ATOMIC SHOP WEEKLY UPDATE: NOVEMBER 17 – 24 (Re-Print From Bethesda)

I made a quick preview video, too:


Read on to catch a preview of the latest and greatest items and offers that are currently available in the Atomic Shop, including this week’s free items.


Fallout76 PioneerScoutsPoster 1920x1080

Hey there, Tadpole! Have you joined the ranks of the Pioneer Scouts? Claim the free poster in the Atomic Shop between now and November 24th.

Item Available Until
Pioneer Scouts Poster November 24
Blue Demon Power Armor Paint (Fallout 1st) December 1


76 DeepCaveHunterBundle 1920

The depths below Appalachia’s surface hold many mysteries. Whether monsters, riches, or the last words of long-lost Adventurers, make sure you’re prepared for whatever you may encounter during your next journey underground with new Deep Cave Hunter themed items, which just rappelled into the Atomic Shop.

Item Atom Price Available Until
Deep Cave Hunter Outfit Bundle 1,500 December 1
Deep Cave Hunter Outfit 800 December 1
Deep Cave Hunter Backpack 500 December 1
Deep Cave Hunter Pip-Boy 400 December 1
Deep Cave Hunter Bow and Compound Bow Skins 500 December 1
Miner Lunch Pail 250 December 1

The Deep Cave Hunter Bundle includes:

  • Deep Cave Hunter Outfit
  • Deep Cave Hunter Backpack
  • Deep Cave Hunter Pip-Boy
  • Deep Cave Hunter Bow and Compound Bow Skins
  • Miner Lunch Pail

Several limited time items that made their way into the Shop during previous weeks are still available for a little while longer. Claim them for your collection before they leave on the dates below.

76 MilitaryDefenseBundle 1920

Item Atom Price Available Until
Encampment Fortress Bundle 1,200 November 24
The Flying Fortress 700 December 1
Encampment Bridge Kit 500 December 1
Encampment Fence & Gate 250 December 1
Defensive Hedgehog 250 December 1
Camo Military Utility Cap 250 December 1
Corvega Turret Skin Set 700 560 (20% Off!) November 17
Blackbird Hunting Rifle Skin 700 420 (40% Off!) November 17
Satellite Dish 300 150 (50% Off!) November 17


76 ATX TurkeyOutfit 1920x1080

76 ATX Week54Items1920x1040

Some of our holiday favorites have returned to the Atomic Shop for a brief visit, and some of them are on sale while they’re here. Add these items to your collection before they head back to the Vault at 12:00 p.m. ET on the dates listed below.

Item Atom Price Available Until
Enclave Persona Bundle 1,800 December 1
Grognak Hero Bundle 1,500 975 (35% off!) December 1
Mothman Outfit Bundle 1,500 1,200(20% Off!) November 24
Thanksgiving Feast Chair 200 December 1
Thanksgiving Feast Table 200 December 1
Thanksgiving Display Case 300 December 1
Turkey Mascot Outfit 900 December 1
Thanksgiving Cornucopia Backpack 500 December 1
Thanksgiving Corn Wreath 200 December 1


Some existing items are heading out of the Atomic Shop and into the Vault this week. Be sure to pick up anything that catches your eye, because these items will only be available until 12:00 p.m. ET on November 17.

Item Atom Price
Vault-Tec Starter Bundle 1,500 600(60% Off!)
Vault-Tec C.A.M.P Bundle 1,200 480(60% Off!)
Matte Black Handmade Rifle Skin 500 350(30% Off!)
Death Ray Bug Zapper Light 500 350(30% Off!)
Grelok Plushie 250 175(30% Off!)
Blood Eagle “Hot Rod” Bow Skin 500 350(30% Off!)
Gravestone Loot Bag 500 250(50% Off!)
Whiffle Ball Bat Skin 300 150(50% Off!)
Lucky Clover Tattoo 250 125(50% Off!)


76 ATX Week55Items 1920x870

Item Atom Price Available From Available Until
Pilgrim Outfit 700 560(20% Off!) November 17 November 24
Scarecrow Outfit 700 560(20% Off!) November 17 November 24