Who am I today?

Who am I?

I have over 5000 hours in the non PVP game, and during that time, people have made fake reddit accounts to impersonate me, fake sound clips with my voice, fake accounts… all to try to make me look bad. A Toxic Youtuber named SinisterHand published a video of lies about me, and many of you believed his lies and took it as an invitation to harass me and all of my friends. His toxic Discord friends also harass us, and he used his Youtube fans to increase harassment. Some of his main fans, include a 13 year old boy originally named frogow, now named TBF-Elundis7, Elundis77, and various other names – continues to harass people in our community to this day. Others include people like thegeminaii – the hacker who has been cheating at the game for months, and making exploit game to harass people even inside Nuclear Winter, and their friend Vurkrin – a little bit of a psychotic racist stalker who has made threats to me on stream.  They have yet another fake account made to look like me, and play fake voice clips of me – to try to poison everyone in-world against me.

Why? Usually because I recorded one of their friends being horrible people, and reported them to Bethesda – sometimes they’ve been banned. I originally told a toxic, stalker-type youtube personality – SINISTERHAND – that I didn’t want to play with him or his toxic friends, so he started this campaign against me, including calling bounties on me, to pay others to also play a part in his strategy to harass me into leaving the game I love.

I prefer to play with people who have a strong moral fiber, and not cheaters or those who harass others.

I have video proof of him calling people ‘faggots’ and talking about anal sex with children around, and I will not tolerate people like that. His ‘war on me’ that he caused by asking others to harass me has now resulted in 2 people being doxxed – my address, phone number, and name have been released to twitter and discord – because of this toxic youtuber – SINISTERHAND. I have had real life threats from his fans, and have had to contact the police to give them evidence, and make a note on the 911 system that any possible 911 calls now COULD be just swatting attempts.

The video evidence I have of him includes multiple videos of him with some of the worst dupers and hackers the game has to offer. Currently destroying the Nuclear Winter game, because they MAKE CHEAT CODE. They also duplicate items, and sell them for real money on ebay. Money is now involved, which increases risk for me.

This has also  put my family at risk. There’s not much I can do about that – I’ve suffered from clinical depression all of my life – I don’t make any money, really, anymore. I can’t move to get away from these people.

It’s okay. I forgive you. It’s so easy to hate, especially when everyone else is doing it.

If you wouldn’t mind doing a little research though… You’ll find you’re usually supporting horrible people – and I do have hundreds of hours of proof of the kind of person I am.

Even if you hate me, are you okay with them drawing nazi swastikas in-game, and to doxx people and make real life threats, causing me to have to get the police involved?

Think for yourselves.

Love, always,

My Fallout 76 Discord: https://discord.gg/u8UazRB

My Fallout 76  Website: https://www.sinseer.com

Donations: https://www.patreon.com/sinseerdiscordia

See here for the records I’ve kept on this stalker:


A Mother was also doxxed by this same group of stalkers. Pictures of her children were shared in a creepy discord chatroom these stalkers all hang around in – which has by now been shut down by authorities. Here’s her story, too: