Zeekx visits and wants the duped items to sell! Moderator for Reddit Fallout Network Discord

Reddit Fallout Network has always had a lot of players who are VERY interested in PVP. Way more than me. Wish they’d have found somewhere else to play, they caused a lot of problems in the end, and chased a lot of people out of the game entirely.

Spoiler Alert – Zeekx dies, and there’s teabagging!

This video was live streamed on Feb. 15, 2019.

4:53:10 A visit from Grahm!
5:07:00 I’m seeing double! w1ldc4rd and shikaris
6:48:00 sav_lion, the_hunter649 chat about durability
6:50:00 Zeekx of Reddit Fallout Network Discord speaks
6:55:24 Zeekx demonstrates that he is also running the itaiio_onii-chan account.
7:08:10 Discussion about players finding bags of duped items in-game.
7:10:00 Zeekx suggests the duped items should be given to him, so he can sell them for profit.
7:11:50 sav_lion lost his black cowboy hat that day.

I then explained (in our chatroom) that if it was lost, it can spawn in the cottages very close to us, and a few server hops would probably find it. This information was not in the wiki at the time, and he did not believe me.

7:14:00 kayanamasha kills Zeekx (They both PVP)
7:16:00 Things almost always go bad when people PVP around my place, so I pick up the junk and prepare to leave. Zeekx teabags Masha.
7:18:50 I don’t PVP. Never have, really. Time for a new world. This always gets so disruptive, and I barely know some of these people.
7:23:20 See? I run Pacifist. I’m covering our entry to a new world. Those ghouls are dangerous on a laggy server!
7:29:00 Dropping more stuff to share at the Happy House of Joy

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