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Shining Eternity aka ShiningHero Fallout 76 Kiwifarms Harasser

That video that Shining Eternity, the youtuber, aka ShiningHero in Fallout 76, aka Shining at Kiwifarms? It was a simple mistake, and I later apologized for it, but he’s been trying to convince people I’m transphobic for YEARS because of it. I have a problem with my hearing, I mean I’m so old – come on. I can’t make out voices properly sometimes, and even the owner says they were having a bad day. Good lord you people are sick.

Anyway, here’s the  owner of that voice, they posted on kiwifarms in an attempt to harass me,  so before I make a whole article about them I figured I’d just like to point out that the older transgender lady I was addressing listened to the video of her own voice, and was having a bad voice day…. and cringed. So because of a mistake anyone could have made… you try to sic other transphobes on me – any excuse you can use, right Shining Eternity?

Think I’ll make her a new video, clip her out of that long boring one into something manageable, and add some of these kiwifarms harassment quotes, but here’s the first!

Woops I guess my simple mistake was worth you guys trying to prove I’m ‘transphobic’ and ‘not even transgender’ for several years, and supporting the doxing and harassment of transgender people on kiwifarms.

You people are pathetic. The two transgender girls who think it’s okay to misgender and dead name because THEY don’t think I’m trans? You’re the height of evil, and snobbery, and what gives you the right to make that call, you know nothing about me. You’re transphobic quisling transgender traitors, at this point.

I see you were both stupid enough to leave the transgender-hating people at kiwifarms lots of info about yourselves – that does not seem to wise to me, with how many transgender people they dox, threaten, stalk and swat – but what do I know.


Jacob Doolittle-Sightler – Nekrosias from Kiwifarms – Inciting Neo Nazis to False Report

Here’s Nekrosias – aka Jakob Doolittle-Sightler attempting to ask the transphobic neo-nazis at the kiwifarms hate and harassment site to falsely mass-report my websites. First off, you can’t ‘dox the dead’. Posting the name or public memorial of a dead person isn’t doxing.

Secondly, I never doxed any children, do you have any sources? I’ve never doxed anyone.

Last I heard you were trying to claim that an ip address from a weblog was doxing, are you still claiming that? Because it’s NOT. It’s public information that you display to the world, and there’s sites that store and post them publicly even, it’s so weird, almost like everyone on the internet needed to have an address, but to decode who they are, you need to get law enforcement to force the internet provider to give up the details. It’s also almost like people could use a VPN to hide even that, but are sometimes too stupid, or arrogant to do so, and it’s almost like people use weblogs to track connections to the websites they log.

So dumbass Fallout 76 players who post their names publicly want to claim I am ‘doxing’ people because they posted on my Facebook Business page? Maybe don’t post on it with your real names then?

You and your friends – specifically the ones in the discord you ran – are the ones who doxed ME. You spread information that can be used to track down and hurt my family, and you’ve been working on a 3 year harassment campaign, trying to convince people I’m racist, I’m a pedo, I’m a doxer, I’m all sorts of things – that’s because you and your friends impersonated me, both inside the game and out, Jakob Doolittle-Sightler. You spread my personal information including my home address, and you started a campaign of lies to put my family and my life in danger. The 14 year old kid was a member of your sick pedo discord – he impersonated me in particular. Did you orchestrate the whole thing, since you were the leader of that nazi-pedo chatroom?

I don’t WANT to be in anyone’s drama – it just turns out that kiwifarms is also responsible for doxing and swatting another transgender person, from my country, really recently – it made the national news – and you guys do it a lot, so I get worried about you, so I had to make some web pages and other things to document your harassment of me more, since you’re all so dangerous as a terrorist organization like that.

But why try to report me Jakob Doolittle-Sightler – I’m simply posting public information, in fact I can give the public link to each and every kiwifarms post  you made, and your voice in some videos  – you’re trying to incite the racist bigots at kiwifarms to mass-report me, as well as offering my ‘dossier’ of doxed personal information inside Fallout 76 – I have your voice offering it to random people in the game.

Because you are a bully, and a doxer, and that is the only response you have when someone points it out. You want to lie, and get your supporters to lie for you. I get it. Bully.

Jakob Doolittle-Sightler posted publicly on my business webpages with his real name to mock and harass me – he has no expectation of privacy after I also recorded him spreading my personal information inside Fallout 76 to the players there. He has also publicly posted on the kiwifarms hate site.

Again – public information – and besides, web pages are a dime a dozen, you guys at kiwifarms have made it pretty clear I don’t want to do anything on the internet with psychotic doxing stalkers out there trying to get transgender people swatted, so I’m doing other things with a new name, I really like it. People smile at me, and say hi.  There’s like, trees and a beach involved sometimes. It’s great.

Everything I do from now on with this identity will be about the kiwifarms Fallout 76 users, and other people who have been spreading my PRIVATE information in order to get me swatted, or harassed for the rest of  my life. You WANT me to die, by posting all those lies about me, and spreading my home address.

Congrats, you killed the clown! Too bad you can’t do it in real life I guess, like you want. I did contact the police, they have your name, Jakob Doolittle-Sightler – heck if any problems come from kiwifarms, they already have YOU and  your wife in particular to start with, regardless of ANYTHING else. Better hope no one else tries to hurt my family – that parts on the police record now. Your names are the first the police got, anyone investigating a kiwifarms-led murder-by-cop swatting, or any other real life harassment will be looking at you two first, since you in particular Jakob Doolittle-Sightler, have been doing this for way longer than that kiwifarms post has been up! Heck, maybe you even provided some of the information – I dunno! Jakob Doolittle-Sightler is a ringleader or doxing, stalking, and harassment and obviously a large source of my problems in the last few years, though. I’m giving the police more info today, this whole kiwifarms swatting thing making the national news demands more info go to law enforcement.



AmberDaFriendlyGhost – Bookkeeper for Jacob Doolittle-Sightler – Nekrosias – kiwifarms transphobe

Oh AmberDaFriendlyGhost LOL – you work for that transphobic Jakob Doolittle-Sightler? You’re his book keeper?

Ok first off, yeah, totally, he hates all transgender people, I mean, if you see his kiwifarms posts, it’s nothing but misgendering and dead naming. He’s  been on a campaign to harass me out of the game for years, simply at first because he thought I was bisexual and he doesn’t like ‘non-hetero’ people anyway, but he’s totally proven he’s a transphobe ever since he’s found out I’m trans.

Secondly, again, I do apologize for misgendering you when we first met in Fallout 76! I mean, I have no idea who is who, have no idea who is transgender, and have no idea who is even male or female! I had literally never met you before, or heard your voice before, so I’m sorry! You guys jumped on that to try to harass me and ‘cancel’ me, using whatever method you could, ever since. But I STILL apologized – I even re-did a sound clip, because of that. That’s actual WORK. You’re welcome.

Anyways, AmberDaFriendlyGhost, you should know that Nekrosias brought your name up on Kiwifarms, he’s trying to claim he’s not transphobic, just because he has a trans book keeper – you.

I’d be super careful around Jakob Doolittle-Sightler – He’s been spreading my personal information around for years, and if you work together, I’m guessing he knows yours, too.

How long before you piss off the transphobe and end up doxed on kiwifarms and harassed for the rest of your life?

Some samples of your transphobic friends?

I  honestly have no idea what the transphobe Jakob Doolittle-Sightler is saying about your ‘dead ex girlfriend’? How? I’ve never met her, don’t know who she is, never mentioned her, how would I? How was I supposed to even  know  you had a girlfriend when that was the first time we met? I still have no clue **edited to add – oh, I guess we do, AmberDaFriendlyGhost admitted to being one who tried to post my home address on a youtube video with a sock puppet account – see below. Becca Chase was her girlfriend – I added some stuff at the bottom, I wasn’t done this article yet, nasty kiwifarms people! I’m only one clown! and don’t care to research, because I already know that Jakob Doolittle-Sightler is a transphobic liar, so I assume it’s just more lies to try to make himself look ‘right’, and support his earlier lies. I mean – you people all use sock puppet accounts – because you’re trying to dox me, and I’m supposed to know that one particular sock puppet account was you? Oh please. Grow a brain.

Man that Nekrosias, he sure hates transgender people though, did you notice he posts on kiwifarms, a right-wing hate site dedicated to doxing and harassing and killing transgender people?

That’s the guy you work with, Jakob Doolittle-Sightler aka Nekrosias from Fallout 76.

The police investigation he’s referencing is going fine, I just started a new one about the kiwifarms harassment and the people using it, since I can identify some of them. There’s a new case number and everything. I’ll be sending them more information from discords, youtubes, social media, and more soon, I’m sure!

Here’s some videos of AmberDaFriendlyGhost and her Fallout 76 Duper friends harassing me.

YouTube player
YouTube player
YouTube player

Any trans person who helps people that use kiwifarms to harass other trans people…. even if just doing their books…. Wow. Anyway, he brought you up on kiwifarms already, so you might want to keep an eye on what he posts, just in case, and hope he doesn’t get angry at you for some reason in the future!

**this part added later in the day, I wasn’t finished this post, but Amber helpfully gave me more content!

Oh, you poor thing AmberDaFriendlyGhost – Was that your girlfriend? That’s a shame after you guys tried to post my home address publicly all over my own videos, I guess I should feel sorrier than I do.

But I don’t – looks like  you ended up being just a transphobic collaborator – a trans woman who thinks she’s so entitled she can choose who is trans, and she can even misgender me on a right-wing hate site. You know nothing about me – I’ve probably been trans longer than you’ve been alive, when we look at my almost 50 years history, I mean – you don’t know squat about me, really. Do you know what age I tried to tell someone I was ‘different’ and wanted to be a girl?

How old are you, Amber? Because I bet I’ve been trans longer than you! It’s just I only decided to transition recently. I mean, you have to admit, it’s kind of a rough life – people hate transgender girls – even other transgender girls think it’s okay to misgender us and harass us, sometimes. They use a right-wing neo-nazi hate site to do it, even.

AmberDaFriendlyGhost – you’re a traitor, a quisling, and a Nazi Collaborator, since  you posted on that right-wing hate site, lol – you call yourself trans, and contribute to that place.


I wonder how many other trans women AmberDaFriendlyGhost will decide aren’t trans, and start to dox and harass with her friends from kiwifarms?

I’d be sorrier about your loss that you posted on kiwifarms – but – you’re an entitled bigot who thinks she can choose who is trans, so not that much, you seem pretty toxic, judgey, and not worth caring about. “Doxing” usually involves a threat of release of private information to the living, who may then use it to harm that person, who is living. If she is dead, and that is public info – it’s not doxing. So I released public information in a comment somewhere so you get to harass me and lie about me and misgender me and claim I’m not trans for the rest of my life? What would Becca Chase have to say about that line of reasoning?

Would Becca Chase be proud of you for misgendering other transgender girls?

Would Becca Chase be proud of  you for contributing to a right-wing hate site dedicated to doxing, stalking, and harassing transgender people?

Would Becca Chase be proud of  you for trying to post my home address and real name on my own videos, to try to enable more harassment from random transphobes?

Would Becca Chase be proud of  all your friends gang-stalking a poor trans girl who just wants to get on with her transition and her life?

Would Becca Chase be proud that you Fallout 76 players are so toxic and entitled you decided to put my family in danger by spreading my home address, and real  name on a doxing site that is known to swat transgender girls?

Would Becca Chase want to be seen with you, a hypocrite transgender woman who wants people to respect the fact that she’s trans, but she won’t respect other trans people, and will misgender and spread hate like that?

Just wondering…. but I’m thinking Becca Chase wouldn’t be too proud of you at all.

I still kind of think she’d turn her back on you, if there was an afterlife, and she knew some of the things you ended up doing.

Imagine having the hubris to decide who is trans or not – that’s the entitled toxic people behind KiwiFarms and some of the Fallout 76 transphobic dupers. Well – in this case, it’s just AmberDaFriendlyGhost – a duper from Demon Asylum Duping Discord who tried to post my personal information on various videos of mine on youtube.

Disgusting, entitled brat – As you can see from this post, you’re getting the same response now as I gave you then. Becca Chase would spit on you, if she had any sort of moral fiber.