We’ve got a brief update to share with you this week that includes details on our upcoming Fallout 1st Limited Preview, which will give all players the ability to try out a few Fallout 1st benefits for free for a little while. We’ve also got information on Double XP and Double Mutation Daily Ops, which are taking place in-game this weekend. Read on to learn more.


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Starting next Tuesday, we’re kicking off a Fallout 1st Limited Preview, which will give all players the chance to take the Scrapbox and Survival Tent membership benefits for a test drive. All you will need to do is visit the Atomic Shop from November 9 – 15 to claim the Fallout 1st Limited Preview “item” for free, and then head to the Shop’s Fallout 1st page to unlock the Scrapbox.

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Once you’ve joined a world, you can set up the Survival Tent as a forward operating base at a moment’s notice by opening the favorites menu, pressing the “Survival Tent” button, and finding a valid spot to build it. While the Survival Tent comes pre-loaded with a Scrapbox, you can also build one in your C.A.M.P. Find it in the build menu’s “Stash Boxes” tab, place it, and then begin storing crafting components to your hearts’ content. During the Limited Preview, you will also be able to unlock free items for your C.A.M.P., like the Mechanic’s Wallpaper and Floors, which will remain in your collection even after the preview is over.

If you would like, you can join Fallout 1st to retain access to the Survival Tent and continue adding scrap to your Scrapbox once the Limited Preview concludes. And don’t worry, you’ll still be able to remove scrap from the Scrapbox whenever you’d like—even if you decide not to become a member. Learn more about Fallout 1st and begin your membership by heading here on Fallout.com.


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If you’re the type who likes to put your skills to the test then you’re in luck, because Double Mutation Daily Ops are returning! Starting a little later today, enemies in Daily Ops will begin sporting unique combinations of two Mutations, making them much deadlier than normal. If you are daring enough to take on these fearsome foes, you will also receive double the rolls on in-game currency rewards, and twice as many Legendary Cores, as well as double XP during your Daily Ops runs.

The excitement continues outside of Daily Ops with our latest Double XP weekend, which also begins today. Join a world in any game mode to level up like crazy by earning twice the usual experience from your exploits in Appalachia over the next few days.

Both events will last until November 8. Grab your gear and team up with a few friends to conquer some Double Mutation Daily Ops, and don’t forget to complete that repeatable “Gain XP” Challenge as often as you can to rank up and claim Scoreboard rewards more quickly over the next few days.

Until next time, we’ll see you in Appalachia.