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Aug. 9, 2021 Plushies spoiler! And I Visited Vurkrin! Fallout 76 News, Freebies, Deals, Challenges, Ops #fallout76 #shorts

Aug. 9, 2021 Quick Plushies spoiler and today’s Fallout 76 News, Freebies, Deals, Challenges, Ops! Thanks Damanta for the plushie viewing! I also saw a super old member of thegeminaii’s old crew, Vurkrin! Well, maybe Vurkrin, who knows nowadays, right, with everyone changing their name? Anywhere, I visited Vurkrin to keep an eye on him today, he didn’t really notice me, but I caught this little battle with an angler at his place!

Love, Always,


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What Happened in Fallout 76 – September 2019 – Eye of the Crimson Clown – #fallout76

Find the Rest of the #fallout76 Timeline Here

September 2019


SH Games admits leadership of ‘cult’ to harass me via #discord – w/ Dupers R Us and RS


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2019-09-01 Fake Reddit account u/sinseerdiscordia created to harass me


2019-09-02 TheGeminaii, DarkKnight5215, Fallout567 together on a recent List

2019-09-03 Message claiming to be from  TheGeminaii sent to my webpage.

2019-09-04 StankDank from Dawns Elegy’s Griefer Discord Server visits our Discord

2019-09-04 Stankdank mentioning that SinisterHand aka SH Games has said “weird stuff” to their girlfriend


2019-09-06 Elundis aka Frogow stirring up trouble on Market 76, with SageShadow telling people I went “Bat Shit Crazy” on a reddit mod. Feel free to look up why.

2019-09-07 Copy of Posts made by fake impersonator account /u/sinseerdiscord on  Reddit


2019-09-07 Stuntpilot threatens to ban me for stirring drama – for using their private bot to communicate only with Market 76 staff


2019-09-07 One of Schlonged aka mdgautodocs discord accounts – he pretend to be friends with our entire community, so he could bring people like  this zanoldthesavage to harass us

2019-09-08 purplepootis and bakedbean attempt to join our discord – not wanted.

2019-09-08 Purplepootis publicly claims on my twitch channel he did something to me because i was a ‘nazi and a racist’ and i should be killed

2019-09-19 – Discord Userlist of Vurkrins Discord

2019-09-19 Discord ID of  OPS-Overboss_Pebbles, SIr Bong of Water, ZugZug

2019-09-21 Zeekx – Moderator of Reddit Fallout Network –  Admitting in-game stealing

2019-09-23 The Racist things I found when searching the Discord with Sir Bong of Water and Most Toxic Discord Chatroom

Most Toxic Discord showing SIr Bong of Water, Raider_Legend, Vurkrin, and others being racist





What Happened in Fallout 76 – August 2019 – Eye of the Crimson Clown – #fallout76

Find the Rest of the #fallout76 Timeline Here

August 2019

Friend list showing PurplePootis609 of Dupers R Us, RS_Purple_Legend, Rockmorty, RSO_NekroLegend

Friends list showing Raider Syndicate and other Toxic Fallout Players – stealthboi_Legend, thegeminaii (admitted doxxer for dupers r us)

Friends list showing Raider Syndicate and other Toxic Fallout Players: Earth_Infant, FrogowThe2nd, Fuzzy_0w0

Friends list showing Raider Syndicate and other Toxic Fallout Players: blinkkd, raider_1egend, SerratedGoat, Vurkrin


Discord ID for blinkkd and thegeminaii

frogow, blinkkd, fallout567 together on recent list

AngryAndy Discord ID –  (also banned on market 76 for real money trade)

watchingstuffhere threatening to get my twitch  ‘shut down’

Seen Together on Recent List  – hotwheely, BadgerJR, fallout567, SinisterHand, Thegeminaii, ThisServerWillCrash