Samples of Doxxing, Impersonation, and Toxicity from Fallout 76 Players, Youtubers, and Streamers

Geez, when you get it all in one place, it sure seems like a lot.

Anyway. I was visited today by some doxxers, who used my real home address as their username.

This is possible because:

One very racist edgelord heard my brother order pizza.

That very racist edgelord then used that to get our home address.

That very  racist edgelord then spread that information, and, using impersonator accounts, and his friends, also started a campaign of lies against me. 

To be clear, in THIS case, the racist edgelord I mean used to be named “thegeminaii” – leader of the Dupers R Us Discord, who once drew swastika’s on peoples CAMPS in-game with dev-room paintball guns.

I reported all these people, but they only got 3 day suspensions from the game, and they were all very angry at me.

This was the core group of Dupers R Us.

Now, originally, I actually pissed of a youtuber named “SinisterHand” – because I recorded him using slurs I didn’t like. He also started lying about me. SinisterHand asked a WHOLE bunch of people, including the ‘hackers’  behind Dupers R Us to harass me and my community.

So I’ve got a lot of people lying about me, in the “Fallout 76” Community – starting with  youtubers.

SinisterHand aka “SH Games” (youtuber)

SinisterHand aka SH Games gets nasty sexual again, and more lies in public #fallout76 voice chat

SinisterHand aka SH Games begging, Public Server Crashed, Racism, Exploits, Hacked Weapons, RMT (more racism):

SinisterHand aka SH Games Admits his Harassment Video could cause Suicide:

SinisterHand aka SH Games Calling people Faggots, and using Harassment to Advertise for his Youtube:

Rincewind75 aka KingAtmos (Youtuber)

Rincewind75 aka KingAtmos with ElricLeGris, Legion_Elundis make claims I’m a nazi, and a racist:

Rincewind75 aka KingAtmos working with Impersonator account, seen with ElricLeGris

rincewind75, fusionjka, elriclegris harassment – #fallout76 stalkers

Lorespade (Youtuber)

Lorespade and Jane_McCoy recently made a video with MDGAutodoc, where they tried to blame InnovSurvivalist’s 3-day suspension on me, saying I got them banned:

Lorespade Using ChadFallout76Podcaster’s Apocalyptic Aristocracy #fallout76 Discord to Harass

Lorespade and Jane_McCoy, with KingAtmos aka Rincewind75 the impersonator – #fallout76 harassment


uxoguy of /r/filthycasuals banned for making real life threats and doxxing fallout76 Player:

uxoguy says he’ll do anything to get me banned, and I was doxxed for ‘fucking with people’

Doxxed by /r/fo76filthycasuals Leader uxoguy, Yelled at on Facebook – where another of his group tells me they work closely with the CM’s:


Bungo (Youtuber)

Bungo Lying and Leader of DupersRUs advertising on Psycho Voltage Discord (with members AND leader of dupers r us visible)


Then we have the pleasant (usually PVP oriented) Discord people.

“Eckserah the Dataminer Says Uxoguy’s filthycausals Discord Stored Personal Info + More juicy bits”:

Visited In Fallout 76 by Doxxing Group known as Bandit Bar Discord Admits Doxxing:


(Doxxing Removed) Fasen comes to Doxx in Public Fallout 76 Voice Chat:

Atmosphere Legend claims Bandit Bar Discord is Doxxing Fallout 76 Players (Fallout 76 Voice Chat):

Chisato claims responsibility for the github doxxing AngryAndy and Stuntpilot (Fallout 76 Players):

Whoever Ran The Dupers R Us Tracking Bot is Doxxing Fallout 76 Players via Github for a Year now:

thegeminaii / ROCKONHOMIE leader of “White Power” Discord Doxxing Group “Dupers R Us” admits threats:

flagme.exe aka rager_legend admits thegeminaii spread personal information:

Dupers R Us Discord Chatroom Logs with Members – April, 2020:

Most Toxic, Bandit Bar, RS – Intergalactic1 “RS-Batman kicked from discord for doxxing”:

Beebz (leader of doxxing group “Bandit Bar”), Atlas, Raxis, Webcake (doxxer) on DemonAsylums Discord:

Raider Syndicate Doxxing Group – Vurkrin_Legend, styles354, Fasenn18, fkRS-G0bI1n_legend:

DemonAsylum Antisemitism in Media Channel on Public DemonAsylum Discord Server:

Is No One Going to Tell Him He’s Hanging out With His Own Doxxers? Demonasylum Discord Again:

If you look at some of these videos, you’re going to see a lot of overlap, but here’s the gist of it, from my point of view.

Some of you hate me because there have been at least 5 impersonator accounts trying to convince people I’m a racist, a pedophile, sell hacked items, and/or ‘doxx’ people.

Those are all lies.

I am not willing to be your public devil due to the lies of youtubers and other streamers who want to profit off the harassment of the mentally ill. I’ve still got lots of videos to release, and I’m pointing out every lie I can. In my opinion, many of you have crossed the line into both criminal harassment, and sexual harassment, and I’m not  really interested in playing a video game where I am stalked by people who released my name, home address, and phone number.

Love, Always,