Awwww, you know you’ve made it when you’re talked about…. Hmm. If I ACTUALLY blocked you – You did something more than breathe. Do you mean I muted you? I may have done that, loud mics and open mics do bother me. Actually yes – trolls – some from your server, Market 76 – have even made a fake reddit account to impersonate me. Feel free to report it. Well, you see, I’m the guy a lot of people hate. You can decide for yourself if I deserve it – or you can listen to lies from people who make fake accounts on me on reddit – and some of your users, right there on Market76 – are still stalking me and my community. Get that through your skulls, please. Me. AND MY COMMUNITY. More than just me. Thank you – I try to keep all my prices reasonable – with more than 4200 hours in game now, I generate a lot of legends. And I try to pass them on. I do not sell to people I have blocked though, which has pissed off a lot of people on your server! But thanks for the kind words! If your friends are harassing me, then I will continue to do whatever I have to do to make them STOP harassing me. How do you not get this? This is not just about me, this is a group of users, at least one of which is currently on your server, stalking and harassing me AND MY FRIENDS. No, Zeekx. I understand why you hate me – you think, as you stated on RFN, that anyone who dares to run a stream should be attacked and mocked. You spent an hour trying to convince others to do so on your Reddit Fallout Network. I understand your hatred of me. But I am doing everything I am doing to try to make people stop harassing me and my friends. I’m sorry you seem to think that these people harassing us constantly is okay. I do not.