FALLOUT 76: INSIDE THE VAULT – APRIL 2021 UPDATES (Re-Print from Bethesda)

Welcome back to Inside the Vault! In case you missed it earlier this week, the Locked & Loaded Update is now available, and you can catch highlights of the new features and improvements it contains by watching our latest update trailer video below. This week, we’re also sharing a brief preview of what’s to come with our next update for the Public Test Server (PTS), as well as the details on a new Gold Rush event this weekend.


Following the release of our Locked and Loaded Update earlier this week, adventurers throughout Appalachia have already begun creating new character builds using the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts feature, building up second homes with C.A.M.P. Slots, taking on the challenging new “Decryption” mode in Daily Ops, and ranking up on the Season 4 Scoreboard. Get a refresher on everything that arrived with the Locked and Loaded Update by watching our new trailer video above, and then log in to Fallout 76 to join the fun. You can also catch many more details about the changes we made to the game this week by reading the Locked and Loaded Update Notes on Fallout.com.


76 Banner SteelDawnHeroArt 750x300 Even though Locked & Loaded has only been available for a few days, we’re already looking ahead to our next round of updates for Fallout 76. We’re planning to reopen the Public Test Server (PTS) in May so that you can begin playtesting the Steel Reign Update, and share your feedback with us as early as possible before its official release this Summer. Read on for an overview of the new content and improvements we’re planning to include in that update:
  • New Questline: Continue your adventures with Paladin Rahmani, Knight Shin, and Scribe Valdez in the “Steel Reign” questline, which picks up immediately following the events of “Steel Dawn.” Find out where the story leads next as you carry the Brotherhood banner through Appalachia, explore new locations, square off against new threats, and claim rewards along the way.
  • Legendary Crafting: With this update, you’ll be able use your Workbenches and new crafting components, called Legendary Cores, to apply Legendary Upgrades to your items. You can do this to transform a normal item into a 1-, 2-, or 3-star legendary, increase the star-ratings of your legendary gear, re-roll an existing legendary item’s attributes, or even downgrade its star-rating.
  • Legendary Power Armor: Your favorite set of Power Armor is about to pack even more punch! In addition to weapons and normal armors, the Legendary Upgrades system will also give you the ability to modify your individual Power Armor pieces with legendary attributes.
  • Legendary Attributes Update: The Wasteland is constantly mutating, producing new terrors to topple and challenges for you to overcome. Your gear should evolve, too! In the Steel Reign Update, we’re revisiting some of our existing Legendary Attributes to make a number of balance changes. We’re also creating several all-new Legendary Attributes to offer your characters even more build variety through their weapons, armors, and Power Armor.
In addition to everything mentioned above, the Steel Reign Update will also kick off a brand-new Season, introduce a new Scoreboard, and add some new rewards to the Meat Week Seasonal Event. If you own a PC copy of Fallout 76 through Bethesda.net, we would love for you to join us in the PTS as soon as its available next month. Keep an eye on Fallout.com and follow @Fallout on Twitter for additional PTS details, including the start date, in the coming days.


76 DoubleXP Banner 750x300 You may want to check your couch cushions and the pockets in your winter coat for any long-lost Treasury Notes this weekend, because we’re kicking off a new Gold Rush. For the next few days, Gold Press Machines at The Crater and Foundation will be resupplied with twice the usual amount of Gold Bullion, which means you can claim up to 400 per day by turning in your stack of Treasury Notes. Check out the exact start and end times below, exchange your Notes, and then visit your favorite Gold Bullion Vendors to add some more rewards to your collection.
  • Event Start: 12:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 29
  • Event End: 12:00 p.m. ET on Monday, May 3
As a reminder, you can always check out the Community Calendar on Fallout.com’s Seasons page to keep up with all the upcoming weekend activities over the next few months. We hope you have a blast constructing a new C.A.M.P., respeccing your characters, and conquering Daily Ops in the Locked & Loaded Update, and we’ll see you in Appalachia.