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Hotwheely, earthinfant, groundbabiesinc – Toxic Fallout 76 Streamers – #fallout76 #fallout

10 Videos about Hotwheely, earthinfant, groundbabies inc, and SO MANY ALT ACCOUNTS – A toxic Fallout 76 Streamer group decided I was the devil, so they made accounts that looked like my name, and played racist clips, and did other things to make people hate me, while they grew their twitch or youtube streams because people like to watch conflict, and ‘griefing’ is fun for some people. They then deleted the worst of those streams before they got in real trouble.

Some of these videos are age restricted, because of their content matter – and I don’t disagree, so log in to youtube to view those ones – these people are NASTY and not fit for small ears!

In particular, listen to how they emphasize that they have MY VOICE saying something – because they took voiceclips of mine from previous streams, cut them up, put them back together, to say things I would never say, with my voice – using accounts like ‘sinseeer’ or ‘sinseer-yt’, or ‘sin.seer’, or any variation of my name.

I am only sinseer – and one alt, that I was forced to purchase and run so that I can keep the social list open while I play, to watch out for these competely toxic players who are out to destroy my life.

I mean, they spread my home address, and work to make others believe that I am a racist, and a pedophile. That’s dangerous for me and my family, when idiots on the internet believe these lies. I’ve already had to change our phone number due to the non-stop harassing phone calls.

It is the most toxic group of people I have ever heard of, and it’s been going on for almost 3 years now!

Many people believed the lies from these people, and here is earthinfant specifically saying they are going to spread it to ‘all the streamers’.

MANY people also knew exactly who ran the fake accounts, because they were also arrogant enough to speak in their real voices sometimes. I recorded that, sometimes. Some prominent PVP names, like ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘LootBag’, as well as other members of big PVP groups.

I’m so sick of toxic PVP’ers in this game who take things out of the game, and try to destroy people in real life.

Love, Always,

2021-08-26 Hotwheely (sexual addict) with lord_humungus + tuhdthetroll – 2 years now of Stalking and Sexual Harassment

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earth_infant, hotwheely, groundbabiesinc – Make physical threats, admit Bot Attacks

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earth_infant admits to exploits, harassment, stalking, hacking in Fallout 76 – with hotwheely

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Dawns_Elegy threatens to crash websites for his youtube + hotwheely tries to harass me off a server

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Hating SinSeer – Ep2 – hotwheely’s claims over public #fallout76 voice chat.

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Hating SinSeer – Ep12 – Hotwheely has treats for a child Elundis, Sins. and Intergalactic1 / Beebz

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SinisterHand aka SH Games, Hotwheely and their 14 year old impersonator ‘friend’ Elundis

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2020-02-21 Hotwheely, Loot.Bag, Razen. Reminding Me They Know Where I Live

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2020-02-21 Todd_Showered, HotWheely, and Yzva, and Why I Call Some of Them Racist

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When Earth_Infant and Hotwheely threatened to ‘Ruin my (Non-existent) Streaming Career”

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Voices of Griefers – hotwheely gets creepily sexual as part of his harassment campaign

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hotwheely Gloating How he Could Harass me Forever and Bethesda Would Do Nothing

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#fallout76 #fallout #fo76



What Happened in Fallout 76 – August 2019 – Eye of the Crimson Clown – #fallout76

Find the Rest of the #fallout76 Timeline Here

August 2019

Friend list showing PurplePootis609 of Dupers R Us, RS_Purple_Legend, Rockmorty, RSO_NekroLegend

Friends list showing Raider Syndicate and other Toxic Fallout Players – stealthboi_Legend, thegeminaii (admitted doxxer for dupers r us)

Friends list showing Raider Syndicate and other Toxic Fallout Players: Earth_Infant, FrogowThe2nd, Fuzzy_0w0

Friends list showing Raider Syndicate and other Toxic Fallout Players: blinkkd, raider_1egend, SerratedGoat, Vurkrin


Discord ID for blinkkd and thegeminaii

frogow, blinkkd, fallout567 together on recent list

AngryAndy Discord ID –  (also banned on market 76 for real money trade)

watchingstuffhere threatening to get my twitch  ‘shut down’

Seen Together on Recent List  – hotwheely, BadgerJR, fallout567, SinisterHand, Thegeminaii, ThisServerWillCrash


A Mother Terrified – For Bethesda – Why Support Stalkers

Discord Message ID to confirm authenticity with them (only they will be able to look this up):



So now Bethesda I’d like to please, again know.. why are you not doing something permanent about these people.

Please do also realize, that doing any sort of search for such a generic name on google or with any other search tool is useless. I posted no information that was not already screamed out on my live streams, by criminals, and I did the work myself to confirm that you could not link that name to a real person, UNLESS you had more information, like the nasty evil doxxers did. Twitter also agreed that was not doxxing – nothing happened to my account.

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