More of the stalker griefers – rincewind75 and fusionjka

Rincewind75 and fusionjka both seem to think I’m stupid – they had their mics on while I was doing an event – and were talking about nuking my camp which I heard from my other client, as well as wasted a crapload of ammo shooting at me through my damned window.

They mentioned something about ‘ not slandering people’? At the 6 minute mark? Oh HO! But they’re not related to the other griefers? Which loser was it who said that? You messed up. Evil people are often stupid and have big mouths. (Update: Oh, they’re more Market76 Trolls)

Easy enough to find – so, near the end where they (of course) proclaim innocence – from that we immediately know this was all a lie and a ploy to harass me.

So these ones are obviously evil trolls, so fuck them – that’s the instant I knew for sure, although I was about 80% before that.

GEE – looks like more fucking stalker trolls – which asshole loser is it this time that lied to you and told you I slandered them? Was it a racist one, or was it a homophobic one? And you fell for it – which makes you stupid as well as evil.

Anyways – since you believe that losers lies – and you came to harass me – you’re obviously pieces of shit. Blocked – added to the website – sent to our community – hoping private servers come and let just block all these stupid losers once and for all, forever. Go be toxic shitheads elsewhere far away from me, I will pay money to block these shithead stalkers, Bethesda.

While I was uploading this video – the stupid, lying loser trolls server hopped until they found me, to launch a nuke at me. Like, duh – I’m just going to switch servers again to get away from you stalker troll freaks.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed wasting the ammo – but I bet you cheated your way through the silo – Beth should REALLY keep an eye on these two – seems like there’s been two instance they COULD be cheating – perhaps a pvp bug – and perhaps exploiting their way through a silo too with that bug. They do seem like cheaters as well as liars. Bethesda? Can you look into this? Seemed AWFULLY quick to be launching a nuke at me without cheating.

So is this harassment yet? Sure feels like it. When liars send losers after me and I can’t do an event in peace without shitheads causing problems at home.

UPDATE: Found these two on Market76 – Of course. Adding info.

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