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Fortifying ATLAS Concrete Goal Update (Re-Print From Bethesda)

Hi everyone!

As we’re nearing the August 11 deadline to deliver 150 million Concrete to ATLAS Observatory, we’re seeing that the community is unlikely to reach that target. During initial talks with Russell Dorsey to get construction efforts going, his passion for the Brotherhood of Steel really came through. In our excitement to kick off the challenges, we may have been a little overzealous with the concrete requirement.

We realize time is in short supply for this particular milestone, and we want the community to be able to unlock that Brotherhood Banner. As a result, we’re reducing the turn-in amount to 15 million. We know that all of you can band together and hit that mark by tomorrow!

We would also like to congratulate everyone for reaching 125 million steel by August 8! The Brotherhood Beret reward is available for free in the Atomic Shop, and you can claim yours right now. Make sure to keep an eye on the Fallout events page over the next few weeks to stay updated on the community’s progress toward the remaining goals.


Also, here’s some concrete locations, have at it!

2nd floor of multi-story building near workshop controls at Abandoned Bog Town (11 bag of cement (7))
Top of elevator at Monorail Elevator (10 bag of cement (7))
Around entrance to south expansion, around main entrance, and up three flights of stairs beside cooling tower, and rooftop?, at Poseidon Energy Plant Yard workshop (9? bag of cement (7))
Around chemistry station (near Vendor Bot Wallace) at Harpers Ferry (8 bag of cement (7), 2 garden gnome (3))
South of elevator to Site Charlie, just around back of building (8 bag of cement (7))
Balcony, and garden, at The General’s Steakhouse (3 bag of cement (7), 8 garden gnome (3))
Around golf cart and wrecked vehicles west of Hornwright Testing Site #02 (12 garden gnome (3))
Shed at Kanawha County Cemetery (5 bag of cement (7))
Around overturned truck at middle of New River Gorge Bridge West/New River Gorge Bridge East (4 bag of cement (7))
Garden near southern end of Huntersville (7 garden gnome (3))
Extractors at Abandoned Bog Town workshop (120 concrete scrap over 72 minutes)


Live Stream Q&A with Jeff Gardner – Project Lead Fallout 76 and Mark Tucker

Here’s a timestamped link to the start of the Q&A LiveStream today!

From today’s Live Stream Q&A with Jeff Gardner – Project Lead Fallout 76 and Mark Tucker –

Highlights that I noticed:

– They’re working on mannequinns – first working on that to display outfits, then the next step they’re working on is to be able to display power armor
– Doors to instanced areas where they can relax some build rules and budget problems because you’re not affecting other players as much
– Perk loadouts “still a ways out” but they’re still working on it
– Both Jeff Gardner and Mark Tucker are “Team Raider!”
– New armor, weapons, “Light allies” (CAMP ones), coming with Brother of Steel Content

One wasteland:
– try to solve ‘random difficult spikes because game is zoned to people’s level, whoever goes there first’
– they want players at disparate levels to be able to play together, and to help their public team system work better

– bringing back vault 94 as a “Daily Ops” quest – mission is different


Greetings, Dwellers! We’re making final preparations as we head into QuakeCon this weekend, and we’ve got a number of reminders to share with you about Fallout 76 at QuakeCon this year, our ongoing Fortifying ATLAS community challenges, and some updates for our community calendar. Read on to catch the details, and we hope you’ll join us for three action-packed days this weekend.


76 Banner QuakeConAtHome 750x300

In case you missed it, we wanted to share a reminder that we’re kicking off a weekend full of streams during QuakeCon At Home, which starts tomorrow, August 7. Over the next few days, you will be able to join us a wide variety of Fallout streams, including a cooking show, a cosplay interview, a Fallout-themed variety show, and even a run-through of the new “A Colossal Problem” event with folks from the dev team.

Aside from Fallout 76 content, you can also tune into shows featuring many of our other games over the course of the weekend. Make sure to check out the full QuakeCon stream schedule, and then join us at starting at 12:00 p.m. ET tomorrow, August 7. See you there!


76 BeelzebillyOutfit 1920

76 MrDemonicBackpack 1920

Don’t forget, we’re also adding the new Beelzebilly Outfit and the Mr. Demonic Backpack to the Atomic Shop for free all weekend long, starting a little later today. Join the QuakeCon celebration in-game this weekend by claiming your goodies in the Shop from 12:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, August 6, until August 10.


76 Banner TV 750x300

We have revisited our Community Calendar to make a few adjustments so that all of the information is as up-to-date as possible. As we mentioned earlier this week, we are still actively working on additional performance improvements for “A Colossal Problem,” and we expect to enable the event within two weeks. Additionally, there’s still lots to look forward to this summer, including the return of the “Meat Week” Seasonal Event, Legendary Perks, community events, and more!

Check out the updated community calendar below and be sure to pencil event dates into your schedule so that you don’t miss any of the action.

Fallout76-CommunityCalendar-August2020 v2-EN


76 Banner FortifyingAtlas 750x300

Our new series of community challenges, called Fortifying ATLAS, kicked off just a few days ago. Since then, Dwellers throughout the Wasteland have been hauling construction supplies to Russell Dorsey at the ATLAS Observatory in the Savage Divide. Russell believes the Brotherhood of Steel are on their way to Appalachia, and he’s commissioned you to aid in preparing a prospective HQ ahead of their arrival. In exchange for your supplies, you’ll receive some provisions each time you turn in. Primarily, though, you will be helping the community reach shared turn-in goals. Reaching these goals will unlock rewards for everyone, including new Brotherhood-themed cosmetics and events.

76 FortifyingAtlas Rewards BoSBeret 1920

If players successfully deliver 125,000,000 Steel to ATLAS before August 8, everyone will be able to claim the new Brotherhood of Steel Beret as a reward in the Atomic Shop, starting August 11. The second phase begins this Saturday, requiring 150,000,000 concrete, and offers the Brotherhood of Steel C.A.M.P. Banner as a reward.

Looking to lend a hand during construction? You can catch a full rundown of Fortifying ATLAS details here. You can also head to the events page on to keep track of progress toward each goal and to preview all of the rewards that are up for grabs over the next few weeks.