Hints about Fallout 76 Expeditions with Jeff Gardiner

Article with words from Jeff Gardiner (Fallout 76)

““We are looking at Expeditions to be a way to maybe do something off map. […] We have a big list of locations. We’re settling in on one right now. So we are looking at those to be the ways for people to experience different areas of the Fallout universe.”

Other Quotes:
“Gardiner estimates that next year will be even bigger. A lot of big changes that Bethesda have talked about are either in active development or being discussed, he says. Perk loadouts so players can swap their builds with ease, expanding more on the new C.A.M.P. shelters, and the ability to play with mods, are all being planned or developed.”

““We’ve made efforts to make [Fallout 76] more community friendly – to increase the ways and means and rewards for playing with other people—but to still serve our core fans, which are singleplayer gamers,” he says.”

“Gardiner cautions that Expeditions, a feature that Bethesda have yet to explain in detail, aren’t coming soon. They’d originally been planned for late this year but were an early victim of Covid-19 delays. As they’re just now narrowing in on a setting for an Expedition, Gardiner says it’s “a ways out” but that they’re hoping to fit it in next year.”

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