March 16, 2021 Atomic Shop Update – #fallout76

Stuck at work or school, can’t get in the game to check the Atomic Shop update? This clown has your back, here you go – I’ll add the article from Bethesda Forums later to this post later, when I get it, but here’s the video from my live stream!

Here’s the Grahm Plushie:


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Below this is the Bethesda Article Re-Print, source at bottom!

Read on to catch a preview of the latest and greatest items and offers that are currently available in the Atomic Shop, including this week’s free items.


Got Nuka-Cola on the brain? So do we! Claim the Nuka-Cola girl Bomber Player Icon for free in the Atomic Shop this week.
ItemAvailable Until
Nuka-Cola Girl Bomber Player IconMarch 16
Skull Box Backpack (Fallout 1st)March 30


76 CappyNukaColaTrainBundle

This week is all about Nuka-Cola! Check out the refreshing and crisp Cappy Nuka-Cola Train Bundle to spruce up your C.A.M.P! From display racks to furniture, power connectors to area rugs this bundle has everything you need to celebrate the delicious and nutritious Nuka-Cola beverage!

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Cappy’s Nuka-Cola Train Bundle1500March 30
Nuka-Cola Train Table500March 30
Nuka-Cola Patio Set500March 30
Nuka-Cola Power Connectors250March 30
Nuka-Cola Display Rack250March 30
Cappy Area Rug250March 30
Nuka-Cola Curtain Door250March 30
Nuka-Cola Quantum Bottle Lamp250 125(50% Off!)March 16
Wish You Were Here Photomode Frame250 125(50% Off!)March 16

The Cappy Nuka-Cola Train Bundle Includes: – Nuka-Cola Train Table – Nuka-Cola Patio furniture Set (Table and chair) – Nuka-Cola Power Connector (Standing and wall) – Cappy Area Rug – Nuka-Cola Bottle Display Rack – Nuka-Cola Curtain Door

Several limited time items that made their way into the Shop during previous weeks are still available for a little while longer.

76 LeprechaunOutfits2 1920
ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
St. Patty’s Day Bundle1500March 23
Leper’Chaun Vault Boy Outfit1200 840(30% Off!)March 23
Leprechaun Vault Boy Outfit700 490(30% Off!)March 23
Pot of Gold Loot Bag500March 23
Leprechaun Hat250March 23


Thirsty for more Nuka-Cola items? Some of our favorites have returned to the shop for a limited time. Claim them before they head back into the Vault at 12:00 p.m. ET on March 23.

76 ATX NukaColaSecretDoorBundle 1920
ItemAtom Price
Nuka-Cola Secret Door Bundle1,200
Nuka-Cola Red Staircase500
Nuka Cola Vending Machine500
Nuka-Cola Projection Lamp250
Nuka Cola Signage Bundle250
Mr. Rocket Kiddie Ride500 250(50% Off!)
Nuka-Cola Stash500 250(50% Off!)
Nuka-Cola Freezer500 250(50% Off!)
Nuka-Cap Player Icon50 25(50% Off!)


Some existing items are heading out of the Atomic Shop and into the Vault this week. Be sure to pick up anything that catches your eye, because these items will only be available until 12:00 p.m. ET on March 16.

76 HARE PA 1920
ItemAtom Price
H.A.R.E. Power Armor Model1400
Secret Bookcase Stash Box500
Plain Curtain Door250
Clandestine Gauss Weapon Bundle1200
Clandestine Service Gauss Minigun Paint500
Clandestine Service Gauss Pistol Paint500
Clandestine Service Gauss Shotgun500
Combat Shotgun Player Icon50 20(60% Off!)
Minigun Player Icon50 20(60% Off!)


FO76 ATX NukaGirl 1920x1080
ItemAtom PriceAvailable FromAvailable Until
Nuka-Girl Rocketsuit1200 840(30% Off!)March 9March 16
Tough Gal Pose250 125(50% Off!)March 9March 16
Rad Opossum Hat400 200(50% Off!)March 15March 16
Red Wide Curtains Set300 150(50% Off!)March 15March 16
White and Red Tiles500 250(50% Off!)March 15March 16
White String Lights500 250(50% Off!)March 15March 16
White Shag Carpeting Floor500 250(50% Off!)March 15March 16
White Wallpaper300 150(50% Off!)March 15March 16
Nuka-Cola Cooler (Fallout 1st)500 250(50% Off!)March 15March 16