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What Happened in Fallout 76 – October 2019 – Eye of the Crimson Clown

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Oct 3, 2019

I  call them that because they drew swastikas on peoples houses using dev-room paintball guns, remember?

Oct 6, 2019

Raider Syndicate Members – RS-OverBoss_Vurkrin, Ben_Shapiro567, Elundis7 together and blocked:

Oct 8, 2019

Nekrosias and Ben_Shapiro567 came together

October 10, 2019

SNOW. and FusionJKA and Runandgun – blocked, together

Oct. 11, 2019

FusionJKA tries to convince others I’m ‘toxic’ – I never made a reddit account, one of them did.

Oct. 11, 2019

Rincewind75 chimes in via reddit:

Others chime in to say of course I don’t have a reddit account – and then more others claim I lie.

FusionJKA enjoyed destroying other peoples bases, non-stop, server hopping with his friends for non-stop constant harassment, and chased many players out of Fallout 76 Entirely

A conversation about me  on Market 76 – even then people were aware I had impersonators



SageShadow and Zeekx report my Twitter account and tell people “I do it for attention”

Rincewind75 with RunandGun:

Oct 13, 2019

Rincewind75 with Snow.

October 14, 2019

Fuzzy_0w0 with Fetor.

October 15, 2019

Andy2Angry123 claims all of his Bethesda accounts were ‘hacked’

October 16, 2019

Word starts to spread via official Bethesda forums:

Andy2Angry123 banned on Market 76 via their Public Blacklist

October 19, 2019

“Steve Hand” starts to join the same Fallout 76  groups I’m  in, to  post lies about me – most deleted by moderators. Thank you!

October 20, 2019

“Shlonged” showing me the messages he had that proved thegeminaii was spreading my personal information:

Schlonged claims his account was banned:

October 21, 2019

Thegeminaii continues his Twitter based campaign of harassment:

thegeminaii claims with his public Twitter account that because he lives in california, he is allowed to doxx Fallout 76 players, and spread their personal information:

October 21, 2019

Doxxing and Harrasment  Campaign begins –  via Killabeezattacks’s Discord 

“TheChosenOne” posting pictures stolen from my facebook page:

October 22, 2019

Elundis7 with Nekrosias, .PrestonGarvey, BadgerJr

Oct 25,  2019

Stalkers like TrailerprkSuperVisor not wanted at the Happy Happy House of Joy

YouTube player

Oct 26, 2019

Vurkin_Legend Leader of Raider Syndicate Doxxers is “Dark” and talks about foreskins

YouTube player

KillaBeezAttacks  suggests I have fucked with the wrong community, and they are ‘not far from Toronto’

KillaBeezAttacks suggests publicly that  my legal company and discord are ‘doxxing’ them?

From my Discord – I don’t  even know these  people.


They’re publicly lying and telling people my legal business is doxxing people? They’re banned, and not welcome in our public discord, and neither are their friends.

Tubify aka “Beef_Curtons” publicly posts my real name, home address, and the phone number of my brother via Twitter


Someone rats out Schlonged as  being planted in our community to harass us.

Tubify’s Twitter Suspended –  they doxxed a  Fallout 76 player.  Too late for me, though – Tubify wanted me to know it was them  though, that’s why they used the name Tubify

I was contacted over discord by another Fallout 76 player who had also been doxxed by the same group



October 25, 2019


October 26, 2019

Contacted by the same doxxing group in-game – actually being stalked by many discord users at this point – from live stream (Timestamped to Vurkrin_Legend) Also Seen: styles354, Fasenn18, fkRS-G0bI1n_legend

YouTube player

October 28, 2019

So pleasant

October 28, 2019

Dr.Dickbag Johnson Discord ID

October 30, 2019

Scribe_Purple, FennekinGamingMC, and Vurkrin_Legend and a Mischief Night – Floating Characters? SORCERY!

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October 31, 2019

ML32297 says I broke my Silence – He knows who I am – with RunAndGun

YouTube player






10,000 Hours in Fallout 76, I may quit due to it’s Doxxing and Harassment Problem

10,000 hours almost, but I’m about to quit Fallout 76 – This is a huge part of the reason I don’t really feel like playing #Fallout76 – Years of harassment because this doxxer heard either me, or my brother order a pizza, and had left the mic on. From a live stream TODAY –

Bethesda may be deleting me anyway, now. They’re not pleased with me ‘naming and shaming’ a mysterious ‘someone’ awhile back, but I just can’t be bothered playing a game with people like this, who have caused this much damage over this long, and will never leave me alone.

Since these people made me into a public figure, by taking an accident, and spreading my name, address, and phone number over Youtube, Twitch, and Discord Chatrooms, I deserve the right to respond publicly to allegations I am a liar or a doxxer. I’m going to need to name some names for that – Fake ones only of course, because as a public figure, AND as a business owner, I do have to follow the laws, sheesh, relax!

In-Game names are fake names, and are not linked to real people, unless YOU link them to real people – I certainly haven’t been, and have made things private before at even the hint that it ‘might be close’ to someone getting doxxed.

I’m so done with the toxic community of Fallout 76 though.

I guess we’ll see what Bethesda has to say to me, and go from there. I don’t WANT to quit, but I can’t play this game like this, for any longer.

Feel free to share, or not, whatever – who even feels like playing anything with these people around.

YouTube player

Start at 5:08. Supporting Story Included, Click MORE – I am not talking in-game for any of this THEY are – in Public Fallout 76 Voice Chat, and I’m about to quit Fallout 76. My 10,000 hours? Not worth this.

05:10 MrsNekrosias and raxisslayer visit
06:50 Bamtan appears
8:07 Intergalactic1 and yakumi3 appear together
10:50 Intergalactic1 asks why I keep lying – she never has sources, and her group has doxxed me, stalked me, and used their discord to harass other fallout 76 players. She’s very invested in having other people think I’m a liar.
11:30 Hanks03 speaks
11:34 Intergalactic1 admits leadership of the group “Bandit Bar” – which uses Discord to doxx Fallout 76 players.
21:00 Intergalactic1 complains about the delay on my stream (to stop doxxers) interfering with her ability to harass me
At this point she asks for proof – here’s her discord chatroom being used to research the information of me and my business – they’ve also being attacking my business website, and my business reputation in real life ever since. You can hear all of this over public voice chat – March 2020:

YouTube player

Raxis Uploaded Fallout 76 players House and IGN and and overhead view to this Public GoogleDoc. (No doxxing in this video – that occurred later in the day, and I removed all links I had to that Public Google Document immediately, and reported):

YouTube player

11:55 hanks03 uses my real first name in public voice chat – they delight in trying to terrorize me by reminding me they know exactly where I live, since this is one of the main doxxing groups. It doesn’t actually scare me – at this point, I’m a public figure – literally everyone knows where I live, and if you don’t, it can be easily found, people stored my personal and private information on their discords!

12:45 Bamtan keeps bringing up sexual stuff, he knows I’m not fond of it in public voice chat. Usually, I’ll just walk away, although from him, repeatedly, and this doxxer group, yes, I’d consider it a form of sexual harassment after this long. I’ve repeatedly tried to get away from this group.

15:00 I was doxxed because you heard my phone number – accidently – over voice. A normal person would report that to me and not spread it. Nothing in my life was connected to this game, and not my BROTHERS phone number which you then spread to the world. After a certain point, you made me a public figure.

19:00 MrsNekrosias claims all the live uncut streams are fake
19:30 I explain the complicated concept known as “Time”
20:00 “What am I trying to claim” IE: Do you think I’m reporting people to the real authorities with screenshots that can be created in 30 seconds by your teen hackers? Shit, even I can make a screenshot, and I suck at art. Do you think Bethesda is banning based on screenshots?
20:20 I reported that fake reddit account, and made a small article about it on my website.
24:00 Several people wrote public messages on the public facebook my business runs, and I replied to some of those people quite publicly – if I ‘tagged’ you, it was because I was using the ‘reply’ feature, on MY business webpage, and nothing more. Whoever I ‘tagged’ spoke first. I am allowed to respond to people. You shouldn’t be.
25:22 Twitter is an anonymous platform that I was using to make people angry. Anonymous breeds toxic. I explained it all elsewhere. I followed all the laws, because I don’t break the law. I’m a public figure (now) – and have run my own consulting business for 20+ years.
27:17 No idea what they’re talking about, they should contact authorities.
27:20 Algosaur is very publicly addicted to bobbypins, right?
31:45 The White Power Hacking Group named Dupers R Us made a video about me
30:49 Recent List
32:38 Exploits used
40:00 His core premise was flawed, and he wastes time. Saying I will accept emails does not mean I will argue with anonymous people via email.
44:45 ShiningHero speaks
48:49 CMT-Turkey appears

53:00 If said picture is fake address, then why would I get banned from twitter? If it’s real, then Raxis is a Doxxer. Choose one.

Keeping in mind, I do manipulate, too. I don’t like to, though. Only one of those statements can be true. Either the Picture is Real and every single one of you who spread it are doxxers for spreading it, or it’s Fake and I got suspended from twitter for a lie I told it. And I have a bit of back story…. but I’m crazy, and I don’t care if you believe the stories of a crazy clown.

Yes – I may just quit Fallout 76, I’m so tired of this.

Love, Always,