Will I be Banned From Fallout 76 Because Of Zeekx’s Connections

Oh, I expect I’ll be banned from Fallout 76 Because of this video….

A certain Reddit Fallout Network Moderator – who has been harassing me and my friends for more than a year – and also runs a Partnered Discord server, is very, very fond of telling people he’s friends with Community Managers for Fallout 76.

105 times in total, in fact.

He also mentions his close relationship with both the Streamers for Fallout 76. 35 times for ladydevann, and 12 for jurassica.

He is very close friends with all these people, and he has been lying for a very long time.

I dared to stand up to him and say no, enough of your harassment – and enough of the anonymous stalkers from Reddit Fallout Network – their doxxing, their threats – and their sick jokes.

Guess we’ll see what happens – but this person has disrupted a lot of my life.




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