The Clown has Given a Quest – Find it Wood Armor!

The crazy clown has gone even madder!

Giving out quests? It can’t do that.

It seems to need Weightless WOOD Armor – it MUST have AP-Refresh – I’m looking for three star pieces – Fall, Weapon Weight Reduction, Food/Chem Weight Reduction

Bring a piece to the clown, and choose your prize from the wall – Current list at bottom of this post, and will be updated as it changes!

Finding SinSeer The Clown

You’re going to have to find SinSeer in-game! It’s part of the quest – if you’re blocked, either on our public block list, or SinSeer’s private block list¬†– the clown doesn’t care, and will not accept trades from evil, and would rather go without, until someone better finds the prize.

Since I have a group of people who just LOVE to hate me, and cause trouble, there is one other caveat – You must offer your wood armor to SinSeer, the clown, for 0 caps, first.

Please do keep in mind – I only rarely use a mic – I also work all day while playing, and can’t talk on voice chat. The best way to get my attention is our discord text chat room, which many of use to communicate without voice chat! I also do use the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ emotes, but, well, we all hate those!

After the trade completes successfully, you can then choose anything currently on the wall – you can even ask if I have your favorite weapon ‘stored to go on the wall when I have more budget’!

I have no time to deal with these fools who want to cause trouble, and I am very sorry – but I give the quest, I make the rules!

Very sorry to all others –¬† I play on PC, and since you’ll never be able to find the clown, I can’t share the quest :(

Clown Has Quest, Choose your prize:

Re-Opening this quest, need to go through my characters – I have a lot of things, BE, QE, TSE, so many things – updating soon, or see the wall in-game for samples right now!

Good Luck everyone!