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FALLOUT 76 UPDATE NOTES – MAY 25, 2021 (Re-Print from Bethesda)

Today’s update for Fallout 76 includes fixes for a number of bugs, many of which were reported by players in the community. Read on to catch the update notes.


Check the download sizes below for today’s patch on your platform of choice:
  • PC ( 2.46 GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 7.04 GB
  • PC (Steam): 3.20 GB
  • PlayStation: 6.30 GB
  • Xbox: 9.40 GB


  • Apparel: The Brotherhood of Steel Infantry Uniform no longer clips through the Super Mutant Outfit.
  • Apparel: Underarmors no longer clip through the West Virginia Drifter Outfit.
  • Headwear: The Pip-Boy light now shines in the correct direction while wearing the Brotherhood Tactical Ops Mask.
  • Lights: Street Lamps now play the correct visual effects when destroyed.
  • Lights: Light from Street Lamps now correctly shines in all directions.
  • Power Armor: Adjusted Raider Marauder Power Armor so that it no longer obstructs part of the player’s view in first-person.
  • Power Armor: The Yukon Five logo now displays correctly on the Commissioner Chaos Power Armor Torso after leaving the Modify menu.
  • Power Armor: Arm and hip plates now animate correctly when entering Warhead Power Armor.
  • Statues: The Brotherhood Infantry Statue now plays the correct visual effects when destroyed.
  • Wall Décor: Spaces on the Framed Cold Steel Gameboard are now blank, instead of displaying placeholder icons.
  • Weapons: The Gold Handmade Rifle Paint no longer appears stretched when applied to an attached Suppressor Mod.
  • Exploit: Addressed a Blueprint exploit related to C.A.M.P. Slots.
  • Exploit: Fixed an item duplication exploit.
  • Floor Décor: Slightly increased the crafting requirements for Area Rugs, which were lower than intended. Crafting now requires 3 Cloth and 2 Rubber.
  • Generators: The Downed Plane Generator can now be built by players who own it after learning the Large Generator Plan or the Windmill Generator Plan, instead of just the Windmill Generator.
  • Structures: The “Repair All Structures” option no longer appears greyed out if a player’s Beehive has been destroyed.
  • VATS: Successful VATS attacks now correctly deal damage to other players during PvP combat.
  • Objectives: Fixed an issue that could cause objective markers from other quests to appear in Daily Ops instances.
  • Spawning: Fixed an issue that prevented enemies from respawning correctly.
  • Armor: Paints can now be correctly applied to pieces of Scout Armor.
  • Cheating Death: The quest will now correctly progress past the first stage for players who pick up Lou’s note early.
  • Disarming Discovery: Players will no longer lose 300 Caps when logging in at a certain stage of the quest.
  • Over and Out: The elevator door at the entrance to the Enclave Research Facility now opens correctly.
  • Refrigerators: Sound effects no longer play twice when opening a Refrigerator.
  • Weapons: Heavy weapons that have an attached Tri-Barrel Mod no longer play unintended sound effects after the player has stopped firing.
  • Controls: Fixed an issue that could cause controls to become unresponsive after attempting to enter a set of Power Armor that had naturally spawned in the world.
  • Emotes: When equipped, the “Laughing” Emote now appears in the “Misc.” section of the Emote Wheel instead of “Trade.”
  • Map: The Map now retains the player’s most recent zoom level when reopened.
  • Map: “Select Respawn Location” now correctly appears at the top of the Map while attempting to respawn.
  • Nukes: Fixed an issue that prevented the Protected Zone from being marked on the map while using the Targeting Computer.
  • Scoreboard: The Rank 100 reward on the Season 4 Scoreboard no longer has any empty preview images.
  • Social: Addressed an issue that could prevent a player from scrolling the friends list.
  • Tag for Search: The magnifying glass icon is no longer obstructed by item names when a component those items contain has been tagged for search.
  • Vending Machines: Apparel now appears in its own category, separate from Armor, when previewing another player’s Vending Machines on the Map.

FALLOUT 76: INSIDE THE VAULT – MAY 2021 HIGHLIGHTS (Re-Print from Bethesda)

Hey there, Vault Dwellers! This week, we’re sharing a few updates on the Public Test Server for the Steel Reign update, a revised Community Calendar with a number of weekend event changes through mid-June, and a reminder to share your screenshots for this month’s C.A.M.P. Creations. Read on to catch the details.


76 Banner SteelDawnHeroArt 750x300 Last Friday, we reopened the Public Test Server (PTS) to kick off playtesting for the upcoming Steel Reign Update. Since then, we’ve seen incredible participation from the community, and we’ve already begun reading through all of the thoughts you’ve been sharing with us about the Steel Reign questline, legendary balance changes, and even our new Vendor, “Minerva.” We’ve also seen lots of community conversation about the Legendary Crafting system, and we’re keeping a close eye on those discussions, as well. While it is still early in this phase of playtesting, we are looking to make some improvements in future PTS updates. For example, we’re looking into adjusting some Legendary Core drop rates and permanently increasing the Legendary Scrip limit, to help players more easily scoop up components they need to make legendary items. So, please keep sending your feedback to us on Legendary Crafting, as well as all of the other improvements, content, and features that are headed your way with the Steel Reign Update in July.
76 SteelReign PTSPennants 750x375 One of the ways we like to show our appreciation for your efforts in the PTS is by giving out special Pennants for your C.A.M.P. in the live version of the game. This time, we’ve got two brand new Pennants that you can earn to show where your Brotherhood loyalties lie—with Paladin Rahmani, or Knight Shin. Unlock both Pennants by completing the following objectives in the Test Server before playtesting concludes in July:
  • Complete the Steel Reign quest “A Knight’s Penance”
  • Use the Legendary Crafting system five times
  • Buy one item of your choice from Minerva
76 Banner Team2 750x300 To help you dive into playtesting, we’re adding several premade characters to all PTS players’ accounts. Two of them, named “Quests,” will (you guessed it) have their quest progression set to the beginning of the Steel Reign questline. Use one of them to get started with the new story content right away, and the other if you’d like to play through it again. You’ll also get a character named “Rewards,” who has all of the new Steel Reign and Meat Week reward items available, plenty of components to try out Legendary Crafting, and Gold Bullion you can use to purchase items from Minerva. Every Friday, we’re going to do another sweep to add these characters for PTS players who don’t have them yet. All you need to do is log into the Test Server at least once on or before Thursday, and we will get you set up. If you own a PC copy of Fallout 76, we would love to have you join us in the Public Test Server to try out Steel Reign content, share your feedback with us, and report any bugs you find. Head over to the Bethesda Game Studios Discord Server and drop by the Fallout 76 PTS channels there to join the conversation.


76 Season4 CommunityCalendar v3-EN During our most recent “Hunt for the Treasure Hunter” event, Treasure Hunter Mole Miners were quite a bit more elusive than usual. To help make it right, we’re going to run another Treasure Hunter event this month after we address an issue with enemy spawns in an update next week. We’re also adding a Purveyor Sale that same weekend, extending both events by an extra day, and swapping out this weekend’s Double XP with a Scrip Surplus, so that you can pocket more Legendary Scrip ahead of Purveyor Murmrgh’s sale. Even though Double XP has moved back in the schedule, we’re extending it by a few days as well, so that you can squeeze in some extra level-ups. Check out our updated Community Calendar above or on’s Seasons page to make sure you don’t miss any of the action during the weeks to come!


76 Banner CAMPCreations03 750x300 Ever since you left Vault 76, you’ve worked hard to carve out a slice of Appalachia that you can call home. Now, it’s time to show it off! Our C.A.M.P. Creations article series offers you chance to have your incredible C.A.M.P. builds featured on, with a new theme each month. This month’s theme is “Farming/Homestead,” so slather a fresh coat of paint on your barn, plant some crops, snap a few photos, and then share them with us in our C.A.M.P. Creations channel in Discord. We’ll wrangle some of our favorite community submissions and then post them for all to see in our next C.A.M.P. Creations article in early June. Until next time, we’ll see you in Appalachia. Source

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