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My Patreon – Or “Why Donate to the Crazy Clown?”

Look, I actually AM, by all definitions crazy, I mean, really, I have 5,500 hours in game now, and I don’t make, well, really any money anymore. I live on the edge of poverty, so while I love making these videos, I tried to find a way that I could also make a bit of money from them, to help make things better.

So, I set this Patreon account up ages ago, it’s barely been used, but every time it has, it’s helped me a lot. Thank you so much – the only way I was able to afford my first month of Fallout 1st was because of a Patreon, so thanks again!!!

I’ve decided to try to start using it more.

What you get:

As I’m finally getting into footage that is better, and more clear, you get access to the unlisted archives from my lives stream. I’m starting January 16th, 2019, because I know where the story goes.

I have to watch the videos, and add timestamps to them, before I can make the free ones, anyway; so you’ll get my notes – with full timestamps where you can click each event and go to that.

Here’s a sample of one of the first ones:

00:00 Ghoul House Stabbings
04:20 Back to the Happy House of Joy
04:29 Seen kayanamasha and Home Stuff – Crafting
06:22 Voice
06:34 Back to the Ghoul House
07:30 Back to the Happy House of Joy for a nap
08:50 Voice1
09:15 Voice (French?)
09:26 Seen kayanamasha
09:49 Voice1 (French?)
10:13 Voice1
10:55 Voice1
11:20 Voice1 and Voice2 (French?) ‘the house, here?’ ???
11:54 Map – Nearby are: kayanamasha, irclaire, tuyauteur56, usnsccwk, rozalynh,
14:16 Voice?
15:39 Clear Voice (French – kayanamasha showing voice icon)
16:12 tuyauteur56 visits the Happy House of Joy
17:20 irclaire visits the Happy House of Joy
17:33 No one else has had voice icons light up, just kayanamasha, so far. Two voices.
19:02 Commie Robots, must beat them with a protest sign!
19:20 Clown death to Commie Robots
19:45 Voice
39:47 Ghoul House (Seen: kayanamasha, tuyauteur56)
41:28 Friends List
43:26 Screw you, Vertibots, and helping kayanamasha level up the alt
50:59 Back to the Happy House of Joy
55:38 Seen: kenlyric
1:17:02 Forbidden Knowledge Dropoff
1:17:50 Sexy Clown Picture Time
1:19:30 More Sexy Clown Rooftop Picture Time
1:28:00 Someones in Trouble!
1:28:34 Seen: purplepootis609
1:36:35 Crafting, and dropping Rooftop Goodies
1:48:31 Shooting me some ghouls
1:51:22 Seen: Radmonkey16
1:54:51 Friends List
1:59:19 Rooftop Grenade Fun
2:19:20 Seen: kayanamasha
2:19:51 Voice: kayanamasha lights up (french)
2:22:20 Two Voices – kayanamasha lights up (French)
2:27:05 Voice
2:29:26 Voice
2:39:26 Artillery at Ghoul House, and some stabbins to get level 108
2:44:43 Back to the Happy House of Joy
2:54:41 Seen: joelvn, kayanamasha,
3:01:25 Picture Time with kayanamasha
3:19:08: One Clown death due to shooting explosive shotgun down at the car I was standing on. That’s on me.

That’s a longer video, and of course, some are going to very dull, but I do like to take notes!

At the same time, I realize some people can’t afford to donate to get access to these, so of course I’m still making my “Life of SinSeer” video series, with the highlights, which I’ll be uploading for free to Youtube and Facebook, just like always.

Patreons get access to everything, though, even the dull bits I cut out to make my new episodes!

Patreons do also have the ability to request a Faction Role in our Discord – which means literally nothing, and is just there for flavor, but it’s still fun – our regulars have already been set up with them, so I’m offering them to others now too!

Click the link below to donate, you can donate anything you’d like! Thanks for considering me!

Love, Always


Who am I today?

Who am I?

I have over 8000 hours in the non PVP game, and during that time, people have made fake reddit accounts to impersonate me, fake sound clips with my voice, fake accounts… all to try to make me look bad. A Toxic Youtuber named SinisterHand aka SH Games (now) published a video of lies about me, and many of you believed his lies and took it as an invitation to harass me and all of my friends. His toxic Discord friends also harass us, and he used his Youtube fans to increase harassment. Some of his main fans, include a 13 year old boy originally named frogow, now named TBF-Elundis7, Elundis77, and various other names – continues to harass people in our community to this day. Others include people like thegeminaii – the hacker who has been cheating at the game for months, and making exploit game to harass people even inside Nuclear Winter, and their friend Vurkrin – a little bit of a psychotic racist stalker who has made threats to me on stream.  They have yet another fake account made to look like me, and play fake voice clips of me – to try to poison everyone in-world against me.

Why? Usually because I recorded one of their friends being horrible people, and reported them to Bethesda – sometimes they’ve been banned. I originally told a toxic, stalker-type youtube personality – SINISTERHAND aka SH Games (now) – that I didn’t want to play with him or his toxic friends, so he started this campaign against me, including calling bounties on me, to pay others to also play a part in his strategy to harass me into leaving the game I love.

I prefer to play with people who have a strong moral fiber, and not cheaters or those who harass others.

I have video proof of him calling people ‘faggots’ and talking about anal sex with children around, and I will not tolerate people like that. His ‘war on me’ that he caused by asking others to harass me has now resulted in 3 people being doxxed – my address, phone number, and name have been released to twitter, youtube, facebook, twitch, and discord – because of this toxic youtuber – SINISTERHAND aka SH Games (now). I have had real life threats from his fans, and have had to contact the police to give them evidence, and make a note on the 911 system that any possible 911 calls now COULD be just swatting attempts.

The video evidence I have of him includes multiple videos of him with some of the worst dupers and hackers the game has to offer. Currently destroying the Nuclear Winter game, because they MAKE CHEAT CODE. They also duplicate items, and sell them for real money on ebay. Money is now involved, which increases risk for me.

This has also  put my family at risk. There’s not much I can do about that – I’ve suffered from clinical depression all of my life – I don’t make any money, really, anymore. I can’t move to get away from these people.

It’s okay. I forgive you. It’s so easy to hate, especially when everyone else is doing it.

If you wouldn’t mind doing a little research though… You’ll find you’re usually supporting horrible people – and I do have hundreds of hours of proof of the kind of person I am.

Even if you hate me, are you okay with them drawing nazi swastikas in-game, and to doxx people and make real life threats, causing me to have to get the police involved?

Think for yourselves.

Love, always,

SinisterHand aka SH Games (now) Speech – He admits he is harassing me because I recorded his 7 second clip of him using slurs. The hacker group – specifically TBF-G0blin_legend in this case (they love that _underscoreLegend thing) shows up with him shortly after and try to crash the server.
(please note i was not speaking in-game public chat, he was. they always do)

SinisterHand aka SH Games (now) Admits his Harassment Video could cause Suicide:

IGN: earth_infant
-admits to exploits, harassment, stalking, hacking – makes a direct threat to ‘beat my ass’ after ‘it’s not very hard to find people on the internet’ – threatens doxxing – shortly before it happened for real – october 2019


As a group, here is one of the “Dupers R Us” free giveaways in world – they’re the main doxxing group, and they mention that in this video:

thegeminaii and dupers r us painting swastikas in-game – they did this to at least 4 other people in my community, but I did not record that. i wasn’t there. At least one left the game permanently.

thegeminaii, vurkrin, Elundis7, talking about building gas chambers – they’re also use racist words in this video, and threaten they’re going to get my ip address.

– thegeminaii admitting he called my brother over the phone:

flagme exe – aka schlonged – mdgautodoc – using Inventory Exploit to Place Items In Inventory:

– schlonged aka mdgautodoc aka – admitted receiving my personal information from the leader of this group:

He admits he was ‘there in the beginning, and will be there in the end’ – one of the orginals – also, telling people to kill themselves:

xxDemolisher makes physical threat on my life – and knows my address + samples of nasty nasty speech from their group:

theradicalsniper – member of “White Power” #fallout76 and Discord Group making threats:


Me – 99 Percent Mistakes, One Percent Viable Mutation – Neophilus vs Neophobus


The human race is not divided into the irrational and the rational, as some idealists think. All humans are irrational, but there are two different kinds of irrationality – those who love old ideas and hate and fear new ones, and those who despise old ideas and joyfully embrace new ones. Homo neophobus and homo neophilus. Neophobus is the original human stock, the stock that hardly changed at all for the first four million years of human history. Neophilus is the creative mutation that has been popping up at regular intervals during the past million years, giving the race little forward pushes, the kind you give a wheel to make it spin faster and faster. Neophilus makes a lot of mistakes, but he or she moves. They live life the way it should be lived, ninety-nine percent mistakes and one percent viable mutations.

  • Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2017)