groomer, abusing some poor Fallout 76 girl, by other people, so he’s not a problem anymore.

The video also mentions that NukaColaRiley ‘re-branded’ to MrsNekrosias, and it seems like they’re hosting another Fallout 76 doxer and one of the inventory theft hackers – bodega? If so, they directly doxed me – they put my home address in public chatrooms, youtube, anything they could do.

He almost mentions the clan CMT – a duper group who also spread my personal information in Fallout 76. He is friends with their leader, and wanted to have them on his ‘show’ – which doesn’t seem to have gotten anywhere since.

Jacob Doolittle-Sightler aka Nekrosias Facebook Account:

Jacob Doolittle-Sightler aka Nekrosias Youtube Channel

Kelley Cardell aka MrsNekrosias aka NukaColaRiley Facebook Account:

Oh. I’m actually truly sorry about that – but you seem like a horrible, toxic person who wants others to be hurt in real life – so I guess…. Karma?

I’m guessing this is the ‘schizo husband’ she mentioned on kiwifarms…

Looks like she got married, so it became Kelley Cantrell, at that time – I wonder if she kept her husbands name or switched back to her Maiden Name, Kelley Cardell – she does seem to use her facebook page with her maiden name after this date.

Here’s some more recent pics of Kelley Cardell aka MrsNekrosias from kiwifarms:

Such a pretty girl – I guess hate and transphobia doesn’t show in pictures, sometimes.

Here, let me show you instead – this is just the most recent sample of transphobic hate posted by Jacob Doolittle-Sightler and Kelley Cardell on the hate site dedicated to harassing transgender people:

Oh, and here’s their public baby shower registry:

From that page, it looks like she MAY have kept her husbands name, then? So Kelley Cantrell? The ‘schizo ex-husband’ she mentioned on kiwifarms? But she still uses her maiden name on facebook.

Anyways, this harassment campaign has gone on for more than 2 years now, so I’m collecting all public information about Jacob Doolittle-Sightler and Kelley Cardell in case they manage to get the transphobic stalkers at kiwifarms or their nasty group of Fallout 76 players to swat my family, or come after us in some other ways, because of his lies.

This has all been public information – if you’d like to see some of the transphobic hate they’ve been spewing, I’ve been collecting that too!

Full listing of all Jacob Doolittle-Sightler aka Nekrosias Kiwifarms Posts

Full listing of all Kelley Cardell aka MrsNekrosias Kiwifarms Posts

Jacob Doolittle-Sightler and Kelley Cardell are completely horrible people who violate other peoples privacy by spreading their personal information, while making up the most evil of lies to try to get the internet to gang-stalk them, and get their family killed by swatting.

For more public info on either of these two, follow the category links at the bottom of this page.

Jacob Doolittle-Sightler aka Nekrosias Fallout 76 and Kiwifarms Pedophile Bigot

I always recorded, remember? It was non-stop harassment, and you people were screaming my home address in public voice chat. I recorded 24/7 as an act of self defense. I also recorded Jakob Doolittle-Sightler in public voice chat offering to send out my dox and personal information to lots of Fallout 76 players, but Jakob Doolittle-Sightler is just a little pedophile and liar, and a transphobic bigot who’s been harassing me for years now.

The real freak of nature is the people who accept  your pedophilia and nazi leanings, Jakob Doolittle-Sightler – THAT’s creepy as fuck, but there you on a website owned by a pedophile, harassing people with your racist and homophobic friends from Fallout 76 and getting off on it.

Someone (**edited to add – By someone, I meant me – dumbass. it’s implied. You’re very dense. I don’t use kiwifarms to crowdsource doxing and harassment – you do. I don’t even have an account there. You do. I have never spread the personal information of others to try to get crowds to harass them – you do. I do my own work and I’ll just be passing along public information and some clips of your voice! I mean, I already contacted your wife’s mom, why would you think I meant different. God you’re stupid.) should contact your employers, and your wife’s employers, or the people in your community, or something, to try to keep the children in your town safe. I mean, you try to crowdsource bullying and spread the  personal information of people that anger you in video games, you want to be an internet nazi so bad you made your own pervert chatroom filled with kids to teach, and you were sharing porn with them on your discord, because you don’t care about anything. You’re obviously unbalanced, evil, and a danger to children and society.

Jakob Doolittle-Sightler originally had his personal information made public by another group of Fallout 76 ‘dupers’ and toxic idiots – he mentions it in the video below. But it’s well established that Jakob Doolittle-Sightler is Nekrosias from Fallout 76, he admitted it himself publicly, so anything I post about Jakob Doolittle-Sightler is just collecting from public sources, and not private information.


YouTube player

Textbook sample of pedophile ‘projecting’ his crime onto others:

Kiwifarms is owned and run by a pedophile, everyone knows that – he was quite open about it.

We get it Jakob Doolittle-Sightler, you’re a nasty little transphobic pedophile who hangs out with other racists, pedophiles, and transphobic stalkers that tries to dox and harass people off the internet – or get them murdered by cop by swatting them.

No wonder they tolerate you there, Jakob Doolittle-Sightler. You’re the pedophile, and you’ve been trying to tell other people I’m a pedophile (which I’ve been  recording for years) – because you want me dead. All because of a video game, where you real name was never mentioned. But you actually want me dead, and that’s why you keep trying to convince people I’m a pedophile, for more than 2 years now.

You’re a sick little racist, full of hate.

There’s a bit more explanation about Nekrosias aka Jakob Doolittle-Sightler’s campaign of hate and harassment on the video below, and I do have a lot more. This has been going on for years now.

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