Harasssed by frogow, fallout567 and blinkkd – homopobic racist trolls who will stalk you for ever, so block them. They seem to want to protect their nazi friends, and thats why they hate me so much. Here’s the stalker blinkkd trying to sneak into my chatroom. Here’s all his discord info. Here’s another one from last night – more of frogows freak stalker friends. More trolls. Here’s another shitstain from a couple days ago – one of their friends again, who was stalking and griefing us. Angryandy – yet another shit stain griefer – friend of racists and homophobes. Can’t recall if he’s the nazi one or not, would have to check video. Pretty sure he’s got a mouth on him that his mother would be ashamed to hear. But we’re all ashamed of assholes like this. Stop stalking me, griefers – me blocking you in-game means I don’t want to talk to you disgusting evil people. Fuck. Off.