Fallout 76 – Peeking at the New Files

I’ll add more stuff here later, if I have the time to find more – but look, a list of possible upcoming wallpapers for Fallout 76! I do tend to go back to playing once the servers are up, and stop poking around, but I did want to look some stuff up, so I made this quick page…

Of course – this is all just files. You never know what we’ll actually get, or when, but it interests me, and the game is down!

Looks like we may start with 3 fridge choices… or will soon ;)

And the bots….


Actually I don’t really know what’s NEW here… so here’s the full atom shop list of containers, for now:

Er, wait, we only had ONE ride… didn’t we?

The What Now?

Personally very important to me: