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Contacted Yet Again By Jacob aka jacoby4141 the Creepy #fallout76 Stalker

This is yet another member of MDG’s little Duper gang of Doxxers, Stalkers, and Toxic Troll Freaks – Jacob the little stalker who was streaming my chatroom to other dupers and real money traders contacted me via discord today.

His Discord ID is 292955763813646336 if you want to remove this toxic doxxer from your Fallout 76 Server – He also infests the official Bethesda Discord server, so watch out – Do not ever give this little freak any personal info, do not let him talk to you, and block on sight, is my advice!

Searching our Discord, we see this is the same freak stalker who has been bothering me for at least 3 months now with that group of  doxxers and dupers, CMT.

Just another creepy fucking kid that I wish would fuck right off, I think. But fuck off Jacob, you and your toxic cheater friends are so creepy, it’s nasty.

I need these toxic stalkers to fuck off, especially the nasty little assholes that spread peoples home address. Here  you can see jacoby4101 – his in-game name – coming with the same group of nasty toxic dupers and doxxers as he always does:

ArcherDepp’s “CMT” Fallout 76 Duper Gang – CMT-Legend, TrippyOwl_, jacoby4101, middletooth

YouTube player

I’ll release more information about these toxic stalkers soon, as they keep bothering me in real life!

Love, Always,