Share the Love Event: A Breakdown

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Recently, you might’ve heard about a “Share the Love” event coming with the next patch. I wanted to break down the details of it for you all, to clear up any misunderstandings there might be.

In short, the “event” is a set of challenges associated to killing enemies with a Pipe Wrench using the “Heartwrencher Skin” (pictured here) and then getting a selection of rewards for doing so.

There are three weekly challenges for the event, each involving killing 30 of a specific enemy.

Killing 30 mutants nets you a Green Backwoods Bungalow (pictured here).

Killing 30 robots gets you the RobCo Sandals and Shorts (pictured here).

Killing 30 mirelurks gets you the Lobster Trap Helmet (pictured here).

There are also three Daily Challenges, each requiring you to kill 5 enemies with the Heartwrencher. One rewards a perk pack, one rewards a lunch box, and one rewards a repair kit.

There’s no way of telling if the skin required for the challenges will be free or not, but I would assume so considering all the cosmetic rewards are older assets being repurposed.

All of the images, including some more detailed shots, can be found here.

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