A new transmission has been received from Vault 51. After some careful observations, ZAX has decided to give you an update on what’s new in Nuclear Winter with Patch 19.

Greetings, Overseer Candidate [INSERT NAME].

As humans say, “it’s been awhile”. I would inquire after your well-being, but I find it tiresome to engage in conversation with an unremarkable Candidate like yourself.

Appalachia has changed substantially since our last communication. You have no doubt noticed the influx of humans into our forests, and the settlements they have constructed in the mountains. I have been observing these new residents closely to identify potential Overseers among them. While the majority are as mediocre as most Candidates, I find myself tentatively impressed with some of the new innovations in weaponry the more vicious of these people have popularized throughout Appalachia.

You will no doubt be delighted to hear that I have secured some of these weapons and modified them for Candidates’ use during testing. Candidates will soon be able to eliminate their rivals using the Bow, the Cattle Prod, and the Gauss Shotgun. I advise all Candidates to take extra precautions when using the Bow. During the modification processes I saw fit to replace its regular arrows with explosive ones as a means of studying the human body’s response to explosive projectiles. Do take care not to hurt yourself.

01 weapons nw19

My internal clock indicates that we are approaching the one-year anniversary of our testing process. Vault-Tec requests that I thank all Candidates for their continued participation in testing as we attempt to identify the perfect Overseer for Vault 51. I applaud all Candidates for their consistent willingness to kill as a means of achieving this goal. You are all testaments to the inherent viciousness of humanity.

My analysis indicates that anniversaries, like holidays, are occasions that humans often accompany with an exchange of gifts. If the last year of observation has taught me anything, it is that rewarding good behavior is the best way to assure Candidates return for further testing. In the coming weeks I will be awarding your year of good behavior with a series of gifts to commemorate a year of testing. A variety of items to decorate your CAMP, new clothing, and cosmetic alterations for your Bow, Gauss Shotgun, and Cattle Prod will all be available.
These gifts will be distributed in a similar manner to the gifts I offered during Human Festivities Season. Candidates will be able to earn my gifts by participating in rounds of testing for the next few weeks. I hope you will proudly display them as testament to your achievement of surviving an entire year of testing in Vault 51. I will be the first to assure you I never thought you would make it this far.

05 night camp19

Your continued service to Vault-Tec is admirable, Candidate. I look forward to watching your inevitable elimination from a round of testing very soon.



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