Oct. 12, 2021 Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update Preview Video – #fallout76

Here’s my atomic Shop Preview Video for Oct. 12, 2021, and below that you’ll find a re-print of Bethesda’s article for the Deals coming to the Shop this week!

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Read on to catch a preview of the latest and greatest items and offers that are currently available in the Atomic Shop, including this week’s free items.


76 LargeHero JackOLantern 1920X870

76 AbandonedShack SurvivalTent 1920x870

Leave a refreshing drink out for all your guests with the free Punch Bowl! Fallout 1st members can also claim the Abandoned Shack until November 2.

ItemAvailable Until
Smiley Jack – O – LanternOctober 19
Abandoned Shack (Fallout 1st)November 2

Visit the Atomic Shop each day to claim a different reward, like consumables, in-game currencies, and more. Each of the items below is available until 12:00 p.m. ET the following day.

ItemAvailable On
Caps x250October 12
Trail FireworksOctober 13
LunchboxOctober 14
Scrap KitOctober 15
Vault-Tec Supply Package – Level 2October 16
LunchboxOctober 17
Repair KitOctober 18


HalloweenCAMPItems2 2021 1920x870

Things sure are getting spooky around here! Create the ultimate Haunted House for Trick – Or – Treaters to experience with these Halloween items.

ItemAtom Price
Haunted House Stairs500
Haunted House Door300
Haunted House Window Boards300
Halloween C.A.M.P. Bundle1300 910(30% Off!)
Coffin Backpack500 350(30% Off!)
Jack – O – Lantern Set300
Mr. Fuzzy Halloween Plushie300
Vintage Halloween Décor300
Halloween paint Vending Machine500

Some items from last week are still available for a limited time.

HauntedHouseCAMPBundle 2021 1920x870

ItemAtom Price
Haunted House C.A.M.P. Bundle1800
Haunted House C.A.M.P. Kit700
Haunted House Wallpaper Set700
Haunted House Porch Set500
Tattered Blue Bat Curtains300
Tattered Red Flower Curtains300
Rusted Chain-Link Fence250
Barren Elm Tree250
Spooky Halloween Turret Pack700 560(20% Off!)


Some of our favorite items have returned to the Atomic Shop for a little while, and many of them are on sale while they’re here. Add these items to your collection before they head back to the Vault.

ItemAtom Price
Robber Halloween Bundle1300 1040(20% Off!)
Robber Costume800
Plasma Ball Set500
Jail Cell Walls500
Halloween Decoration Bundle700 560(20% Off!)
Wraith Scarecrow500
Trick Candy Bowl500
Squished Witch Decoration300
Vampire Vault Boy Cutout300


Be sure to pick up anything that catches your eye, because these items will only be available until 12:00 p.m. ET on October 19.

ItemAtom Price
Military Intel Officer Uniform800
.50 Cal Round Backpack Flair250
Camo Turret Skin500
Feral Ghoul Bundle1300 1040(20% Off!)
Feral Ghoul Costume700
Night Terror Gauss Rifle Paint500
Spooky Doorbell300
Halloween Ghoul Player Icon150
Happy Halloween Frame150


ItemAtom PriceAvailable FromAvailable Until
Sharpshooter Pose250 150(40% off!)October 12October 13
Grelok Plushie250 200(20% Off!)October 13October 14
Fire Axe Paint Set500 300(40% Off!)October 14October 15
Modern Fireplace500 250(50% Off!)October 15October 16
Long and Short Tropical Suits800 600(25% Off!)October 16October 17
Grafton High Track Suit Underarmor700 350(50% Off!)October 17October 18
Mr. Fuzzy Power Armor Helmet500 400(20% Off!)October 18October 19
Vampire Halloween Costume (Fallout 1st)800 400(50% Off!)October 12October 19