Admissions of bans from 2021-02-25 Banwave – The Red Fields of None

This is a collection of quotes and pictures taken from a public Discord server for a real money trader group. The discord itself is run by a Youtuber named DemonAsylum. It’s notes from the ban-wave that started 2021-02-25 and people are just talking about now, so what I’m going to do is keep  adding the newest stuff to the top of this post!

Title of this post? “The Can’-Ka No Rey (“The Red Fields of None”) is the field of roses surrounding the Dark Tower. The roses are very difficult to remove from the ground. They have thorns that can rip into hands while they are in the ground, but become harmless after being removed. The roses call people to come to the Dark Tower. Their call is strongest at sunset.”

Thanks so much for finally doing something, in a major way, it looks like – about the real money trader problem in Fallout 76!

Love, Always.


Some things to keep in mind, before anyone causes a ‘scene’ –

  • I am the legal owner of a registered business in Canada, and not trying to hide who I am.
  • This is all a very public collections of things other people have said.
  • These statements were made in public discord servers, advertised in public.
  • The group of real money traders and ‘dupers’ from these public discord chat servers have been harassing me for a very long time.
  • I do not break the law, and if you think I do, please contact your local authorities, or a lawyer, before trying to yet again take the law into your own hands like Fallout 76 players have in the past – because I can guarantee you that is how my very legal company will react, with the legal authorities and lawyers only. I have already contacted my local authorities regarding the past doxxing and threats made on me and my company.
  • All of this information is being made available to Zenimax staff to remove cheaters, exploiters, and real money traders from Fallout 76, and make the game safer and better for everyone.


March 5, 2021

Just a bunch of coke and weed addicts, high, selling duped stuff for  real money – it’s all good. I wonder if he uses his real money trade money to get crypto to buy his drugs, and if so, is his dealer also on DemonAsylum?

March 4, 2021

Banned from our Discord – Hardcure (Discord ID 671473939008061497) from DemonAsylum Discord

Hardcure posts a lot on DemonAsylum

And Hardcure posts a lot on Market 76


Webcake one of the Leaders of Dupers R Us is still on DemonAsylum

This one obviously doesn’t know what the HW part of that stands for…

March 3, 2021

So entitled.

March 2, 2021

I don’t get this, does mr high and mighty from the group of people exploiting the game and making money from the real money trade, hanging out on the discord chatroom used to organized harassment of at least 3 fallout players that I know of, want to suggest they’re actually doing something in real life that is worth… well, anything? Such a snotty, entitled attitude.

Also I don’t really COMPLAIN about being poor. I accept that, because I don’t like money, because to get money, I’d have to put up with snot nosed little entitled shits who don’t know anything – and that, throughout my whole life, has just not been worth it to me. I DO have a donation link, because people have asked about how they can donate – real people – who do care. Not little duper scum who make 2 bucks from selling things they cheat to get instead of getting a real job that actually helps society in any way.

Also – I’m old – I’m already done my ‘school to become a master craftsman’ – so what else is there to do, except try to modify the behavior of snotty little groups of bullies like you guys at demon asylum?

More impersonators looking to harass me with

Someone has posted an ad in my name on that real money trade site everyone else uses, eeeee-zeee-en-peeeeeeeeeee-cee- I haven’t seen it yet, but I do not envy for the fools who fall for this one – live streamed this morning – hope all the real money traders get banned.

The Vultures descend to pick from the bodies….

More cheaters who lost stuff…

March 1, 2021


GeneralMino has hacked weapons he claims:



More doxxing by DemonAsylum Members – looks like threats to me, too:


Oh the Clown Hammer… Love the phrase.

Looks to be more threats of doxxing about to happen, when they’re using real first names, they often follow with addresses. Better keep an eye on this mrgrendler – this doxxing group is actually dangerous.

It always comes down to real money with you people – that’s all you care about.


More chatter:

Has hacked power armor to give to someone.

This person also has hacked power armor to trade:

And another person selling hacked items:

Busy morning, here’s another one trying to sell and trade hacked items:

Feb 28, 2021:

User suggesting the DemonAsylum Discord conspire to falsely report me:

Fantastic news about the one below, appeal denied:

This one is trying to ‘real talk’ make a deal with bethesda, I hope they keep the other things below it in mind, too….

Is a duper from at least as far back as 2020-08-18 – Hey look it’s Eckserah, I know that name!

Admits to leadership of an in-game group that continues to cheat:

Plans to dupe again:

I like how this one laughs at you all


This is the very public Discord 9Horsess are most active on:

Same Discord – Bethesda Staff?:


Seen in-game 2021-02-28

Trading Hacked Weapons, admits to exploit weapons today on DemonAsylum’s public Exploit and Real Money Trade Discord:

More Trading on The Public Discord server Demon Asylum runs, hacked weapons – also a user of market76, 603 posts there:

And yet another one looking to purchase cut-content, with a built in bonus – an exploited item.


This one has a set of exploited power armor for sale

More Chatter from the Public Demon Asylum Exploit and Real Money Trader Discord:

Seen in-game 2021-02-28:


Feb: 27, 2021