Fallout 76 Griefer Blacklist

Update November 3, 2019

Now organizing the griefer list by the name of the leader. There’s always trash leading these people. Here they are. These are all documented with information from my videos, linking who is who, and who is together, each time. Usually screenshots were saved at the same time of the recent list. It’s very obvious, when you take a look. If you have the time. Or if you’re forced to. By non-stop harassment.

Earth_Infants Gang of Liars and Trash:

Earth_Infant is one of the most toxic people I’ve ever met. What I’ve heard about this group is they decided back in April or May or something they did not like that I did not like certain of their racist friends, so, being extremely good with their voice-changer software, they decided to take clips of my voice, make it sound like I was racist, and make a fake account in-game named sinseer_yt – to broadcast that fake sound-clip and make it look like I was a racist to everyone. Earth_Infant actually messes up and as much as admits it, at one point.

Some of this toxic stalkers liar disciples are:

Vurkrins Gang of Doxxers:

These names are also blocked as part of this harassing troll group led by Vurkrin. This group paints nazi symbols on peoples houses in-game using stolen dev-room items, and also was part of the group that doxxed me on both discord and twitter.

The police are now involved with this case, as they left voice messages to stalk and harass me. They also left evidence of their attempted hacks on my website, so they have that as well, and that’s been sent to the proper cyber-crime authorities in the United States as well.

This discord, and Dawn’s Elegy’s Discord (See below), were both also reported to Discord and authorities with full logs, links, and documentation recently, with a list of all participants.

Full Discord Details here:

FusionJKA’s Gang Of Griefers and Screamers

FusionJKA and his band of griefers like to stalk people in-game, and also like to do such wonderful things as just scream over the voice chat at random people, non-stop. They’ve made videos, because they are proud of this. His followers include:

DrWhiskers Audio Denial of Service Gang of Harassers

Part of griefer group that harasses a LOT of people – needs to be banned from game itself, at this point. With sample of their griefer Siren base – designed solely to annoy everyone in audio range.

TheCalamity’s Minor Group of Annoyers From Reddit Fallout Network

Saya93, thecalamity, dr.tryhard all came specifically from the Reddit Fallout Network Discord to specifically try to annoy and bother our community – I assume they’re friends with griefers there – but that made them griefers to us – don’t come stalk people to blare stupid shit over the voice chat during our queens – you’re all very toxic, go away. Luckily, I still have multiple accounts on RFN, so I can keep an eye on them :)

Yes. They’re minor annoyances – but they took part in the whole culture of ‘it’s okay to harass sinseer because everyone hates sinseer’ – So have a wonderful day, and please don’t spam voice chat, adults don’t like that!

Zeekx and the Moderators From Reddit Fallout Network

Zeekx from the Reddit Fallout Network is only what I’d consider a ‘minor’ griefer. Usually he just used to steal the bags of the dead from people at events, and revel in it. He likes to ask people to join him in discords to hint that he wanted their junk.

But the problem with Zeekx is also that he’s getting closer to becoming a real mod on the Reddit Fallout Network. He’s a ‘custodian’ right now.

And he likes to call me a liar on multiple discord networks – even when I have video proof – and I feel that’s a bit of an abuse of power, as his personal feelings, when confronted by evidence, should have nothing to do with this.

He once spent over an hour trying to convince the entire Reddit Fallout Network Discord server that it was morally okay to harass someone just because they stream their game.

  • Zeekx
  • Bork/Gray#4835 – this one came to my discord almost a year ago to lecture me on how I can act on my own Discord – Ordo Borko Whatevero – Their Trade Mod. I’ll grab the screenshots and logs later for that. The height of arrogance. Thinking they can control what I do on my own network. This is the type of person running that network.

The Reddit Fallout Network has a “Warning” System before you are banned. These people decided to over-rule that system, and ban me one day, while I was streaming live, simply because I did not answer their petty little messages quick enough. And that is an abuse of power. You broke the system because you dislike me. I was streaming live, and that was more important than you asshats. Abuse the power all you’d like – more logs and info on your trash coming soon!

Your support of your users in your off-topic room to harass me with pings at all hours of the  night was also recorded. You need to learn to be adults – and that Discord Network is now trash because the founder left it to you guys.

More of their Moderator Nonsense

Griefers with Trap Bases

SinSeers Shopping Safety Secret: Alt-F4 is your friend, and always wear your fall armor!

Designed to lure shoppers in, then kill them. The owner can then take all the scrap, including flux and junk the shopper may have been server hopping to collect.

This trap is designed to do damage to you so you can’t fast travel out.

In this case your best option is to simply Alt-F4 out of that world.

Dawns Elegy’s Griefer Discord Server Info and Name List

Dawn’s Elegy is a very messed up stalker. He made a whole discord to stalk and harass people, and has been doing it for almost a year under different names, now. His names include Zeugi-, odawn- Dawnsie, and others.

He had such wonderful people as Earth_Infant’s lying gang of voice-changers in his discord.  The whole bunch is total trash, and extremely toxic. Every one of these people is banned, sorry. It was quite obvious what kind of discord that was, if you were in it – you supported their harassment, stalking, and doxxing. If you think you shouldn’t be on this list, contact me, provide some logs, or provide proof that you are a good person. Because at this point – all of you are considered trash. You were there with this trash as he stalked and harassed people non-stop, and we do have some logs. So provide proof, or stay on the list.

This discord, and Vurkrins Discord, were both reported to Discord with full logs, links, and documentation.

Dawns Elegy – Constant harassment from the owner of this discord – he likes to gather children to him – and then come harass people with them. What else happens in his discord? With him and SinisterHand, the creepy youtuber paid to talk about anal sex with children? Very curious to see logs and have them handed over to law enforcement.

SinisterHand – uses homophobic slurs, stalks, releases personal information, lies, and is just generally messed up in the head. Called a bounty on me because I recorded him using homophobic slurs. This whacked out Toxic Youtuber has been stalking and harassing our whole community for more than 8 months now. I’ll have to check the exact date, but he is a freaky little persistent stalker.  He’s in Discord, gathering little racist children, as well – and sitting in his lair behind the scenes causing trouble. He’s total trash, and has caused a lot of problems for a lot of people. All of this because we dared to nicely tell the stalker griefer we didn’t want to play with him. He’s creepy, he likes to force himself on people. What can I say? Video proof and discord proof is everywhere. Ask anyone, not just me.

Here’s the screenshot of all the users from Dawns Elegy’s tiny little griefer discord – not very many people put up with that level of toxic – and one very nice person sent me these pictures, and I’ve asked if it’s okay to share them… so here they are:


Here’s a text list of all those names in that stalker griefer discord, as of July 24, 2019 – So that hopefully google will help people find their tormentors – they’re not doing this just to me.

StankDank – may not be a griefer. Did come to my discord and WAS on that discord, so he’s not welcome. I make him the same deal I make any of you on this list. Provide me with logs of what was said during your time there so I can determine if you were evil or good, and I”ll remove you. Do not come to my discord, trash from that server is not welcome. Use one of my various contact methods. Because that server has a SHITLOAD of evil on it, and I don’t think I’ll have to do that much work. Make sure to thank DawnsElegy for this! The reason I’d like these logs is because I’m actually pretty concerned that SinisterHand hangs around so many children and incites them to hatred, and seems to have no borders about what he talks about sexually in public, so I’m trying to figure out which Discord he hides them on. I’m very concerned.

(if you were there, and you think you’re innocent (which I highly doubt) – send me full logs of that server proving you said nothing to join in – and I’ll take you off this list – as it is – you’re on a griefer discord)

Here’s some of their conversations

Here’s some more screenshots from the crazy people on this network:

These two pieces of trash I’ve never met before, but greeted me with homophobic and racist slurs: anuspound666 and unsanitaryforeskin. 

They seem to come from Market 76 discord  – as they found me in discord – seems like SinisterHand may be over there stirring up more trouble:

Here’s where ‘ctang’ – discord userid: 323639937918304267 – wanted to mock me because it seems he’s part of Sinisterhands crew:

This one appears to be part of something called ‘hypersquad brilliance’? with discord? Sadly, I did delete yesterdays image, which showed he was only on Market 76 with me – but oh look, the new stalker has found me on another network this morning:

Look, he has a twitch:


Here’s discord username: pilsnit – userid – 364292144908730369 : also from Market 76 – Where SInisterhand is lurking. How every interesting.



Of course, all of those people on that list are now banned from our network – some of them were under their real names, and we only suspected them – but we’re nice people, we don’t ban for suspicions. WIth this real information that they’re part of it though – we banned all the loser troll stalkers.


Fallout 76 Unsorted Griefers:

DarkKnight5215 – this one is one of the trolls, I really can’t be bothered to find out which one – looks like he had to make a new account. This is his account – he’s also “Brendan Walker” on youtube – UPDATE: Moved to top of list, since he promised (see video) he’d stalk me for ever, and I saw him just a couple days ago, yet again.

LiteralOG – uses homophobic slurs, tries to force PVP by picking locks. Keypads are safer, use those instead, so this loser can’t go wanted and cause trouble.

fetor4 This one is a messed up stalker too, with an annoying voice as well – he’ll spam voice chat. Block will mute him. His accounts are both fetor4 and fetor4. with the period at the end.





murkicide – not technically a griefer, but he hangs around with them, and gives them armor and weapons, and helps them in other ways, so not exactly a nice person, either. Removed for that. We were once attacked by griefers – I left server as a decoy – came back 5 minutes later. This gem was over there helping the slime.



chickenfrieddeep – tries to force pvp – tries to get you to become friends with him on discord solely so he can stalk you and force pvp. Super weird guy too.




ogsk1nnyp – CHEATER – Has exploited items including mask from monster mash. Record and report.

grushnak, pram0, ivannitami6, xmerle, oberherrschaft, chanchibs85, ThisWhiteGuy, austin10199, plexxix, dward2 – no video for these guys – had audio or video problems – have multiple of our users who witnessed at the the time who also agreed they were griefers so we added to the list.