My Explanation

Okay – this story is now over.

So, I can now tell it to you.

First off, a bit of history.

I’m old. Pretty damn old.

Many years back, I took part in some hacking myself.

Some friends of mine, online, decided that we could not allow certain evil people with ‘bulletproof’ hosting to get away with hosting child porn in other countries, while living in ours.

We made a group, and we did some things. We were very smart, and very sneaky, and there was very few of us. We stayed within the law, just in case – some had families to worry about. We tracked, we manipulated, and we did a lot of things, but we did not break the law. We found them. We found a few of them. We gave that information to law enforcement, took a breath, and stepped back. We gave ourselves code words – because we didn’t know exactly who we were, but we trusted enough to know that we were ‘good people’.

All good people do good. I’ve used a few of those code words, hoping for some help, but it’s been so long. They could be dead. They could be not on twitter, they could be unsure who the good guy is. It doesn’t matter. The only response I got was a lie from one of these people, who did NOT know the code words, but made me a story. I’ll post that later, too. The posts I’ve made on twitter do look crazy, that’s the point. This was just another example of them trying to manipulate with lies, but they didn’t know the codes – and we planned things like this ahead of time.

Just like when I knew the owner of Reddit Fallout Network was leaving, I knew my time was limited. I’ve made enemies. I’m rude a lot. I get that. I have no patience for certain things, and will not tolerate it. When that happened and Shaka stepped down, I knew it was only a matter of time before the remainders would remove me, as well – in that case, Shaka was sort of like protection for all of us. 

But he did leave, and I had planned things ahead of time.

The enemy started making lies about me, of course. Then people started believing them – then I had to defend myself, and then I was banned from Reddit Fallout Network Discord – actually before their warning system ran out, which did hurt me, a little. I counted on them to follow their own rules, and it screwed me. I thought at least a couple would have some sort of honor. They do not.

I’ve got several Discord accounts. Really, most aren’t hidden that well – if I broke the law, Discord itself could have unmasked me at any time. It’s a chat network, and just a toy to me. My serious things I do in much different ways. I have more than 18 different identities – most with full back stories that I wrote years ago, and added to, slowly – Just as if they were real people. Shrug. I’m crazy, remember? I do things. 

So, most of the time, I’ve been watching things directly inside other discords. I never, ever talk – that’d break the spell. People ‘fed’ me information, and I looked at the live chat. If it matched, it helped, but I never used it that way. I have my own eyes, and I used them. 

So, of course I knew I was being fed fake information. I mean, I know how easy it is to create that information, so I never took it into account, whatsoever, except for one thing.

I pretended to believe that information, and I used Twitter to anger people, making them think that I was spreading lies – because I knew there was something worse out there, involving just a very few core people.

Who cares about dupers?

Who cares about exploiters?

Who cares about any of that, it really doesn’t matter – even when I was a moderator, I believed that was Bethesda’s problem to handle, not mine. The problem is that the dupers DID have some super bad people in it.

And I saw some really, really scary hints. My mind makes connections, I did not want to believe those hints, but I followed them. 

And I needed more information – so I did anger many, many of you. Anger makes people stupid, which makes them slip up, which is how the real good people win. Well, that, and following the money. But anger is a tool, like any other.

I received a LOT of fake information. Who cares what’s posted on twitter – it’s a stupid semi-anonymous platform designed for people to cause controversy like this. By making some of you angry, the ones I needed to find made mistakes. 

So – not just me in this case, but a few people involved – did get the first Dupers R Us Discord shut down, and we do have full logs. Juicehead was absolutely in that Discord, but this isn’t his story, he doesn’t care about these kinds of things – he wanted his own stories.

There was death threats specifically on me – and they doxxed people. That was enough in that case. It had to be stopped, so I helped to stop it.

After that, I knew they’d form the next discord, and the next, and the next, and the next, and spread out to spread lies, but always, together.

And more and more of you did believe them, and hated me, and I had to accept that – that IS fine, it was part of the plan, and I do not hate you for that.

Since Bethesda did nothing, even though multiple people reported these people for many things, including things that should have worked, it got worse, and worse. They thought they could get away with anything.

My family now gets death threats, because someone did doxx me. They posted my private information on Twitter, Discords, Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook. I got all of that removed. But in some cases, youtube’s in particular, it took time. It took 4 days.

My phone rang off the hook non-stop, and I did have to change my phone number.

My family gets DEATH threats because some little entitled shits thought they could get away with anything. That is unacceptable.

You see, the problem in this case was I did not expect this, I was just trying to play a video game – so someone did find, and spread my information. I think I know who, and I know who certainly spread it, as I saw that with my own eyes.

At that point in time, I did double-down. I do not quit, in this case. Oh, I’ll quit a lot of things, but what I suspected, if true, I could not live with myself, if I ignored it, and it came out in other ways. I don’t know what would have happened, but I can not deal with that kind of thing anymore. The guilt of knowing I could have done something, but did not.

I’ve already had that guilt in life, and it is horrible.

So, I did post the information I know was fake. But here’s a few things to keep in mind.

I never, ever doxxed anyone.

I removed all identifying information from everything I posted.

Even those overhead views that they want to harp on, and use as their justification? There’s no personal information – it is based, LOOSELY on what I was sure was fake information.

But here’s the thing. I moved the map marker.

Even if you focused right in, it does not, even close to, point to it.

The information I was given? Oh, it’s on the map, somewhere. It’s one address, in that whole area. But I moved the map. It’s not centered, and there’s no way to tell who is the person, or address, that I was admittedly taking a gamble on – That caused them to use that as an excuse to claim I was ‘doxxing’ people – which I expected.

So yes. Twitter did suspend me – but they did not know that that was entirely fake, an overhead view of an area, only. Who cares.

It accomplished what it was meant to do, and caused them to feel fear, and anger, and they finally made their mistake that I could use.

Hey, I had no idea if the information was true, it was a gamble, and that’s all.

What I do have is the phone number of people who doxxed me, because they are stupid, and did not hide their phone number – they weren’t sure they had the right person, at first – I gave that to police only. But this is an internet harassment case, and no one cares. None of you cared, did you? Who cares if some guy is getting ‘trolled’, right?

I gave them the phone number, and continued working. I only gave them information I personally verified in other ways, that I knew was true, so as not to taint the very real and eventual court case that someone is going to have to face.

And someone is going to face the police for this.

Here’s the thing. I can never be sure exactly who is going to pay for it. I gave the information to police, so that they take that to Discord, to contact on my behalf.

Because, again. No one cares about me. It’s a stupid internet harassment case.

What they do care about is the sexual exploitation of children.

I don’t know who typed what I saw, really – they all use fake names and change them all the time, and pretend to be others, and there’s so many people involved.

What I do have is the Discord ID, Server ID, and Message ID of the very real statements I saw, by someone.

I gave that to the police – now I have to wait for them to do their job.

Because, if one of these real money traders, and hackers decides to come end me, it doesn’t matter now. That information is in police hands. They’ll track it down, because that’s no joke for them. They’ll contact Discord, and there will be no nonsense standard of answer of ‘Well, if they deleted it, we can’t do anything’ – which they once gave me when I tried to report someone for posting bestiality pictures on Reddit Fallout Network when I was a moderator there.

Because the police will use THEIR power to force Discord to show its real records – not to me. For a real criminal case.

For the sexual exploitation of children.

Which I could not accept – ever. This had to be done.

Hate me all you want- that was the point, To cause more and more of  you to hate me, to cause anger, to get them so stupid someone finally made a real mistake that I could see with my own eyes, get the information, and pass it on.

So, my part in this story is now done.

Hate me all you want, believe the lies of youtubers who use their fans to harass all you want.

I can live with myself now.

Someone – and I am not even sure who, will be seeing the police, for sure.

They will not ignore this.

I may never even know who. I don’t care, that wasn’t the point.

The point was if that was real, it could not go on.

It could not. Go on.


It destroys lives.

And, yes, it destroyed mine.

And yes, it was almost over for me anyway, by my own choice. I was so done with life.

But you gave me one more battle, and I could not ignore it, and I am so tired now.

Hate me. Feel free.

I did what was right.

I’m a good person. That’s all that matters.

It is up to us to make the changes in the world that need to be done.