Why are Reddit Fallout Network Discord Moderators Tracking and Naming Fallout 76 Players?

A bit of a serious question here – Reddit Fallout Network Discord Moderators (among others) keep public blacklists. These blacklists typically list the In-Game Names, Discord Names, and full Discord ID’s of Fallout 76 Players they feel have ‘ripped people off’ or ‘scammed them or even just annoyed them. Since there’s no Bethesda employees, it scares me to think that ‘anonymous reddit people’ on the biggest Fallout 76 Discord are storing the information of Fallout 76 players, and using it to ‘name and shame’ whoever they please, without any evidence whatsoever.

I’m not sure why people who want to roleplay as raiders, and actually DO manage to trick Fallout 76 Players into parting with their goods (when they could all use the in-game vending machines instead), should really be punished, named, and shamed, and tracked by the reddit fallout network discord moderators?

In fact I am pretty sure that is against the new Zenimax terms of service, right there! So why is this unknown group of ‘moderators’ allowed to track Fallout 76 Players on a SUPER busy Discord, one of the biggest. And what happens if they just decide they don’t like you?
Food for thought. What do YOU think? Should they be allowed to track and publicly list so much information about Fallout 76 Players?

Feel free to leave a comment, I really want to know, I just don’t understand!

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PS: No, I’m not on the list, I’m thinking of the rest of you. Doesn’t seem right for so many Fallout 76 Players to be tracked by unknown anonymous reddit users on their little ‘discord’.
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Don’t believe me? Here’s their discord link, make sure to check the #76_blacklist room to see if your in-game name, or discord name, or full discord ID is in there! http://discord.gg/falloutreddit

PLEASE share this one. This isn’t right, and does break the new Zenimax terms of service. Having random anonymous ‘reddit’ users collecting the information on Fallout 76 players is disturbing, and I am pretty familiar with how often reddit users like to doxx people – it’s been done to me via this platform multiple times. Apparently, in at least one case, it was because some dumb-assed discord moderators were saving my personal information, including name, address, and phone number – on their discord! Heck, a whole discord was purged that day, to clean the personal information of fallout 76 players that was stored on it, wasn’t it? Such a casual, casual day it was…. filthy, but casual.

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