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Voices of Griefers – Dawns_Elegy threatens to crash websites to record for his youtube channel

Voices of Griefers – Dawns_Elegy admits to hacking websites, and hotwheely tries to harass me of the server.

-Super_Mutant aka Dawns_elegy claims he will shut down my website in an hour.

Hacking is illegal. Don’t threaten me. I have logs. I have the logs of that day. Did any of you visit my web page that day? There’s logs. All websites know the IP address of all visitors. Were all of you 100% careful? Or were some of you stupid? Or were all of you stupid?

-Super_Mutant aka Dawns_elegy wants to use this harassment to post on his youtube channel to make money from their stalking harassment, and illegal threats of hacking my website.

hotwheely continues to try to stalk and harass me and my friends off servers.

-Super_Mutant aka Dawns_elegy suggests exploiting nuke mines to kill me.

Sooner_Chemical spams the voice chat with loud music to deny the whole area service.

They continually stalk me and my friends, even though we don’t PVP. I don’t want to talk to fucking evil little stalker trolls, and no one can make me.

Challenge? I don’t know what this maniac is talking about. I don’t PVP. I. Never. PVP. Kind of the whole point of this whole madness.

Some of you are trying to harass me into PVP because you are super toxic people who do not know how to take no for an answer.

You tried to start with constant harassment, but we walked away. Some of you didn’t want us to do that, and kept stalking us. For months. Remember, this video is from July 26, 2019.

Stop trying to harass me and my friends off the servers, like you did this day. You’re fucking maniacs, go away. I hope to hell we can block all of you toxic griefers from private servers. I will absolutely go through all of my old footage, to link you maniacs together, to make a blacklist, to share with everyone who needs it. You’re messed up, evil people.

Griefers: hotwheely, RS-Overboss_vurkin, mememachine12, groundbabiesinc, Sooner_Chemical. -Super_Mutant, Dawns_elegy, odawn- (the last three are all confirmed to be accounts of the same griefer.)

Others: Wobba ?

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Voices of Griefers – earth_infant lies when it’s easily disproven in same 3 minute video.

earth_infant lies and tells someone I was responsible for a nuke that destroyed their base, when it was obviously rs-overboss_vurkrin who nuked it.

earth_infant lies and tells someone I am racist.

hotwheely lies and tells people I am racist.

I do agree with Wobba – these people are cowards.

Look, hotwheely is even too scared to PVP someone – he’s a coward, too.

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