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Recent Swattings by the Kiwifarms Hate Cult

List so far of articles regarding hate cult known as Kiwifarms. Swattings and harassment in real life until their targets commit suicide. That’s the hate cult known as kiwifarms. That’s the cult of evil Fallout 76 players exposed me and my whole family to, for the rest of our lives. Even if we get kiwifarms shut down, it’s too late for all the victims – they’ll just spread our information again, we know that. But something has to be done about this cult that keeps trying to murder people in real life!

Articles about Kiwifarms Recent Swattings and Harassment

Marjorie Taylor Greene was swatted by someone claiming to be from kiwifarms, here’s the police report and story:

Articles about the Campaign to De-platform Kiwifarms

Kiwifarms and Joshua Moon – Leader of the Hate Cults Reponses



Kiwifarms Hate Cult – Wikipedia Updated Too

Fallout 76 Players using Kiwifarms to Harass me

Fallout 76 players doxed me, and my family. They put us on that page because of a video game. They are toxic enough to harass us for the rest of our lives – by lying about me personally, ruining my business, driving away my friends, isolating me… That’s what Fallout 76 players did to me. They don’t even hide their in-game names, that’s how arrogant they are.

They also did it to my family. They also did it to a random stranger, because they can’t research, they suggest someone who simply shares my last name on my kiwifarms, simply so they can hope to hurt someone close to me. Even though it’s… actually not, so they just targeted a random unknown person that I know nothing about.

That is the fault of the Fallout 76 players who used kiwifarms to dox me, harass me, lie about me, defame me, incite others to report me for crimes, try to take my income, and even make ‘jokes’ about me getting swatted, probably in the hopes that when they DO swat me, and they can say I ‘faked it all’ with their ‘kiwifarms evidence’.

People who use kiwifarms are evil. If you play Fallout 76 still, be careful as most of these kiwifarms stalkers are current players – pvp’ers who like to bully people, and if you say one word in voice chat to suggest you’re gay, trans, or anything other than their ‘preferred type’ of person, they will focus their hate on you – and you’ll be next on kiwifarms.


Shining Eternity aka ShiningHero Fallout 76 Kiwifarms Harasser

That video that Shining Eternity, the youtuber, aka ShiningHero in Fallout 76, aka Shining at Kiwifarms? It was a simple mistake, and I later apologized for it, but he’s been trying to convince people I’m transphobic for YEARS because of it. I have a problem with my hearing, I mean I’m so old – come on. I can’t make out voices properly sometimes, and even the owner says they were having a bad day. Good lord you people are sick.

Anyway, here’s the  owner of that voice, they posted on kiwifarms in an attempt to harass me,  so before I make a whole article about them I figured I’d just like to point out that the older transgender lady I was addressing listened to the video of her own voice, and was having a bad voice day…. and cringed. So because of a mistake anyone could have made… you try to sic other transphobes on me – any excuse you can use, right Shining Eternity?

Think I’ll make her a new video, clip her out of that long boring one into something manageable, and add some of these kiwifarms harassment quotes, but here’s the first!

Woops I guess my simple mistake was worth you guys trying to prove I’m ‘transphobic’ and ‘not even transgender’ for several years, and supporting the doxing and harassment of transgender people on kiwifarms.

You people are pathetic. The two transgender girls who think it’s okay to misgender and dead name because THEY don’t think I’m trans? You’re the height of evil, and snobbery, and what gives you the right to make that call, you know nothing about me. You’re transphobic quisling transgender traitors, at this point.

I see you were both stupid enough to leave the transgender-hating people at kiwifarms lots of info about yourselves – that does not seem to wise to me, with how many transgender people they dox, threaten, stalk and swat – but what do I know.


Shining Eternity aka Shining the kiwifarms Stalker!

Awwwww, did you find my twitter posts? You’re so clever… here’s more samples of one of my long-time stalkers, “Shining” – a transphobic freak of a youtuber who first started bothering me in Fallout 76.

I like how he claims that *I* have a habit of ‘misinterpreting things’ or ‘leaving out information’ when him and his friends are posting lies about me on a right-wing hate site  – that also posts my home address – in an attempt to drive me off the internet, or – as was the case recently with another transgender streamer that kiwifarms doxxed and HATES (keffals) – get me and my family hurt from swatting because of these same toxic stalkers from kiwifarms?

It’s…. funny in it’s own way. So he’s sitting there talking about me, with a bunch of racists (I mean, I’ve already proven a few of them), misgendering me with a bunch of transphobic assholes who like to doxx people (and take pleasure in it, I’ve also shown posts with that) – and wants people to believe it’s NOT a racist right-wing hate site dedicated to harassing transgender people and other marginalized people?

Right – so the racists don’t like me, as per usual – I seem to have stirred up some racist and transphobic hornets already, and there’s “Shining” as per usual, with his big mouth, joining right in with the racists – while continuing to misgender me – that boy is one sick transphobe!