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In-Game preview of RobCo Snow Machine, Bucking Brahmin Ride and Dec. 22, 2020 Atomic Shop Update

In-Game preview of Snow Machine, Bucking Brahmin, Wasteland Snowman, and Dec. 22, 2020 Atomic Shop Update
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Read on to catch a preview of the latest and greatest items and offers that are currently available in the Atomic Shop, including this week’s free items.


76 BoSCamoInfantryUniform 1920x870 Fallout76 Santatron You’d better watch out, Santatron is coming to your C.AM.P.! Snag the Santatron Collectron Station for free the week. While you are out adventuring, Santatron will find you delicious candies, or coal if you’ve been naughty! During the Festive Scorched event starting December 17th, Santatron will also collect presents for you!
Item Available Until
Brotherhood of Steel Infantry Uniform (Fallout 1st) January 5
Santatron Station December 29


76 HolidayItems Week2 2020 1920 Tis the season for all things snow! Snowmen, snow globes, snow machines- this week’s Bucking Brahmin Bundle has all you need and more to properly decorate for the holiday season! In addition to the bundle, you can now also pick up the Atrium Shelter and build more than ever in your own personal Shelter.
Item Atom Price Available On Available Until
Atrium Shelter 1,800 December 22 N/A
Bucking Brahmin Bundle 1,200 December 22 N/A
RobCo Snow Machine 500 December 22 N/A
Wasteland Snowman 500 December 22 N/A
Vault-Boy Elf Lawn Gnomes – Set of 3 250 December 22 N/A
Vault-Boy Snow Globe Lamp 250 December 22 N/A
Wrapped present Loot Bag 500 150(70% Off!) December 24 December 26
Snowblower Flamer Skin 400 120(70% Off!) December 24 December 26
The Bucking Brahmin Bundle includes:
  • Mechanical Bucking Brahmin Ride (Bonus item included in the bundle!)
  • Wasteland Snowman
  • Vault Boy Snowglobe Lamp
  • Vault Boy Elf Lawn Gnomes – Set of 3
  • Robco Snow Machine
Several limited time items that made their way into the Shop during previous weeks are still available for a little while longer. 76 SheltersCatwalkBundle 1920
Item Atom Price
Shelter Catwalk Bundle 1,500
Lobby Shelter 1,800
Shelter Mainframe Bundle 1,500
Santa’s Slay Power Armor Bundle 1,500


76 ATX ScabberRaiderBundle 1920x1080 Some of our favorite items have returned to the Atomic Shop! These bundles are now Dynamic which will help you save some atoms! What this means is it automatically reduces the price of a bundle if you already own any of the items that bundle contains. 76 DynamicBundle full Going forward, you will now see your personal price displayed on any bundles that have been dynamically adjusted this way in the Shop. If you click to inspect a bundle, you’ll also see the items you already own crossed out in the description. Additionally, a more detailed breakdown will appear in the upper left corner of the screen that shows how many Atoms you will save compared to the bundle’s original price. Finally, we’ve added a new “Bundles” category to the left-hand side of the Atomic Shop, so that you can more easily find all of the bundles that are currently available all in one place.
Item Atom Price
Raider Scabber Bundle 1,800
Free States Survivalist Bundle 1,800
Mothman Cultist Bundle 1,500
Scabber Power Armor Skin 1,400
Scabber Pip-Boy Paint 400
Survivalist Power Armor Paint 1,000
Green Free States Backpack 500
Mothman Cultist Furniture Set 700
Mothman Cultist Torches 300


Item Atom Price Available Until
Santa Outfit 700 490(30% Off!) December 29
Santa’s Bag 500 350(30% Off!) December 29
Elf Outfit 700 490(30% Off!) December 29
Winter Present Backpack 500 350(30% Off!) December 29
Candy Claws Mole Miner Gauntlet Skin 500 350(30% Off!) December 29
Large Undecorated Tree 300 210(30% Off!) December 29
Snowboy Player Icon 150 75(50% Off!) December 29
Winter Survival Tent (Fallout 1st) N/A December 29
Ribbon Tall Top Hat (Fallout 1st) N/A January 5