SinisterHands Friend – SuperMutant aka Dawnsie aka dawns_elegy aka odawn- aka -zeugi

As you can see from these screenshots of the troll discord ‘hideout’ of whatever the hell this losers real original name is, this is one of SinisterHands good friends. Of course. This one has his own discord – not many friends – but I do have a list of all the people that were there…

As you can see, yup, there’s our creepy SinisterHand Again!

SuperMutant has been causing us problems almost as long as that loser has – let’s see how many videos we have of him already uploaded – later we’ll go see if we missed any, and upload those, too. This one has a bunch of accounts, and should just be IP-Banned entirely. This is an evil, evil person. Who won’t ever stop.

Let’s see, we have May 23, 2019 here:

We have SuperMutant AND SinisterHand here from April 28, 2019:

We have more of their trash here from July 10, 2019:

And last but not least, we come to tonight’s little crew of stalkers:

Let’s see, we also have more of that~ same stalker griefer crew – looks like we have andy2angry123, blinkkd, thegeminaii, -zeugi (which is the current name for dawns_elegy), all of whom are of course not stalking and harassing me, yet again. Even though I have them blocked.

Careful with these ones – do not PVP – some of them cheat and exploit the system. Absolutely blinkkd has stolen dev room items as well. Probably most of them have duped god-tier weapons, if I had to guess.

Pacifist mode protects you from loser cheaters like this – if you don’t want to PVP, you don’t have to. As long as you don’t have one of those mutations like Unstable isotope – These cheaters will just attack people nonstop until that procs, then use that to force PVP – as explained in the video. Don’t let these loser griefers decide other people can’t play the game, and don’t let ANY loser griefers like these keep you down. Record. Report. Move on.

If they stalk you like they do to me – keep it up – don’t give up. I’m sorry, but there ARE bad people out there. It’s up to us to stop them.

Please consider sharing this page if you think I should be able to hang out in my own shop without constant harassment.

Also, don’t forget the cause of most our whole communities problems – this creepy Sinisterhand – who apparently takes offense to none of us wanting to play with him.