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What Happened in Fallout 76 – December 2019 – Eye of the Crimson Clown

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December 1, 2019

Blocking Bungo the Youtuber for playing anti-islamic clips over Voice Chat

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December 3, 2019

InspiredByBlank imgur account used by thegeminaii

December 6, 2019

Vurkrin_Legend with BrahminMilk, Rager_Legend, ZanoldtheSavage, PiperPerri


December 10, 2019

Steve Hand aka SinisterHand aka SH Games posts publicly in one of the very few Facebook groups I haven’t been kicked out of because of his friends, and starts to lie about me.

December 13, 2019

SinisterHand aka SH Games threatens a tweet storm over Twitter

December 15, 2019

IGN: Main_Element Changes name to TheChosenOne – who had stolen my facebook pictures to spread and share

Atmos and Schlonged (aka rager_legend) making emoji’s with my pics

December 22, 2019

News of the Inventory Theft hack releases

Contacted over Discord by Fairy Bird Son aka IGN chubbycheeks

Looking that up on our discord for chubbycheeks we get a friend of zanoldthesavage


December 23, 2019

Screenshot of Most Toxic Discord showing thegeminaii (rockonhomie), atmos, Elundis together in it

Bethesda update on the Inventory Theft Hack

December 24, 2019

Information on the number of a person to call my brothers home phone

December 26, 2019

One of them contacts me as ‘anon14’

December 27, 2019

Rincewind75 continues his juvenile nonsense on the Official Bethesda forums

December 28, 2019

Someone contacts me to confirm Elundis, Lorespade, and MMOJunkie have started a lynch mob of followers to harass me.


This comment posted my name, home address, and phone number on a comment on the youtube  video that demonstrated the Inventory Theft Hack, and blamed it on me

He claims he was oedlandboy at one point, but who knows.

The… what now? They’re very rude sometimes.

December 31, 2019

mdgautodoc admits he hates me – well, duh, after this much harassment, it’s obvious you hate me.

Well also the spreading of the personal information, pretending to be friends with my community to cause drama, and you’re just a slimy, nasty person.

SinisterHand is let back into Market 76

Dawns Elegy aka a-supermutant





Voices of Griefers – dawns_elegy aka tells me to kill myself, calls people faggots, ignores Terms of Service

his is dawns_elegy aka -Super_Mutant – tells me to kill myself, and he of course does not care about Terms of Service, anywhere, in-game, twitter, discord. Doesn’t care at all.

He also gets extremely sexual, like most of the griefers do – super psycho-sexual. Weird shit, sorry.

Of course, he must love that f-word huh? That slur that I dislike? Towards people not like you?

Dawns_Elegy claims his discord community is WAY better than mine.

I’m sure. No toxic, racist, homophobes there at all, right?

I’ve seen the type of people you hang around with. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near you.

dawns_elegy mocks the term “No Means No” – well, many psycho-sexual stalkers don’t believe consent is needed for anything.

dawns_elegy calls me a retard.

Griefers: dawns_elegy aka -Super_mutant aka more names – we’ll find them all soon :)

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Voices of Griefers – -Super_Mutant admits being Dawns_Elegy and admits to internet bullying.

Voices of Griefers – -Super_Mutant admits being Dawns_Elegy and admits to internet bullying.

-Super_Mutant admits being Dawns_Elegy and admits to internet bullying since July 26, 2019

hotwheely also continues to harass.

Griefers: hotwheely, RS-Overboss_vurkin, mememachine12, groundbabiesinc, Sooner_Chemical. -Super_Mutant, Dawns_elegy, odawn- (the last three are all confirmed to be accounts of the same griefer.)

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