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The trolls always try to lie

Whichever friends told you this are liars – there are no children in our community – well, not that I know of, anyway – but our rules don’t even allow porn.  I can prove this with full logs of our chatroom to law enforcement and twitch, if need be. I can show anyone everything. I won’t though. Because you are all harassing me due to the lies of others, we can talk to law enforcement when it comes to that. I mean I literally have shitloads of video proof, because I stream, that this is not a disgusting community like you think it is. How stupid are you? Sorry about that – how about that SinisterHand though – we do have video proof he likes to talk about anal sex with strangers, and has a group of children he hangs around. I mean, if you seriously hate pedos as much as you claim – well, do something about THAT. Shit or get off the pot. Show me evidence, or get a lawyer. Your IP has been recorded as this is pure harassment.

Frogow and blinkkd – recorded being nazi homophobes

Please do keep in mind – there is some concern that these children have been poisoned and influenced by SinisterHand. So we can’t hate them TOO much. frogow, fallout567, blinkkd, rs-overboss-vurkrin, thegeminaii – all part of this little child-warrior squad. Looks like only blinkkd was stupid enough to paint a swastika on the ground with a dev room item though – hopefully Beth will do something about THAT at least – and he’ll get his own video soon, because that’s just wrong. Almost all of these children hang out on Market76 Discord though – something should be done about that – are they cool with this kind of harassment, racism, and homophobia? SinisterHand also hangs out there – it’s probably best someone remove the children from the Market76 discord. This really is no joke – children often protect their abusers. Someone needs to look into this.
Please consider hitting the share button if you don’t think harassment, stalking, homophobia, racism, or painting swastikas in video games is acceptable behavior – Beth needs to know this is going on. This isn’t a joke, or me trying to get back at SinisterHand – someone needs to look into why he is inciting children into hatred and why they protect him. 

blinkkd – a nazi homophobe stalker griefer painting a swastika

Yeah – Pretty much this. This is wrong. Yup, blinkkd and his friends  – like SinisterHand would like us to know they’re not racist homophobe nazis, but they do enjoying drawing swastikas with stolen ‘dev room’ items to harass people. Please see here for the other video – SinisterHand enjoys influencing children into these sort of things.
Please consider using the share button below if you don’t think hate symbols like the swastika that blinkkd drew are acceptable.