Webcake – #fallout76 Player

Staff of Dupers R Us – See Logs here

Probable Member of Raider Syndicate

Discord ID: Webcake – WebCake#0001 – 615337500541714443

Very Active on DemonAsylum Discord – as of 2021-03-04:




Webcake, RS-arnarah, and Raider Syndicate use exploits to crash Public Fallout 76 Server

Webcake is a bit of a rat – ratting since 2019:

Physical threats from #fallout76 doxxer Webcake on Demon Asylum’s Discord Server

Beebz (leader of doxxing group “Bandit Bar”), Atlas, Raxis, Webcake (doxxer) on DemonAsylums Discord

Physical Threats made By Webcake on Bungo’s Psycho Voltage Discord (FULL VERSION) #fallout76

Raider Syndicate crash servers – WSR-Finch_Legend Spits, Webcake, and RS-arnarah (exploits)